Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Weird WNBP

Now, don't get all over-excited or anything.  It's no big deal.  Maybe you should just sit down or something.  Are you all set?  Good.  Because I was out on a school night tonight.  That is a bit unusual (to put it mildly) and I'm fearful that everyone will get all faint from the shock.  Why don't I put your minds to rest with a nice, predictable Wednesday Night Bullet Post?  That should help put everything back on an even keel...

*Actually, I just went to dinner at Mommy and Daddy Sheep's house.  Not really a big social event or anything.  But anyone who knows me knows that it is highly unusual for me to break my precious routine.

*My family has a tendency to celebrate birthdays whenever the urge strikes us or when we can be together.  Mine isn't until May but we still celebrated it along with my Mom's last week.  My brother's was back at the beginning of April, but he was home for a short break from Driving His Big Orange Truck All Over The Place for a while so we celebrated it tonight.  
*And my Mom's birthday was actually back in March.

*Everyone sufficiently confused?  That's nice.  I hate to be alone.

*The little picture of the world with the arrows all around it keeps bouncing around in the dock on the bottom of my monitor.  It's just telling me that updates are available for Mr. Computer.  But it's distracting me all over the place!

*Scene at Town Hall at 3:50 this afternoon as Sheepie visited the tax department to register the new car:

Sheepish Annie:  Oh, hi!  So sorry to come in so late...I know you hate that.  I need to register my car.

Exasperated Tax Collector:  (sighing)  Fine, fine.  Give me the paperwork.  And did you get rid of the other car?

SA:  Yup.

ETC:  (Still sighing.  I was afraid she was going to hyperventilate...) Fill this form out, please.

SA:  And I gotta tellya I said a great, big, "Whooopie!!!!!" the day I left that stupid thing at the dealership!

Guy Next To Me Who Was Registering His Car And Paying Far Less:  Heh-heh...

SA:  I'm sure you probably heard all the loud singing and dancing.  I wanted to have a parade, but your offices were closed and I couldn't get a permit...


ETC:  (giggling) I've felt that way myself sometimes!

*I am a delight.  Even to those who were really just hoping to go home after a long day.  

*Knowing that I am a delight actually makes me less of a delight, I should think.  I probably should be more humble about it, but I am sort of scared of the tax people in my town and think that being a delight is a highly desirable skill to have when dealing with them.  

*Please note:  I do not hate tax people.  Tax people are wonderful folks who keep the wheels of society running smoothly.  They also have to bear the brunt of the Tax Anger which isn't really fair since they not only collect the taxes, but have to pay them just like anyone else.

*But, I'm still a little intimidated by the tax people in my town...

*Today was the day that I decided to leave my career as a teacher and become a shepherd.  I know sheep.  I could walk around with one of those crooked sticks and talk to sheep all day.  I could make them wear their coats and eat the healthy grass.  I'd probably not be all that great with the wolf attacks.  In fact, I would most certainly be known as The Sheep Who Cried Wolf due to my inability to discern the difference between a wolf and an unusually large squirrel.  Or a log.  

*But it has to be better than my current line of work.  At least it felt that way today.  

*Do shepherds get free fleeces?  I don't want to be paid in fleeces.  I just want a few extra for spinning.  I am a slow spinner so I don't need many.  

*Note to self:  look into the benefits packages enjoyed by those in the shepherding profession.

*Before I left, Mommy Sheep gave me some of the steak that was left over from dinner.  Daddy Sheep clearly reminded me to not go and leave it in my purse.

*I need to go get the steak out of my purse now...

I also need to go deal with that bouncing world icon before it drives me to utter madness and possible odd behavior.  (like forgetting the meat in my purse and leaving it there until Sunday...)  Hope that everyone had a pleasant mid-week experience!  I, myself, am looking forward to tomorrow and being able to say that the weekend is almost upon us!  I am very good at weekends.  

Do shepherds get weekends off?



Beth said...

Four day old steak would certainly be a bad surprise to find in one's purse! I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who gets distracted and forgets things.

trek said...

Thanks for reminding me: I have to visit the tax office today to pay the quarterly property taxes.

Not a happy tax payer...

Lynne said...

I'm not sure that sheep [of the four-legged variety] know about weekends. And wolvescertainly would take advantage of a weekend-focused shepherd!

Cathy said...

I'd be a shepherd except there are mountain lions around here and I think I'd abandon the ship. Errr. Sheep.

OTOH, Benders are shearing their alpacas next week and who knows what will follow me home. ;-)

Alwen said...

I've always wondered how those shepherdesses in the big hoopskirts with ribbons on their crooks dealt with lambing.

Yarnhog said...

I left a plate of cabbage rolls (courtesy of my mother) under the backseat of my car and didn't remember them until about a week later, when that slightly odd smell became a truly astonishing reek. Go get that steak.

Knitting Linguist said...

I'm thinking not so much with the weekends off for shepherds, but there must be other compensations! (For example, sheep can't talk back, and in my experience, kids do. And kids don't produce wool.) I'm hoping that steak made it to the fridge..

Anonymous said...

I may forget things in the back of the refrigerator but I have never left food in my purse. Or in my car or under the bed, something I wish I could say about the rest of my family.

I'm pretty sure shepherds not only do not get weekends off, they also do not get Christmas, Easter, Fourth of July, Labor Day, or spring break off. Maybe they need a union?

Geraldine said...


Happy Birthday Sheep and yes, I will certainly remember the date it actually is. We will both be sending huggs, I'm sure (gazing skyward)have I lost you yet?

Huggs, G