Monday, May 14, 2007

Humility. Don't Believe The Hype.

I was feeling pretty good today. Sure, I still have a lingering cough. And yes, it is a rather wet, hacking sort of cough that makes me sound like I should be lounging in a sanitarium of some sort awaiting my blood-letting in order that I might recover from the consumption. I may still need to blow my nose every so often and there may be a rather alarming squeaking sound in my ear when I do it. But I don't have to do it nearly as much as I did last week. The only other possible issue with my good looks is the fact that I might have a mild hangover from my wild weekend on the narcotic cough syrup, but otherwise, I'm in the pink! I even had a bit of a swagger in the old step today, so confident was I in my utter awesomeness.

At least until someone came up to me, gave me the look of pity and said, "Ohhhh...still feeling sick, huh?"

Ouch. Double Ouch.

I feel pretty good, really. I slept through the night for three straight nights and napped like a professional in between. I ate the finest in frozen pizza and chocolates and even indulged in some seafood courtesy of the day out with Mommy and Daddy Sheep.

I'm pretty sure that my colleague caught me in one of those "off" moments where you are kind of bored and staring off into space. I was maybe out of coffee. Or thinking about how world hunger is really, really bad. I probably only looked like a sickly Sheepie. I will be more diligent about my demeanor for the remainder of the week. Nuthin' but sitting upright and smiling 'til it hurts for me from now on!!!!!

And who wouldn't be all smiley once they remember to check the mailbox and find that their Wooly Wonka Exotic Fiber Club stuff has arrived? I got me a nice full bag of the fluffy stuff, complete with pattern and I'm about as happy as a Sheep can get, lemme tellya! Our first foray into the finer fibers in life is some lovely Rambouillet. It is just beautiful and I can't wait to dive in! I'll take a short respite from the lamb/silk blend and see what I can do with this. I can only hope that my efforts are up to that of the others in the club...

And I couldn't sign off for the evening without a Relay For Life sponsorship contest update! I mentioned yesterday that Susan of Goose Pond had donated one of her pins to the cause as a prize for one lucky winner and promised a link so that you could be awed by its beauty. Well, you need wait no longer. Just go here! Not only is it a lovely example of Susan's work, but a very appropriate item to offer as a prize for this endeavor.

I continue to be so very grateful to those who have sponsored or supported me in this effort, especially when there are so very many worthy causes out there. Thanks to your contributions, my team has almost met its fundraising goal! We remain in the top five teams and, for what it's worth, I continue to beat Baby Brother Sheep handily in donations solicited.

My colleague should take a gander at me now! I'm all beaming and glowing! I'm a vision of "healthy and happy!!!"

Note to self: sibling rivalry makes a Sheep look gooooooood!



Mel said...

Um, I saw Baby Brother Sheep's total last night. Handily is a gross understatement. Maybe you need to give him a kick in the seat to work on that. That is what older sibs are for, after all.

Anonymous said...

Go Big Sister Sheep!!!!

I'm glad to hear you are feeling better.

Sheila said...

You go, Sheepish.
Boys drool, girls rule!

Mia said...

If you had a doctor's bag you'd be ready for any emergency ::laughing::

Beth said...

Go SA!

Anonymous said...

Glad you feel better.

Teri S. said...

I received my Wooly Wonka Exotic Fiber Club package yesterday, too! I was quite relieved that the spinning recommendation for the project is short draw, worsted. That seems to be the only way I can spin.

Sorry to hear that you still aren't at 100% health, but at least you don't have the Monkey Pox!

trek said...

A mom at preschool this morning told me I looked exhausted. Gee, thanks.

Feel better, Sheepie.

Anne said...

Hee - nothing like being the older overachiever. :)

Holler if you need or want any help or more suggestions for the rambouillet, K?

Glad you are feeling better too.