Saturday, April 19, 2008

Determined. Very Determined.

I have waited a long time for this particular Spring Break.  I have toiled.  Granted, I complained the whole time, but I toiled and I get credit for that.  As such, I have determined that I am entitled to enjoying this vacation.  Whatever forces that may be at work trying to thwart my enjoyment can take a hike.  I am firm in my resolution.  My break.  My time.  My happy.

The past twenty-four hours have been a test of that determination.  Nothing life-threatening.  Just very annoying, filled with lots of people making suggestions that are well-meant but not particularly helpful in my unique situation and potentially very expensive.  However, it is possible to ignore just about anything if you really, really try.  And I have the equivalent of a PhD in Denial so, as far as I'm concerned, today is just a nice, sunny day and the first day of my school vacation.  I am viewing the fact that I was without transportation as a good thing because it gave me an excuse to stay at home and be all rested.  

See how I did that?  Silver lining, baby!  I'm a master.  

So, to that end, let's look at something kind of funny.  I am still putting some miles on the Invisibility Shawl and think that you've been tortured with that particular project enough for one lifetime.  I'll see about doing something of a more fibery nature tomorrow.  For now, let's all smile at the Big, Fluffy Kitty.  She is very glad to have Mommy home for a week and delighted to be the source of my entertainment.  First, let's take a look at what the BFK looks like on an average weekend:

Cute and really easy to locate in the event that an emergency cuddle is needed.

And this is what the BFK looks like after her Mommy has purchased her a nice, new Loco!Motion automated activity toy:

Hah!  I almost had it!

Feel my Paws Of Fury, Foul Feather!!!

I am a master in Kitty Karate!  You shall not escape me!

Harder to see, I'll grant you.  But very, very entertaining.  She's an old gal and not one for hours of play at a time.  But she is pretty impressive in her determination to snag that whirling feather.  There are those who might suggest that twenty bucks is a bit much to spend on a kitty toy.  I, however, feel that I have gotten my money's worth over the past two days.  I can now talk on the phone, read and eat my dinner unaccosted by a furry little interloper.  It's worth every penny!

And knit.  I forgot to mention how much knitting a person can do without a cat in the lap!  I may get some pretty impressive knitting done whilst I'm stranded here at home...



Future SIL said...

You are going to have to get a video camera to "catch" BFK in action.

Mel said...

Me time is so important, and so hard to come by. Make the most of it while you can, sheepie.

And, FSM willing, I'll see you Tuesday night.

Mouse said...

Hooray.. have a happy vacation!

Kath said...

Hmmm...someone trying to be ants at the picnic? Grab the Raid and spray liberally.

And ohmigod that toy just rocks! Far as I am concerned $20 is dirt cheap for something that could entertain my "child" and burn off some of her energy without burning me out. I'm definitely getting one. Hope it's durable!

Anonymous said...

Twenty bucks may be a lot for a kitty "toy", but if you ask me, I'd say that's a kitty exerciser. Twenty bucks is a pretty good deal for any piece of exercise equipment.

Can't wait to see you Tuesday :)

Anne said...

Have a wonderful vacation! $20 is well worth it for a multi-tasking toy like that (playmate, exerciser, etc.).

Anonymous said...

BFK may just turn into the fittest, buff-est kitty in all of upper New England. Your kibble bill may double, but all in a good cause.

Just like everyone else, I'll see ya Tuesday...


April said...

Andy definitely needs that toy.

trek said...

"Stranded" at home - ha!

Mr. Cheddar said...

You go girl, oh Pretty FLuffy One...I think you can really make some headway, now that your mom seems to be ahhhhem....otherwise occupied on the sofa!!!

Headbonks, Mr. C and Ms. M.

Ronni said...

I say pthltplthltp to the people trying to rain on your spring break week parade. I hope you get to have the time of your life. The kitty toy looks great. Almost enough to make me wish I had a kitty so I could buy one and watch kitty play with it. Can you capture some video with iSight?

Mia said...

Oh Lordy.. I NEED one of those! BAD! Did you order it online??

And so nice to see the Sheepie as dusted off the camera and remembers how to use it *grin*..

Enjoy your week enough for all of us. *grin*