Monday, May 07, 2007

Bleh: Part Two

Thanks to some extremely poor judgement with regard to the self-administering of antihistamines, The Sheep did not have a very good night. In fact, it was quite wretched. I tossed, I turned, I jittered, I jumped. I thought I was going to come out of my skin. I finally managed to catch a couple of hours just before the alarm went off this morning, but the dawn's early light found me a bit feverish and decidedly unrested.

That is my very, very long way of saying that I decided to take a sick-day from school today. I don't call in very often. I usually know ahead of time when I am going to be out either because I have an appointment or I'm feeling so cruddy by the afternoon that I can just tell the secretary to break out the little black book of substitutes who might be willing to take on my merry band of, I mean, "my delightful, but high-spirited students."

I shudder to think what went on in my absence. Better not to think about it at all, really. I'll know for certain soon enough, I suppose.

Meanwhile, I sat at home today all grumpy and shivery, surrounded by tissues since I can't take any cold medicine today. My mood was foul so I thought I'd take a little field trip to the convenience store where they call me "honey," "sweetie," and "dear." I figured that a little of the syrupy endearments might make me feel better. Failing that, the big old bottle of Mountain Dew that I planned to purchase would probably do the trick. While I was at it, I figured I might as well pick up the mail.

I sort of have a bad habit with the mail. I only pick it up once or twice a week since it's usually bills and I don't like bills all that much. They are always so blunt in their demands for my money. They never take into consideration that I might prefer to use my money for other things like yarn or Mountain Dew. But, you have to face the music if you are going to be considered a fiscally responsible sort of person who deserves things like credit cards or a roof over your head so I stopped to pick up the mail. What the heck. I was already grumpy anyway...

And then I wasn't. Well, sure. I was still kind of sneezy. And I had that low grade fever thing going on. But I wasn't grumpy anymore. I just couldn't be...

Look what came for Sheepie!!!!
An embarrassment of riches, I tellya! There's some undyed silk, brown rambouillet, black alpaca/blue angora bunny/blue silk blend and a fluffy grey shetland/alpaca/silk/ angora bunny blend! There is also some very pretty sock yarn and a piece of agatized, petrified wood. From whence comes this bounty, you may angel of the day is Cathy! I wasn't expecting anything from Cathy. Mostly because, to my knowledge, she didn't have my address. But she is a clever one, that Cathy. She has her ways! And if you don't believe me, go visit her blog. This lady knows her fiber! And her plants. And books... I am amazed and grateful to have found this online friendship. What I have learned from Cathy has made me a better fiber artist (and, yes, I use that word somewhat loosely, I realize). She is always willing to answer my questions or offer a suggestion as to how I might make something work a little better and her blog is one of the best resources out there for those of us who want to walk in the way of the wool. I only hope that I can do these lovely fibers justice!!! Thank you so much, Cathy! You brightened my day considerably...and then some!
I will cling to this feeling of happy because tomorrow I will need to head back to the classroom and face whatever carnage is left for me after my day away. I'm hoping that my 24 hours of rest and fiber fondling will bring me back to my usual delightful self. If not, then I fear that there will be some very unhappy students under my watch.
They don't give me gifts of woolly goodness. Just spring colds.


Anonymous said...

I hope you feel better. Don't push it if you still feel icky.
Nice gift you got. You better check that mailbox a little more often.

Beth said...

Yuck! I hope you feel better soon. Good luck at school tomorrow.

That's so nice that you received such a nice package!

Anonymous said...

Yuck! A springtime cold is the worst. I'm glad you got a little bit of happiness in the mail, though! What a great surprise package.

Sheila said...

What a nice surprise!
Aren't online friends the best.

trek said...

Ever tried a pre-emptive strike? Catch the first cold of the season and give it to them!

Kate said...

That's the greatest!

Anne said...

And she never EVER says things like "Shut up and go away." "That looks like crap." That Cathy, she's a keeper. Nice loot!

Mia said...

Hey, I took yesterday off too.. how come I didn't find anything NEARLY as exciting in MY mailbox???

I'm gonna have to work on that.

Hope ya fell better soon Sheepie