Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Seasonal Thinking.

I woke up this morning with a singular and deeply disturbing thought. It was not the kind of thing that usually comes out of my brain. I'm usually thinking about chocolate or pizza. Or shoes... But this morning's first thought of the day (and the second, and the third...) was this:

I wish it was winter.

Shocking, right? I don't particularly care for winter, overall. It comes with a heaping helping of cold and a side of snow. These are not things that I really love. You have to dig your car out of the snow. And the cold makes my skin all dry and crackly. Nope. Not something I love. Except that, with snow, comes snow days. I've been teaching for nigh on twenty years and I still do love me a good snow day. You wake up thinking, "darn it all to heck, I have to go to school today" and then the TV says that you can stay in your jammies all day. Nice.

After two weeks of being sick, I'm tired. Yes, I feel much better. But I am tired. And there are no snow days in May. Last year we had some Flood Days. But we aren't going to get those this year. Which is good, really, since we ended up going to school for five extra days last year and those were very, very, very long days indeed. But I am tired and wishing for a snow day.

And then I realized something: There's a long holiday weekend coming my way!!! This is a good thing! Three whole days...of weekend!!! I can survive three more days of toil if I know that there is a little reward at the end of it all. I know I can. But, I was still needing a little more of the motivation if I was going to keep this energy level up for the next month. Whatever would a weary Sheepie do to distract herself from her tiredness until school closes for the year?

Wait! I seem to recall purchasing some yarn from The Samurai Knitter back in the cold, cold days of February. And, I also seem to remember thinking how it reminded me of fresh cut grass in the summertime! That is a little something that might give me the love of the season! It took some digging through the yarn stash, but the skein was located and duly wound. It is ready and waiting for me to finish up the sweet striped sockie. When those are done, I will cast on for the next pair of foot coverings...

Behold: The Socks Of Summer!!!
Let the season's knitting begin. I am ready!


Sheila said...

Ooh, I love the forest-y colors in that yarn! Yumm.
I love those long weekends, especially when you don't see them coming until just before they do.

Julie said...

Woohoo! Earthy socks, with colors of moss and mud and summer shadows. Should be lovely.

Anonymous said...

You had me worried there for a minute with your talk of wishing for winter. I thought I might have to call the men in the white coats and tell them they needed to deliver a little jacket, with very long sleeves, to you. Thank goodness you came to your senses! Nothing like some fresh cut grass yarn to make you realize that summer is the season to look forward to.

Jeanne said...

How soon before school is out for the summer? They should have sun days in summer: school cancelled on account of too much nice warm sunshine.

Anonymous said...

Please do not wish for winter. We could get snow in June or something;) A 3 day weekend is perfect for knitting, relaxing and recovering.
The yarn is beautiful and I'm sure it will help you knit your way through the rest of the school year.

Anne said...

What beautiful yarn!! That'll be a great project for the holiday weekend. (And it could be worse. Healthcare gets no 3-day'ers.)

Bobbi said...

bite your tongue! what's the matter with you wishing it were winter! Do you get the summer off?

trek said...

You can have a snow day, Sheepie, as long as your snow doesn't reach my backyard, okay?

Cursing Mama said...

I am not looking forward to summer break - I like it better when there are wonderfully trained teaching type people (just like you!) in charge of my children all day.
What the hell am I supposed to do with them? I'm not trained for this!

Anonymous said...

I am holding my hands over my ears and repeatedly saying... lalalalalalal. I do not hear you saying, "I wish it was winter."