Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Better Judgement?

It is so very, very rare to find myself of one mind on any issue. Hysterical Mind and Rational Mind simply never can find that middle ground that would allow me to follow one path. The last time I can recall them joining forces was when they decided that we should not travel down to Rhinebeck in the ailing truck for fear that we might break down on the side of the road or spontaneously combust and take out a busload of nuns delivering hot meals to the needy. That would have taken much of the fun out of the fiber festival...

Mostly, though, they just argue with one another over the best course of action. This is why I never get anything done. By the time one or the other has swayed me to their way of thinking, the opportunity to act has passed or I've forgotten why I cared so much to begin with. Or I get hungry.

Today's input from the two halves of my gray matter was remarkably in sync, though. Sure, their reasons were rather different. But they both stated strongly and for the record that I should bail on the workout today. They were of the opinion that I would do better to simply come home, put on my jammies and have a little frozen yogurt while watching afternoon cartoons.

Rational Mind, being somewhat more logical, put it this way:

We have pneumonia. We are are feeling much better, but remain rather tired. Falling asleep this afternoon while working with a student in one of his regular education classes is a clear indication of this fatigue. The strong possibility that we may have actually snored during this time period is another indicator. We would do better to wait one more week and go back to the exercise routine in a stronger and more "oxygenated" place.

Hysterical Mind, although of the same opinion, was a bit less logical:

Are you crazy??!!!! We have the Monkey Pox!!!!! Just look at us! We are all sallow and tired. The least little bit of exertion is going to send us spiraling back down to the depths of illness and further sallowness! This is not a good look for us...we need to rest. We need to recuperate. We need chocolate!!! Yeah, that's it!!! Chocolate!!! And, if you recall, we had the hives this weekend, as well. Those hives probably indicate that we are having some sort of medication reaction!!! Sure, you can go ahead and think that it is a wool allergy from all the spinning, but you don't know that!!!!! Do you want to spend what may be our last moments on this planet all sweaty and gross??!!! Or with hives??? No!!! We should just lie perfectly still, monitor our pulse and respiration then see if we can't make our peace just in case the worst should come to worst!!!!

I reviewed everybody's thoughts on the matter, weighed my options then made my decision based upon the input of another who lives in this household: the waistband on my jeans. Mr. Waistband spent the better part of the day complaining about how both of his halves should be meeting somewhere around my belly button and questioning why this is such a problem today. Mr. Waistband also noted that we will only have time for one workout this week due to meetings and such. He, by virtue of his having spent the day digging into my belly and sides, won the argument handily.

I did the workout. I knit upon the Socks of Summer while I pedaled my little exercise bike and tried to ignore Hysterical Mind and Rational Mind as they complained about the difficulty of this particular salute to fitness and put me through every version of "I told you so" that they could think of. They did not make it fun. It was rather grueling. I hated every single minute of it. I huffed, I puffed and every muscle ached. But I did it.

Good thing, too. Both HM and RM seemed to want some of the nice frozen yogurt for dessert tonight. And neither would rest once we found a rich vein of chocolate sauce running through the center. We mined it thoroughly.

Now they both want credit for the decision to do the workout today. It is over and we are all full of chocolate sauce so they are suddenly feeling rather virtuous about the whole thing. But, I know the truth...

The waistband runs the household.



trek said...

I thought that the Big Fluffy Kitty ran the household.

We were supposed to go to the gym tonight to do the swimming. Neatnik, after wiping herself out at the sprayground, slept through our opportunity to swim. It was okay, though - I did a nice long walk this morning. Mrs. Ankle hasn't stopped whining all day...

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, I know about Mr. Waistband. He's the reason I have started back with my workouts at the gym; I went yesterday and today. All winter long (and spring too) I have whined that I was too tired after work and now I'm paying for it!

Beth said...

Maybe Mr. Waistband should be sent on a little vacation while you wear sweatpants. He can whip you back into shape later when you're feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Try to find some time to relax and rest. You don't want a relapse like last time. Wait am I channeling HM??

Bobbi said...

oh I can't believe you worked out! I'm with RM & HM!

Mia said...

I'm with Beth on this one... sweatpants.. chocolate (and in my case a cold beverage)... the hell with the waistband.. for a few days anyway. You can pedal it into submission in a few weeks.

Besides.. ya got summer vacation to look forward to. Why didn't I become a teacher (yeah, hehe, I crack myself up w/that one!)*grin* Get well Sheepie so you can enjoy the summery goodness.. and that INCLUDES frozen yogurt with a big ole' vein of chocolate *grin* And have a spoonful for me!