Wednesday, April 23, 2008

WNBP: The Spring Break Edition

With the vehicle breakdowns, purchasing and financing excitement all over and done with, today was more along the lines of what I'd had in mind for my school vacation week.  I had a whole day to myself, transportation at the ready and the option to either venture out or stay home as I saw fit.  And, as it is now mid-week, I can blog about the day in bullet point format.  Vacation from school doesn't mean that everything degenerates into utter anarchy, right?  Here they be:

*I opted to go out and to stay home today.  I did a little shopping this morning and a whole lotta nuthin' this afternoon.  

*I like to think of the shopping as "optimism" in the face of my new financial reality after purchasing the new car.  Plus I was out of coffee.

*I knit nothing.  Not a stitch.  There was no spinning, nor was there fiber prep of any kind.  Not sure what happened there...  I meant to do all that stuff.  I guess I'm still in recovery from the first four days of vacation.  Now I'm all messed up.  

*Can you name Karma in a lawsuit?  I feel like I should have some recourse here.

*The new car is pretty sweet, though.  To answer a few of the questions, I shall say that it is silver, very shiny, has a plethora of cup holders and way more other stuff than I was able to really process yesterday.  The downside to speedy car shopping is that you have no idea where to put your sunglasses for at least two weeks.  Or, if you do manage to find a spot, be able to remember where you put them.

*Oh and about the seats:  They are leather and will not clean up well at all, I'm afraid.  This was not a part of my vehicular vision.

* I can't take pictures for you, though.  I'm afraid of paparazzi.  They might get a photo of me driving with my wipers on for five miles in bright sunshine because I wanted to see how they worked and then couldn't figure out how to shut them off.  

*I'm not saying that happened.  It's just an example, is all...  

*Stop laughing.  It wasn't funny.

*Did I mention that I got to meet Melissa last night at Chicks With Sticks?  She is very, very nice and has a Small, Fluffy Puppy.  He is very, very cute and can drink water from a plastic bottle.  Big, Fluffy Kitties can't do that.  Not even if you ask really nicely...

*I was mesmerized.  You just don't see Small, Fluffy Puppies drinking from plastic water bottles every day.  

*I made brownies today.  That should count for something even if I didn't knit.

*I wanted to make them with walnuts as God intended.  But all I had on hand was the brownie mix.  No nuts.  I forged ahead because it was the right thing to do.  

*OK, Mel.  I heard that. was a mix.  And it does too count as cooking.  The oven was on and I had to use two, count 'em TWO eggs.  There was even some mixing.  That is cooking.

*Besides, you don't want to mess with me.  If you will recall, the plan as we envisioned it last night was that I would be the Snack Mistress/Guardian Of The Goodies during the coming Zombie Invasion due to my natural abilities as a hoarder.  Those Oreos you were talking about keeping in the survival stores might just suddenly "disappear" should I start feeling all unappreciated.


*Sometimes sick people become Zombies.  Then you have a Zombie on your nice sheets:

*You should shoot Zombies in the head:

*This method of Zombie Control is ineffective and inadvisable:

*And is a waste of perfectly good pie.

*Screen shots courtesy of my computer because I was watching a movie today while I wasn't knitting and probably not something one should post without at least giving some credit.  Although if I am sued, there really isn't much left after my Spring Break Car Shopping Extravaganza.  

*Maybe tomorrow I'll clean the house and knit something like I said I was going to do back when Spring Break was just a hopeful vision of the future.  

The week has really gotten away from me, I'm afraid.  Tomorrow is Thursday and then Friday will be upon me.  It hasn't exactly been the vacation I was planning.  But like I said to the service center shuttle driver yesterday as he was bringing me back to the dealership for the eleventy-billionth time:  It is what it is.  

We have bonded in our many travels together and it was inevitable that we would reach the philosophical stage before too many more trips back 'n forth...

And today "it is what it is" came with brownies.  



Anne said...

Hm... I'm a little unnerved by the zombies, but I needed something to help me stop laughing about the wipers. So, in the interest of full disclosure, I'll fess up that when I got my new-to-me car it took three phone calls to the dealer and one to a friend with same model car before we figured out that the reason the lights were ALWAYS on was that the parking light button had gotten bumped into the "on" position ....

Mia said...

of COURSE a mix counts as cooking *grin* although you're right.. God did intend for there to be walnuts in brownies.

and let me know how that whole karma lawsuit thing works out. i might need ta get in line..

and I'm STILL laughing over the little picture in my head of you desperately trying to figure out the wipers. hehehe..

trek said...

Silver is a good color for a vehicle. My very first new car was grey and silver. It was a 'Vette. A Chevette, that is.

Second car was a silvery grey, too.

Much better luck with the new wheels than the old ones!

PS - God really intended there to be chocolate chips in brownies.

Donna Lee said...

I think brownies from a mix are the best brownies and I am a scratch baker. It's true. I have a whole cupboard full of scratch but I prefer brownies from a mix. And definitely with walnuts.

Mel said...

Oh, I can go either way with brownies. The folks at Ghirardelli make an excellent brownie mix (albeit without walnuts as God intended - which is why we keep large stores of walnuts). Personally I find most mixes are helped, though, by the addition of supplemental chocolate chips. Do at least tell me it had chips in it.

Kath said...

I fully believe that Snack Mistress/Guardian of the Goodies is a crucial role and on the nuts vs. no nuts question I defer to your greater wisdom.

(Does that keep me in the running for my share of the black & white cookies?)

Beth said...

I don't think I've ever seen a zombie movie. Your screen shots didn't look that scary, so I clicked on the link. Still not too scary, so I thought it was safe to watch a little video. Gross! Some poor dude was attacked by zombies and... Well, it's too gross to say. I hope your new car is very, very fast in case you need to drive away from the zombies. I'd just keep driving with the wipers on to keep the zombies off your windshield.

Ronni said...

Well, coffee is a necessity so I thing the shopping was just responsible adult behavior. As was figuring out the wipers before they were needed. The real trick is finding the warning light frobbie. And on our current silver car I'd been driving it for months before I could manage to remember where the buttons were for the power windows.

catsmum said...

eggs counts as cooking definitely
and enjoy the new car - the great stock market reshuffle of 08 has put paid to any vehicular purchases for quite some time Chez Catsmum :[
and as for the leather seats - you don't have any messy kids to contend with so they'll be fine so long as there is no driving-while-eating-an-icecream

Anonymous said...

SFP drinking from the bottle was pretty cool. I need to get the picture off my camera and see if I really captured the moment.

I've had my car for 6 years now and I had to call hubby a month ago because the 4 way flashers went on and I couldn't figure out how to stop them. I was in a parking lot and I felt like an idiot!

Anonymous said...

I used to have a house mate who counted as cooking putting ice cubes in a glass and pouring a can of Pepsi over them. Based on that, I would consider your 2 eggs and a mix to be gourmet cooking.

Knitting Linguist said...

I'm sorry. This whole week is just wrong. It has not been what a spring break should be, and the brownies are a minimum sort of compensation for all the rest of it.

Thanks for the entertaining picture of you bonding with your windshield wipers, though. :)

Karen said...

If you have to stir and pour it's cooking.

Yarnhog said...

Leather seats clean up brilliantly. Neither dog poop nor baby barf nor red kool-aid has left permanent stains on mine.

mehitabel said...

Brownies are good. They do make a person feel better after trying to acclimate to a new car. D4 has a new silver car, and while she likes it just fine, she really loved her green Honda which was brutally murdered by a hit-and-run driver in front of our house. Five months later, she finally got her check from the insurance dudes. Sigh.