Thursday, December 04, 2008

State Of Affairs

So much to little time.  Actually, I have very little to say but that has never stopped me from blathering on.  At least not in recent history.  Maybe back when I was really little and couldn't talk yet.  Otherwise, I do like the chit-chat.

State Of The Knitting:

The mitten was ripped back last night in acknowledgement of the pattern instructions.  Apparently, they are written that way for a reason.  Who knew?  They want you do do stuff in a certain way!  You should all make a note of that.

I suppose it was for the best.  Asking me to add a second strand of yarn may mean wrangling fifty thousand pounds of wool on needles that seem kind of small for the job...

But you can knit back to where you were before all that ripping pretty quickly!

We are reveling in the glory that is knitting progress.  We are ignoring the fact that I still have to knit a second one.

State Of The Cat Entertainment:

When last we left our intrepid Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty, he was doing a little reveling of his own.  On a recent trip to the local Dollar Store, I found that they had more of those fun Cat Caves that he loves so much.  Since he shredded the last one with all the frolicking, I laid down five bucks for a whole bunch of 'em!

He's a happy boy.

Very happy.  You can't really see his face or anything here.  But, trust me.  He is happy.

I ventured back to the Dollar Store today thinking I might snag a few more.  Call me the Crazy Cat Lady if you will, but you'd try for a closet-full of these things too if you were in my shoes.  Besides, I had to go to the grocery store next door anyway.  My students have a bowling trip tomorrow and not all of them can afford the cost of the field trip.  You gotta have a little cash on hand to make sure that they can all bowl or there are lots of sad faces.  I figured I could do the shopping and get some dollars at the same time.

I am saddened to report that there are no more Cat Caves at the Dollar Store.  None.  The spot on the shelf is now taken up by discount dog treats.  Not to make light of the dogs and their need for cheap treats and all...but this isn't the kind of item that is going to make my boy happy.  I guess it's a good thing I stocked up when I had the chance.  We'll just dispense them carefully and they should hold out until more become available.  I hope.

Don't tell him.  I'm going to pretend that there is an endless supply of Dollar Store Cat Caves.  I think that everyone deserves to believe in magic and miracles.

State Of My Plate:

I do not get to go bowling tomorrow.  I have to stay behind with the kids who decided to make less than helpful choices today in the classroom.  For the record, a "less than helpful" choice can be defined as anything which requires me to confiscate their laptop computers and turn them in so that the Tech Coordinator can review their download history or the number of emails I have to answer regarding hallway behaviors.  

These are the kind of days where you feel perfectly justified in adding a few drops of vanilla to your diet cola, not working out and still having waffles for dinner.  With extra syrup.  And for  thinking about putting some fruit on there so you can say you ate something healthy, but deciding that is just crazy talk.

I also had to have waffles because I haven't run the dishwasher yet and I have naught but dessert forks.  I do not feel like washing forks right now, nor can I eat a main course with a dessert fork.  Waffles, however, are not so easily defined.  They have a dessert-vibe to them.  You can eat them with any utensil that happens to be handy and not feel like you are breaking any sort of rules.

State Of The Week:

Tomorrow is Friday.  I may not be going bowling, but that doesn't change the fact that it is the last day of the work week.  The weekend is almost upon me and mitten knittin' on a full-time basis is just around the corner.  What could be better?

I'll tellya what:  Leftover Waffles!  That means I don't have to run the dishwasher for at least another day!



trek said...


Anonymous said...

I always use the dessert fork; I don't like the big forks. Does that mean I can only eat dessert and waffles? I think I can live with that.

Anonymous said...

We had waff-ooz last weekend, and I called them by their proper, Sheepie-designated name.

Mel said...

Now that I've eaten my leftover curried brown rice and green beans for dinner, I have leftover Thanksgiving pie available for the rest of the night. It's mostly apple pie, and that's a serving of fruit. Very healthy, no?

Kath said...

I think I need a wafflemaker. I don't care if mine has a princess, or mickey mouse or whatever. Life is just too short to go without waffles.

catsmum said...

I think that there's a waffooz maker around here somewhere ... maybe I should dig it out.
and the next time there are cat caves you WILL buy the whole lot, won't you ?

Karen said...

Not running the dishwasher until another day. That is a fantasy. I don't have a dishwasher and it is my fondest fantasy because I'd need a bigger kitchen to go with it.
I hope the kitty caves appear in the store soon.

Cursing Mama said...

If I make poor choices in the hallway will you confiscate my computer? That would really go a long way toward my effort to not do any work for a whole day.

I wonder what kind of poor choices I can come up with.....surely there is something naughty I can do that won't get me fired.

April said...

OMG, Sheepie you are a GENIUS! I'm gonna throw out all my regular sized forks and just keep the dessert ones. Then who can blame me if I spend the rest of my life eating only dessert?

Jeanne said...

The cat caves will reappear as soon as they are truly needed. You weren't able to find them because you have plenty for now. And he obviously loves them.

Knitting Linguist said...

It's good to know that I'm not the only one with mitten woes. I'm glad not to have cat cave woes, too, though! And now it's the weekend, thank goodness...