Monday, May 28, 2007

On Your Mark, Get Set...


Or not. This weekend marks the beginning. Those of us who live in the vicinity of sand, surf and cotton candy must now prepare for the onslaught. I do love the summer. Mostly because, as a teacher, I get to take it off. And, since Job #2 is going away, it looks like I'll be taking my first real summer vacation in years.

But, there is a downside. Traffic will increase as will my encounters with stupidity in the grocery store. I hate to use the word, "stupidity." It sounds all cranky and demeaning to others. And no one really means to hamper my shopping in any purposeful sense. It's just that I am a magnet for stupid occurrences and, with the aisles containing about three hundred more people per square foot, the odds of something ridiculous happening increase exponentially.

But, I'm open to the idea that summer can be a good thing and embrace it with all the gusto of a golfer in a plaid pants store. (note: golfers of the better dressed set need not send hate mail. I am just trying to come up with a good metaphor and my literary fount seems to be a bit stopped up at the moment) The long Memorial Day weekend has given me a little taste of what is to come and I'm gearing up. Even my beverages have that festive air about them:

It's what all the smart Mountain Dew bottles are wearing this season!
I saw these little bottle/can cozies in the grocery store and just couldn't resist! Who doesn't love an Hawaiian shirt???? (note: golfers of the better dressed set may now roll their eyes and question how I could suggest that my fashion sense is better than that of the plaid pants wearers. I completely understand the reaction) It keeps my Mountain Dew protected from the warmer air and my hands don't get all soggy with the condensation. It was an investment, really.
Along with my realization of the season came a little of the summer heat. This would normally curtail the knitting somewhat and send me scampering to the wheel for some spinning action. However, after yesterday's marathon session with the rambouillet, we seem to be having something of a reaction to that particular fiber. A couple of mini hives made an appearance last night and again this morning. It could be anything from the antibiotics I'm currently eating like candy, the humidity or any number of things in my environment. But, I'm starting to see a little bit of a pattern in these reactions and am beginning to suspect the lanolin. Rambouillet is a wee bit more greasy than other fibers with which I've worked. I noticed the same reaction with the Lincoln I was knitting up a few months ago and that was one that I knew I hadn't washed as well as I could have. I opted to put Mr. Rambo away for a little bit and return to it later. I'm something of a "face toucher" and that's where I noticed the hives. I'll have to make sure that the hands are washed and that I limit the spinning time, I suppose. Too bad. I was just getting the hang of this particular fiber and starting to really enjoy spinning it. Never fear, though. It is still more than workable and I fully anticipate being able to finish it up and even knit the pattern that came with it.
And I guess I'll just have to have a few other projects in the works to keep my days filled in between rambouillet sessions.
I suppose I'll just have to break down and do a bit more of the spindling.
::sighing again, loudly for effect::
Good thing I just ordered another spindle...I had to force myself to do it. I mean, why would I want another spindle??? (if you aren't catching the irony here then you aren't really trying) But, I guess I'll just have to suck it up and learn to love it. There is no other choice.
And if I happened to order a little bit more fiber to spin upon it then I suppose we will just have to deal with it. Summer is here, after all.
One must adjust to the season. And I don't look all that great in Hawaiian shirts...


trek said...

We are beginning to experience the onslaught of the "summer people" here, too. :: sigh :: I suppose it is good for the economy.

Anonymous said...

I think it's great that you will have the entire summer off from work. No second job... more time for knitting and spinning.

catsmum said...

maybe if you put on some sort of gardener's type barrier cream before you use the Rambo ??? and desist from face touching until you've washed your hands ? and maybe antihistamines ?
Overkill?? not at all ! the spinning must go on !!
btw how're the Monkey Pox today?

Beth said...

The soda cozy is really funny!

Ronni said...

I love the soda cosy. I have no advice to offer on the hive issue though. Other than maybe this is a good excuse to switch to cashmere?

April said...

Get thee to a drug store and pick thyself up a tube of "Tecnu." Although it will say it's only for poison ivy and umm .. something else ... it is very good for whatever itches ya. I use it after I feed Victor his grass hay which I am highly allergic to. Takes the sting and the itchiness right out of the hives. I think I paid $6.99 in the overpriced world of California for it.

kmkat said...

The summer people here are mainly around on weekends. The lake is nice and quiet during the week, but not quite so much on the weekend. Luckily most of the folks here have pontoon boats and canoes and tiny sailboats. Zero jetskis and only one idiot with a speedboat.

My favorite part is sitting on the deck on Sunday evening when the sun finally comes out for the first time all weekend, just as they are all leaving... and smirking. Yes, I am evil like that.

Anonymous said...

The soda cozy is perfect!
I know you have the downside of the traffic during the summer months but you also have that most delicious Goldenrod Salt Water Taffy. I think it kind of evens things out.

Mia said...

oh my gosh.. that is the cutest cozy I've ever seen *grin*

make good use of it sheepie :)

Lorraine said...

Someone is making money from a simple idea. That cozy is adorable. And it's very flattering (to Mt. Dew).

Love the fiber and socks you've got going on, too.

B said...

I love the coolie you have there! LOL!
Hope you enjoy the summer and that the summer people don't overwhelm you too much. This year I shall not be a part of them, but I warn you now, I may be in your area next summer. You may in fact want to start preparing for that now! LOL!