Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Should've Had The Waffle...

I have one leftover waffle in the fridge.  It's still in good shape.  I only made them last weekend.  But I decided that it was too early in the week to be resorting to waffles for dinner.  Waffles lead to syrup.  Syrup leads to butter.  It's a slippery slope.  (what with all that butter...)  Before you know it you have thrown all dietary promises to the wind and are lying in a pile of candy bar wrappers at midnight.  

I'll wait and have it tomorrow.  That's close enough to the end of the week to call it good.  What I can do, however, is the Wednesday Night Bullet Post.  Let's see if a little indulgence in random blog posting makes me feel as good as that ol' waffle would've:

*There was an optional meeting with the superintendents of schools this afternoon for those of us interested in hearing more about how we will be suffering under the upcoming budget cuts.  

*Fun times.

*It was made clear to us that no amount of wishful thinking is going to make any difference.  The governor's proposed cuts are going to go through.  The Departments of Education and Health and Human Services are the biggest items in the state budget.  That's where the money needs to come from.  We are gonna get slammed and slammed hard.

*Monies that we thought we had coming are not coming.  

*I am holding firm to the belief that The Bad Job At The Middle School Into Which I Was Transferred Against My Will is a good thing.  No one else wants my job.  I should be pretty safe if I just stand really, really still so no one notices me.

*Day Four Of The Christmas Tree Watch comes with good news.  The Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty has discovered it, but his interest is still pretty short-lived.  

*Ornament Disruption Count:  2.  Both were from the "decoy ornament" category and found on the floor under the tree.

*No harm/no foul.

Here we see the suspect emerging from beneath the plastic branches and stepping over the weights that I honestly did lift this afternoon.

*I am cautiously optimistic regarding the future of my Christmas Tree.  

*I am less optimistic regarding the chances of my lifting those weights tomorrow.

*I got a Christmas card from the vet (AKA The Cat Whisperer) today.  It had the usual bits of holiday blather and a word of thanks for the pleasure of serving us.  

*And ended with the words, "May your kitty be blessed with tapeworm-free mice."


*My vet is clinically insane.  Ask anyone.  But the cats love her so whaddaya gonna do?

*She only treats cats.  Nothing else.  Cats.  She thinks that the Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty has a good soul.  She could tell just by looking at him.  Didn't need an x-ray or nuthin'!


*Here's that scarf I was talking about yesterday:

Complete with unwoven ends and total lack of blocking.

*This is one of those scarves that really should be knit in two pieces then grafted in the middle.  

*But I'm going to steam it into submission.  It will bend to my will and shape itself as I see fit.

*I had a Lean Pocket for dinner tonight once I realized that the waffle wasn't going to happen.

*I like Lean Pockets.  I actually lived off them for several years.  

*It's just that they aren't waffles...

*In light of what is soon to be my scheduled taking of furlough days from school, it seemed wise to learn how to eat what is in the freezer.  It is probably a good time to practice that kind of thing.

Now that I think of it, though, there is also some ice cream in that freezer.  I guess if I'm going to be practicing good habits regarding leftovers and consuming what I already have, it would be best to eat that, too.  I think that if I just move that two-year-old bag of broccoli out of the way, I can get to it easily...



MathIsBeauty said...

My vet also only sees cats but she refers to my George as "Evil in a Fur Suit" and I agree.

Kath said...

I like Lean Pockets just fine, but they don't go so well with butter and syrup. Priorities, ya know?

trek said...

A Lean Pocket is marginally better than marinated and baked tofu, Sheepie, but only marginally.

The Kelly Green Rogue said...

I love lean pockets too, I often eat them for breakfast, what! they are fast and easy.

Anne said...

Oh shoot! I wish I knew about the no waffles before Thursday rule. It's what I had for dinner Monday, for cryin' out loud.

Mia said...

My goodness sheepie, life is short, eat the darn waffle!

Donna Lee said...

What's wrong with waffles on Wednesday? It even has alliteration going for it. I think we should all have waffles on wednesday.

Anonymous said...

Freezer grazing is a good thing and after all, ice cream will go stale way before broccoli. BTW, that is a very pretty scarf even before blocking!

ChefSara said...

it angers me to see education being one of the first cuts during hard times. in my opinion, cuts to education should be a last resort.

i'll step off my soap box now...

Anonymous said...

I would have had the Lean Pocket AND the waffle (with ice cream on top).