Sunday, April 20, 2008

Substitute Amphibian Blogger

Hi, Folks!  It's Toy-Doo!  Remember me?  I'm the beloved toy of the Big, Fluffy Kitty here at Chez Sheepie.  Nice to finally get a chance to meetcha!  

Sheepish Annie can't come to the blog right now.  After last night's season finale of Torchwood, she took to her bed (well...the sofa, actually) pulled a blanket over her head and started wailing about how everyone is out to get her and that now even the British have gotten in on the act.  She's been making snuffling noises and eating donuts all day.  Given her present condition, I was happy to step up and do blog duty tonight.  Hopefully, by tomorrow, she will have recovered enough from the disastrous and unacceptable developments of Saturday night television viewing and be able to resume her place at the helm.

I suppose you have all been wondering how I'm doing now that the BFK has her new, automated kitty toy.  I can see where you might be concerned.  I was, after all, the favorite around here, having come into the house as a comfort object after BFK's sister shuffled off her mortal coil.  

I'm good, actually.  Real good.  I'm a big fan of the new toy.  It has saved a great deal of wear and tear on my tender, catnip-filled shell and I appreciate being relegated to Napping Companion Status.

Heck, I'll even go turn the thing on for her.  It takes a while for me to get there.  I am a turtle after all.  But, I'm on the job.

The extra hours I now have in a day are just wonderful.  I'm using the time to take correspondence courses in accounting and have finally gotten around to starting that novel.  It's an epic tale of forbidden love between a tortoise and a hare.  My agent is positive about my chances for publication and you can look forward to seeing it in bookstores by Christmas of 2010.  You'll laugh, you'll cry...I see movie rights on this one.  I envision George Clooney playing the part of the tortoise.  

The lump under the blanket just bellowed something about this being a knitting blog and demanded that I discuss something related to the genre.  Frankly, this seems a bit ungrateful considering that I took time away from my own pursuits to help out, here.  But, she is the boss.  If I am understanding Her Majesty, Queen Of The Donuts correctly, she would like for me to share a picture of the Invisibility Shawl and make sure you are fully aware of the fact that this is the first time she's done a provisional cast on.  Fine.  Here you go:

It's actually rather fetching, now that I'm right up on it.  But it took me an hour to get the tripod assembled and then crawl the length of the shawl to make this shot happen.  I'm tired.

I have so enjoyed this time with you and hate to cut it short.  But I am concerned that there has been little in the way of movement from under the couch blankets for the last few minutes.  If you thought the wailing and demands for a re-write of the Torchwood season finale were bad, you should hear the silence.  It is nothing short of ominous.  I fear that she might be plotting some sort of hostile take-over of the BBC.  This seems rather unlikely given that I doubt she can hoist her donut-enhanced hindquarters up from the depth of the sofa cushions, but I do feel that the situation warrants further investigation.  

It is also possible that she is in some sort of diabetic coma.  Good thing I finished that First Aid course...



trek said...

Good job on the blog post, Toy-Doo!
But George Clooney as a tortoise?

Knitting Linguist said...

I'm trying to imagine how long the timer on the self-shooter of the camera must be for poor Toy-Doo to have made it onto the knitting in time. The mind boggles.

MathIsBeauty said...

If you get through your correspondence courses in accounting you can do the taxes for the Sheep next year, Toy-Doo.
You were a great Substitute Blogger!

Leigh said...

Toy-Doo, you should do your own version of Toy Story. And the shawl looks great!

Ronni said...

Hee hee hee Clooney as the tortoise? I love it. But who would be the hare? Please give Ms. Sheep my sympathies vis-a-vis the Torchwood season finale. I've not been watching so I can't sympathize from a matching position under a blanket with wailing. But I'd send cookies if you thought it would help.

kmkat said...

Toy-Doo, you might want to rethink this accounting thing. The pay is great, but the hours are horrible and you may end up attempting to file Sheepie's taxes at 11:59 pm on April 15. Proceed with caution.

Mia said...

Even Toy-Doo looks a bit shocked that the sheepie completed that tricky cast on hehehe.

April said...

And here I was thinking you were talking about "Deadwood" and wondering why the BBC would produce a Western series.


Nice job, Toy-Doo!

Anne said...

When the automated toy takes its turn as guest blogger, I'll be worried. Til then, enjoy your vacation, Sheepie!