Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Wrap-up...or is that "unwrap?"

Christmas '08 is well and truly done for The Family Sheep.  As holidays go, it was a good one!  There were the usual little mishaps that occur along any Yuletide Highway, I suppose.  The challa went into the oven at a rather late hour and while I was still trying to festoon the last of the gifts with ribbons and wrapping.  This probably accounts for the somewhat crispy outer coating.  I simply called it Blackened Cajun Challa and declared it "good."

We will not even think about the vast mixture of cultures and belief systems involved in this process.  It is confusing.  

In my haste to get to Mommy and Daddy Sheep's house for breakfast, I managed to forget the gift for  Sarge The Very Scary Teacup Terrier And Favorite Widdle Doggy Nephew.  Happily, he had other plans for the day and didn't join us for the family festivities.  He doesn't need to know that I forgot.  I'll drop it off next week and tell him that I wanted to wait and see his gorgeous face when he opened it.  

But more went well than went wrong and that is the very definition of a good holiday.  I managed to finish up the mittens I'd been frantically knitting for Daddy Sheep at what can only be described as The Very Lastest Of Minutes.

Apparently, the trick is to announce that you are not going to finish them in time and have given up.  Suddenly, mittens happen.  It's like magic...

Wonderful gifts were given and received by one and all.  In fact, there was something of a "first" for me this Christmas.  I have been spinning for a number of years and have often been gifted with fiber.  However, it has always been handed to me by a fellow whirler of the wool.  Non-spinners never give fiber as a gift as a rule, I've found.  They fear that they will make some sort of mistake being that they don't necessarily understand the whole process.  But my new SIL is made of sterner stuff.  She took the leap and included a bit of the woolly goodness in my gift box.  She casually said that it was something she'd seen at a craft fair a while back and that she'd thought of me immediately.  Unspun wool fiber from a non-spinner.  That would have been enough of a gift simply because of its sheer thoughtfulness.  But that's not all...

People, this was alpaca.  A non-spinner bought me alpaca because she thought it might be the right thing.  We seriously love that Baby Brother Sheep brought this one into the family!

There was so much more to love about the day.  But Christmas has a way of being lovable and exhausting at the same time.  I'm tuckered out from all the merriment.  I must rest, not to mention put away all the new stuff that came home with me.  Why don't I leave you with a little holiday gift from the good people at Folger's coffee?  This has been my all-time favorite seasonal commercial since before forever and, sadly, is one that I did not see this year at all.  




GiM said...

Merry Christmas, Ms. Sheepie!

Mel said...

Commercial mom really spread her kids out, huh? Too bad Folgers is such bitter coffee. Hope you got to drink something better for the holiday. :-)

trek said...

Wow, way to go there SIL Sheep. Number Guy loves the feel of alpaca, too, and bought some for me once upon a time. It lives with my favorite Sheepie now - but has she spun it yet??

No matter, the proceeds funded this super screaming laptop from which I am commenting and we can it "good".

Happy Christmas, Sheepie!

Karen said...

It's great that you had such a wonderful day.
The mittens are fabulous. Your Dad is very lucky.
You got fiber from a non-fiber person. That's a sure sign that you must convert her into a fiber person:)

Beth said...

I'm glad you had a nice day with your family! The blackend cajun challa made me laugh. :)

catsmum said...

fabulous save there with the last minute mittens
I'm jealous
I have one SIL. I've had her for 35 years.
Let us just say that the plastic jar full of 'had-melted-and-reset-with-that-awful-looking-white-surface chocolates that would give me migraines' was probably one of the better presents that I've had from her
you are indeed blessed

Mouse said...

Merry Christmas! My SIL is going to teach me how to make challah bread soon so I stop bugging her to make it all the time.. lol.
I was knitting a dishcloth in the car yesterday on the way to the giftee's house yesterday.. I bound the thing off in the gas station parking lot while hubby stopped to buy smokes.

Anne said...

Your SIL is a keeper! I knew baby brother sheep had good taste! Lucky you - sounds like a wonderful gift!

Mia said...

Sounds like a nice christmas Sheepie - and it also sounds like your knitting cupboard is full up with alpaca.. hehehe.

My word verif. is numid. Don't know what it means but it's kind of fun to say!

Anonymous said...

Nice mittens, Sheepie!

Fiber from a non-spinner - that's awesome.

Jeanne said...

That commercial used to make me cry, all nostalgic and stuff. My Christmas this year was just like that, except I awoke to the sound of the poodle chomping on her hedgehog toy outside my door. Nothing says "I'm with family" like hork! hork! horkhorkhork!!!

SIL Sheep has good sense.

Merry Happy...