Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Yikes!!! It seems that, while I am rather adept at listing and complaining about all the things I need to get done over the next two weeks, I am somewhat less than competent when it comes to seeing the actual crisis that is looming. It struck me rather hard today as I was driving home that I have a somewhat ungodly amount of work that must be done. And two of those things need to be done for tomorrow.

Thing the first: I probably should take a look at the Power Point Presentation that was emailed to me today since I have to stand up in front of my entire class tomorrow night and deliver a scintillating explanation of the things one must consider as possible hindrances to the implementation of a Peer Mentoring Program in the schools. As I've mentioned in previous posts, my work group for this project has a tendency to bulldoze over those of us who might have differing opinions about the direction in which we should be heading. Hence, there have been a number of meetings that have happened without a Sheepie presence. I have no clue whatsoever what I am supposed to be doing.

Thing the second: I need to finish at least one of the papers that is due by next week. I really don't want to be stuck doing this all weekend. Of the two, the easiest is the final draft of my Philosophy of Supervision paper since I already have a first draft and the professor's notes on what she'd like to see me revise. There can be cutting and pasting. I like cutting and pasting. Cutting and pasting is like rewriting without all that bothersome typing. If I focus reeeeeeally hard, I might just be able to finish this thing and hand it in tomorrow night, leaving only one paper dangling in the breezes of procrastination.

And it's not like I've been finishing any of the knitting and spinning lately. So, I figure I can post a quickie tonight and maybe distract people from the fact that my knitting blog has become somewhat fiber-free of late. Perhaps we could pretend that this is a cooking blog? Just for tonight? I'd really appreciate your flexibility on this one. I'm sorta drowning here...

My insurance company has a rewards program that awards a good little Sheepie points for recording her weekly exercise. With diligent attention to healthy living and remembering to update my rewards site, I was able to amass enough points to earn this:

A Panini Grill!!! Whoooo Hoooooo!!!!!!
After months and months of bike-riding, lifting and walking, I was able to make myself a nice, healthy veggie panini tonight for my dinner. I am now all fortified for the work that lies ahead. Actually, it was rather filling and I'm kind of sleepy. But I'm sure that all those vitamins and whatnot will soon be racing to my brain cells and plumping them up with all sorts of great thoughts worthy of my paper.
Yup...any minute now.


trek said...

You remind me of the old Dunkin' Donuts campaign.

Emma said...

Ooh, congrats on the panini grill. And good luck with your list!

Anonymous said...

Wowzer, a panini grill. I would have to make something really gooey with lots of cheese.

Beth said...

Now how cool is that? I've often wondered if any insurance have proactive plans instead of waiting for people to get sick.

Good luck with the assignments!

Anonymous said...

A panini grill - I'm so jealous! My stupid insurance company gives us prizes for healthy habits and exercise, but all they give is a bunch of junk with "Wellness Works" written all over it. No fair.

Good luck with the finishing up of the school work.

Mel said...

Can I just say that it bugs my pedagogical side no end that we have somehow adopted the plural "panini" and applied it to mean the singular "panino"? Can you imagine the tittering (or confusion) that would ensue if an Italian tourist were to go into a deli here and say, "I'd like a sandwiches"?

It's a little pet peeve of mine. Not that you could tell. :-)

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the homework. Summer vacation is coming.
Enjoy your panini.

Mia said...

Oh yeah sheepie.. you're rockin now with the pannini!!! And ya know what goes great with that.. AND gives ya energy to get your work done???

Well, if the panini grill is sitting right next to the espresso machine.. might as well try some Iced coffees! I'm sippin on one right this minute.. banana, chocolate and caramel syrups all mixed together... The scrumptiousness is over the top. And low cal if you use skim milk, lots of ice and sugar free syrups.. just sayin :-) my extra jolt of energy ought to be kickin' in any time now and it's a good thing cuz it's cloggin night ::laughing::

Jeanne said...

OK,(catching up after being way behind) so how is a Panini grill different from a George Foreman Grill? I have the latter; just curious. Congratulations on amassing a "freebie", though!