Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Whoopie! It's Wednesday!!!!

I hated that class I took last year.  It sucked the very life out of me having to leave my own classroom at the end of the day, go put on my Learnin' Hat so I could be a student for a couple of hours then drive home to not do my homework.  But, I surely do love the fact that the Wednesday Night Bullet Post was born of that torture.  Wednesdays are rapidly becoming my favorite day and I am starting to use bullet points all the live-long Wednesday now.  It's confusing for those who have to hang with me at the workplace.  But, it is just so darned efficient.  And fun!  Let's see what random thoughts I have for you tonight...

*Are you wondering what's up with my taxes?  Worried that I still haven't filed?  Are you sleeping OK?  Are thoughts of my impending doom crowding out your everyday, regular sorts of thoughts?  

*You should really relax.  What's the worst that can happen?  I'm sure it will be fine.  I'm certain that the nice people at the IRS would understand if they were a day or two late.  

*Or have I finally hit that "send" button and let the truth of my 2006 income fly forth?  (eta:  it has been pointed out that i seem to be off a bit and that 2007 might have been a better year on which to focus.  yes, i really did mean 2007...or did i?)

*I don't know about you, but the suspense is killing me!

*We've had two days of rather warm weather and even some of that sun I'd heard such good things about.  

*Today was the first day that I noticed more of the ground than the snowbanks.  I do believe we have turned a corner here, people!  

*Any day now, I will show up at school wearing a tube top.  'Tis the season...

*I threaten this almost every year.  It creates a sense of horror and impending doom in the teacher's room.  I rather enjoy the power.  No one really knows for sure...will she or won't she?

*For the record, I have never owned a tube top.  I am not really a "tube top" sort of Sheepie.  

*But, they don't know that.

*I finally gave in and resorted to ripping back the Invisibility Shawl to the lifeline.  I probably could have fixed the boo-boo that was leaving me one stitch short.  But, I was rapidly losing patience with the whole process and could sense myself slipping into the land of I Will Burn This Thing To A Cinder And No One Had Better Try And Stop Me.  If nothing else, ripping felt kind of good.

*Once everything was back on the needles, I was still one stitch short.  

*I fudged it and increased a stitch before I could really contemplate the situation too deeply.  It seemed best.  I was all fragile and developing a true hatred of math by then.  Things are humming along nicely now.  

*I blame the taxes.  That was enough math for one month.  I shouldn't have to count to 80 on top of all that tax-math.

*There is no tax-math.  I just typed in numbers and pushed buttons.  I am in severe denial here.

*I have Pasta Portioning Disease.  I can't judge pasta portions.  I always put in too much.  It looks reasonable when I put it in the water.  Then it inflates to its true pasta size and I am left with a meal for twenty.  

*And yes.  I do too have to eat it all once it's cooked.  I am not going to risk the possible rotting of my pasta in the fridge and then getting food poisoning the next day because I was too stingy to eat the bushel of penne I'd cooked up the night before.  And to not eat it because of the impending crampage would be wasteful.  

*I am kind of full right now.  I ate a lot of pasta.  But, it's not my fault because I have a genuine disorder and should be pitied.  You should also give me more Parmesan cheese because it takes a veritable mountain of Parmesan to cover a bushel of penne.

*I can't understand why I keep missing the telethon for this particular disorder.  It's just insensitive, that's what it is.  When will people realize the challenges faced by those of us who live day in and day out with this devastating carbohydrate-based condition?

*My Cheerful Teaching Assistant is taking Friday off because she has some friends coming into town.  She is celebrating her upcoming three day weekend.  Much like I did last week.

*Except it sounded a heck of a lot better when it was my three day weekend.  It doesn't sound like much fun at all when she talks about it.  It sounds like a lot of work...

*Still...she never takes days off so I wish her well.  She could use the time to frolic with her friends and not be responsible for coming up with answers to questions like, "Why didn't you stop me from eating the last of the peanut butter cups?  Do you hate me?  Why would you do that to me?"

*Working under my supervision is not easy.  

*She is also probably tired of hearing about my taxes.  She really does need the break.

There you go.  That's the Wednesday That Was.  I must now go rest up for Thursday as it is looking like it will play itself out in a fashion rather similar to the first three days of the workweek.  Which have been less than delightful.  I also forgot to pick up more peanut butter cups today so that is going to make things all the more lacking in delight.

And I just realized that I also forgot to buy coffee.  Light a candle for me...



Anonymous said...

"...missed the telethon..." [snort]

trek said...

Er, um, Sheepie? I sure hope that those there 2006 taxes were filed with the nice people at the IRS last April.

::Truly hoping that this was a typo::

PS - Neatnik says I am supposed to tell The Sheep that she (Neatnik) is an awesome reader!

Beth said...

Wait a minute. Did I miss it? You didn't tell us if you filed your taxes or not? I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight.

Knitting Linguist said...

No coffee?! The horror....the horror... I'm off to check my own supplies (trundles to kitchen, sweating fearfully). Yup, I'm OK. Want me to send you some?

knitseashore said...

Maybe if things get too out of hand at school, you could wear a tube top over a regular top, as a sort of warning? It might keep them guessing enough to throw bags of peanut butter cups at your feet. Or better, have them delivered in emergency situations by the dreamy fireman. :)

Anonymous said...

Forgot to buy coffee?! How could you. OMG, I hope you have some for the morning; I would DIE without my morning coffee (or everyone around me would).

I once owned a tube top (100 years ago when I was young and skinny). Ewww, the memory is scary; they are not at all flattering on any body!

Mia said...

The penne pasta disease, eh? I hear ya.. those calorie diseases must be goin' around. I have to go to the doc today and they're most certainly gonna weigh me.

This is gonna get ugly.

Cursing Mama said...

I really think you need to knit a tube top. Or, at least something that looks like a tube top while knitting it - one of those neck gators or a lap-top sleeve. I do believe the fun in that alone may take the sting out of not getting a 3 day weekend too.

MathIsBeauty said...

mmmm pasta, just what I need to go with the cookies I made yesterday (thanks to you).

debsnm said...

Try putting a stitch marker between pattern repeats. THEN, you only have to make sure each repeat has enough stitches, and you can find the one that keeps dropping a stitch!