Wednesday, May 02, 2007

How Do You Know It's Wednesday?

Because the Bullet Points come a-flyin' at ya!!! Here are the random thoughts for the day:

*Thank you all for your suggestions with regard to how I should proceed with the Automatic Air Freshener From Heck That Scares My Cat Into Near Cardiac Arrest Every Nine Minutes. It was very thoughtful of you and I have given each and every suggestion great consideration. The majority of them, however, seem to involve disposing of my hissing antagonist. This, as I mentioned earlier, would involve confronting the mighty beast head-on as it is positioned against the wall. And I am rather afraid of it as the directions stated (rather severely) that I must never, ever, ever put it near my face. Ever!!!!!! I'm still waiting it out. Eventually, the battery will wear down or the itty-bitty little can of air freshener will run dry. Either way I will be the victor.

*Meanwhile, The Smaller, Less Fluffy Kitty has begun her campaign of terror against me in order that I might know her feelings about the scary, hissing air freshener. She has taken up residence on the kitchen counter (where she is not supposed to be) and is preventing me from doing the dishes. A harsh punishment, but one I suppose I deserve.

Yup. It's a Kit'n-Sit-In.
*I survived my group presentation to the class tonight on the scintillating topic of Peer Mentoring. I could go on a rather lengthy rant about how it is unreasonable to expect a Sheep to stand up and deliver her portion of this presentation without having first actually seen the Power Point slides. Especially when the work group met yet again without her and changed much of what was in the draft. But what would be the point? It's over. Thankfully, this presentation was so incredibly dry and boring that I was almost lulled into slumber well before it was my turn to stand up and begin my pithy commentary. I was really rather relaxed after the nap so thoughtfully provided by my workmates...
*Stupid work group. Stupid presentation. But what a nice nice professor who happened to see me giving some words of encouragement to my very upset partner-in-being-ignored-by-our-group and made sure that we understood that this part of the class was a guaranteed "A" no matter how it might go. And it is over. This is the only good thing about this presentation.
*I was told last week by a co-worker that I didn't "look like a knitter." In fact this was elaborated upon by the addition of the statement,"In fact, you look less like a knitter than anyone I've ever met." What the heck does this mean? Was it a compliment? An insult? An observation? What?????????
*Hey, don't forget to go visit Trek and leave a comment on her Monday post! When one has a dream that there were 145 comments on a post, one has no choice but to try and make it happen, right? Let's see what we can do to run up the numbers!!!
*And a very, very special shout-out to the dude in the Camero who cut me off on the way home tonight. I had been wondering just how well my brakes were holding up since everything else on the truck seems to have fallen apart. How thoughtful of you for giving me a chance to see if they could still stop the vehicle in a timely manner. And I always like that screeching sound the tires make during a sudden stop. It was also a nice little wake-up call on the drive home. I can get a bit tired after a long day of teaching and giving presentations on mystery topics. Your decision to shoot out in front of me was just what I needed to go into full-on awake mode. In fact, I plan on being awake for the next two or three weeks, so high is my adrenaline tonight.
And that's the end for this evening. May you have an effortless slide into the last couple days of the workweek and land happily on the weekend!


trek said...

Thanks for the linky thingy.

Sorry about the Camero driver.

Beth said...

A Kit'n-Sit-In - you crack me up! That's one determined looking cat.

Cathy said...

Good, it must mean you look like a crocheter!!
Did you read June's post about her cats divorce? Maybe you ought to hire Matt to get your cats to be friendlier. But then, do you really want your cats to gang up on you and ... well. You know. Kit'ns-Sit-In.

Sheila said...

Hi Sheepie. I have my identity back!!
Glad the truck is performing, and that your presentation thingy is over.
Maybe if you make your home really stinky, the deoderizer from hell will run out more quickly?
I'm sure the cats would be happy to help.

kmkat said...

That "don't look like a knitter" commenter probably thinks knitters all have long pointy stick-like fingers with which they make magic fabric from yarn. Kind of like Edward Scissorhands, but not.

The whooshing sound you hear is me leaving to go comment on trek's blog now.

laurie in maine said...

I think the Kit'n-Sit-In is guilt trip demanding fresh water. Hysterical Mind has felines convinced chemical contamination has occurred at the water bowl Sheepie expects them to drink out of.

Somebody call the EPA; the Humane Society; Portland Press! It's cruel & unusual 'round here.

told ya! &@%$#

Yes, whooshing away on a Trek.

Wished the KKKKKKKKK workkked better on this kkeyboard, damn it! And there's a k in word verification... I'll be doing that one over again!

Anonymous said...

Can I borrow your cat? A visible excuse for not doing the dishes would be handy.

catsmum said...

Well I'd guess that the co-worker is from the knitting's just for grannies school... which I might add as a fully paid up granny, I resent totally...almost as much as the knitting's not just for grannies school or the equally annoying knitting is the new yoga school.
I feel like grabbing these dweebs by the scruff[s] of their necks while shouting Knitting is for everyone !!!

Vicki inSo. Cal. said...

I also am offended by the only grannies knit school of thought.
Even though I am a granny, I started knitting in my teens and it's rude in any case. But even worse is the 'since you knit, you must have no life or ambition' school of thought. I encountered this once when I over heard someone say "Who would have quessed she is so competetive? She looks like the type who would just be sitting at home alone knitting.".

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to slide into home plate!