Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Zoom, Zoom, Zoom!!!

Faster than a speeding bullet point, it is your Wednesday Night Stream Of Consciousness! Keep up if you can!

*Any work week that starts with a Sheep standing in her bathroom, flapping her arms in disgust and saying, "I'm just gonna shut off the water and deal with it later!!!" is probably not going to be a good one. That was a theory on Monday. It has been borne out. The toilet has been fixed, but the kids have been horrible and the teaching staff has been even more horribler. We all need a vacation. Badly.

*To say that I kicked butt and took names on the teacher observation that I turned in for my class last week would be an understatement. I did well. Very well. There was kicking and name-taking all over the darned place. Yes. I am that good. If you ever need someone to observe you just let me know. It will be a delight for you and all concerned.

*The Big, Fluffy Kitty has been having a bout of constipation. Which means that she gets her Maaaaaaagical Pooping Powder. (yes, you have to say it that way. I don't know just do.) This has resulted in an "opposite reaction." Now I have to wash the kitchen floor. She seems happier and lighter on her feet, though so I guess it is the least a Mommy can do. However this doesn't mean I'm not going to make some faces and gag a tiny bit. That little fur ball can produce!!!

*I have lost the will to knit. I'm still plugging away on the sock, but all other projects have bitten the dust. Fortunately, there is still spinning so I'm fully immersed in the fibery goodness. But my hopes of producing a sweater and breaking The Great Blog Sweater Curse remain unfulfilled. And I just can't seem to work up any of the caring right now. Maybe something will strike my fancy in the near future. For now, though, there will be a dearth of FOs in the sidebar.

*It occurred to me this morning as I was attempting to secure the button on my trousers and wondering just how often I would really need to breathe today that I have a doctor's appointment next week. She hasn't weighed me in a while. While I was diligently taking off the Thanksgiving Pie Thighs and the Holiday Ham Hips no one wanted to see me on a scale. Now that I'm back to creative strategies for disguising the muffin top, you can bet that I'll be perched atop the scale in short order. I think I'll name this current expansion the Girl Scout Girth as a salute to their fine, fine cookies.

*I was feeling a bit guilty over not completing the second version of the survey last night. I'd said that I would do one for the teachers (which I did) and one for the administrators (which I totally blew off.) But, it seems that the rest of my group decided that they didn't want one anyway. Had I actually taken the time to complete this task, I might be blogging from the lovely facilities at the jail. There is every possibility that I would have just snapped. But this was successfully avoided thanks to the stellar communication of my work group. Stellar, that is, within their own circle. My not working at the high school has left me very much out of their loop. This was handily addressed by my professor tonight, though. Knowing absolutely nothing of the situation and without my having said a word, she commented that our project was coming along swimmingly but that it seemed that the expertise of people who don't work at the high school might be getting short shrift. She did it skillfully and kindly and we now all love her to the point of idolatry. I'll keep you posted on the new holiday observances and such. I am also writing her an anthem. She knits and has my back. Even when she doesn't know it.

And there you have it: my Wednesday in Review. The Sheep rejoices in the downward slide towards the weekend and the upcoming appointment with Amy The World's Greatest Stylist. With visions of manageable bangs and restored highlights dancing in my head, I bid you all a fond, "nighty-night!"




Mia said...

oh my god.. you're gonna have a week off AND getting highlights?? AND the toilet is fixed?

You're movin right along sheepie, you'll be knittin' in no time.

But I'm still laughing over the part about how the kitty can "produce". Why didn't somebody tell me this before I got a cat?????????

and now you mention kitty constipation?

No wonder I drink ::laughing::

trek said...

If production is a problem, I am sure that you could send BFK to April's for a week's vacation. Of course, April might not send her back at the end of the week. You might get Andy. Is there room in the fridge?

Anonymous said...

An appointment with a hair stylist? What a unique concept ;-)

I'd be doing a whole lot more than a little gagging over BFK's return to regularity; you are a good mommy indeed.

Lazuli said...

Oh yuck. May my furry objects never be "blessed" with such... delights. I hope she's better now!

knitseashore said...

Re the BFK's "opposite reaction:" (warning: this may be TMI for non cat persons): My IBD cat had a similar problem when he was sick. The tail got in the way, and it was not only the floor that needed cleaning. It reminded me of the book & calendar "Why Cats Paint." I cannot tell you how happy I was when the flareup was over and everything was working normally again. Ugh. What we don't do for our cats!

Hope the stylist appt is the beginning of a wonderful week of rest and restoration!

Beth said...

I was going to suggest that you might need a dog, but they are bad, too. I can't give any examples because it's just too gross. :)

April said...

OK, I don't really want to know but I have to ask - what is Maaaaaagical Pooping Powder? And while we're on the subject, can ANYONE tell me why cat poop has to be the foulest smell on this Earth? What is going on in those intestines of theirs?

Mel said...

Maybe a little to much "Maaaaaaagical Pooping Powder"? If it's psyllium, it will usually just bulk things up a bit with all the water it holds,but in excessive amounts it can result in a bit much mucus as well as gas that causes, well, explosive results.

And you are, naturally, on the DH short list. I'll let you know when he's dropping by the farm so you can come on down and pretend like you always come hang out.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a productive week so far. Sorry you had to wash the floor.

Sheila said...

You overcame each challenge like a real trooper!
I still think BFK is the coolest cat on the web.