Wednesday, December 17, 2008

WNBP On The Rocks

If ever there was a person sick of all things icy, it is I.  Yet another winter "event" rolled into Maine today.  While it wasn't nearly as bad as last week's gift from the heavens, it has rendered me highly unappreciative of the season.  And it is only December.  I still have months and months of this winter business through which to slog.

Happily, it is Wednesday night.  I am home where the ice can't get me and it is time for the Wednesday Night Bullet Post!  Let's see what we have on ice for you tonight:

*The drive to work this morning was, in a word, "unpleasant."

*We did not have a delayed start to the school day.  I'd sort of thought we might...

*Hence, I was a little unprepared this morning.  

*Hence, I was not as prompt leaving the house as I should have been.

*Hence, I was late to school because I had to drive really, really slowly.  

*I also forgot to clean the litter box before I left and both kitties were looking daggers at me when I got home.

*Good news.  The new car is like a tank in the snow.  It clings to the road like it has suction cups.  This was the thinking behind going with the car that had the higher price tag.  Go me.  I finally did something right in the vehicular judgement department...

*When I left school for the day, I discovered said car to be completely encased in ice.  Chipping was involved.

*This thing also has a wicked good defroster.  But I still didn't get the top half of the windshield cleared before I gave up and just left.

*I figured that, unless there was some sort of aerial attack, I'd be OK.

*A decision has been reached regarding the Too-Short-Mitten.  If it was for me, I'd just learn to live with a certain amount of asymmetry in my mittens.

*But, as I'd hoped to add these to the Christmas Pile, I guess I should rip them back and reknit the top.  Symmetry is good when gifting.  

*I'll do it over the weekend.  I don't feel like it right now.  

*I'm all tuckered out from ice chipping.

*I finished Ptolemy's Gate last night.  It is the third and final installment in the series.

*Sometimes, even when you know the author has done the right thing and that he could not have ended it any other way, you still feel sad.  

*You want to read it again to see if maybe things will turn out differently.  Maybe people will make better choices.  Maybe someone will see the light in time to make a difference.  

*It's a library book, though.  I should really return it so that someone else can enjoy it.  Fabulous trilogy, people.  Fabulous!!!

And there you have it:  Wednesday in review and served on the rocks.  I should probably get going.  There is much to do if I am going to be ready to head out the door on time tomorrow.  I have morning bus duty and late isn't going to cut the mustard again.  Especially since there isn't going to be a storm or anything upon which to blame my tardiness.  Frankly, I will be glad for the break in the winter weather.  If I have to look at another bit of frozen whatnot falling from the sky, I may go utterly mad with it all.

We are ignoring the fact that at least two more storms loom on the meteorological horizon.  We are ignoring it with great determination.  There is squinting and hand-clenching involved for maximum concentration power.

Ice is not nice.



Kath said...

I truly don't know how you do it and I think you are very brave. I have absolutely no experience at driving in that sort of weather and would never even try! (But then many people are terrified of L.A. freeways and I take them for granted so I suppose it's all relative.) My last memory of even riding in a car during icy weather and snow involves spinning, and a ditch, and all sorts of other unpleasantness. Which explains why it's my last memory.

Mel said...

Um, Winter doesn't even officially begin until Sunday, when we shall be going to a pagan-ish root vegetable party to celebrate the solstice and our good winter friends, the humble root vegetables. Just remember, the days will start getting longer soon. If not warmer.

My verification word today is "nariz". How did Blogger know I speak Spanish? And why is it concerned about my nose?

Karen said...

This morning as I pulled on my 5 different hand knits (it was cold, I went overboard) and headed out the door for the walk to school and back, it dawned on me that this is just the beginning. We have to do this for months... Good thing there was hot cocoa when I got home.

Knitting Linguist said...

I hope the ignoring works, because that weather sounds just awful! And I thought heavy rain and mid-40-degree weather was no fun... I take it back. Also, I got the first of that trilogy for my daughter for christmas; maybe I should read it first, just to be sure all the pages are there?

Beth said...

I guess I shouldn't mention that it was in the 70s here today? :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the glued-to-the-road car. That will make your winter ever so much more pleasant, not to mention safe. Too bad about the icy windshield. I had to chip an inch of frozen wintry mix off my car yesterday. Sheesh. Are you sure it is only December?

Mia said...

Careful goin' out the door Sheepie. The ice is all over the place here too.

trek said...

Here we have been having our favorite winter weather: 35-and-raining. You just can't get warm under those circumstances - except in a really hot shower and it's just plain selfish to use up all the hot water by one's self so the upshot is, you just can't get warm...

Anonymous said...

I'm so sick of the weather already and like Mel said, it isn't even winter yet!

mehitabel said...

Love the Bartimaeus trilogy! Now I wish I hadn't lent my copies out so I could go over them and see why you aren't so happy with the ending. I do remember that I loved reading the books!
Winter begins officially on Sunday, which is my Lizzie's 10th birthday. She is such a sunny child, it's amazing that she was born on the first day of winter!