Thursday, March 08, 2007

Perspective As Weaponry

The March Deep Freeze remains in full effect. The wind chills are brutal and I fear for my very survival as I make the twenty foot trek to my vehicle in the morning. The students are being denied their recesses as we question whether we will have the same numbers after lunch as we do before. I swear to you I heard the plaintive wail of a hungry timber wolf sometime around eleven o'clock. Letting the little darlings outside could result in a definite thinning of the herd...not good for district funding formulas. They sort of expect us to have a better survival rate than they did back in the days of the pioneers.

But, I didn't have to give the Maine Educational Assessment today and the mood in the classroom was much improved. Sure, the students had their regular work with which to contend, but they seemed almost grateful for the chance to put pencil to paper that did not include multiple choices and bubbles that needed filling. I won't go so far as to say that we were ready to break into song at any given moment, but it was certainly a lighter mood than we've had over the past three days.

Of course, I have to do the whole thing again next week...but we are not going to think about that right now. Heck, I didn't even mind having to sit in the class of The AntiKnitter (he who makes derogatory comments about knitting circles) who is also known as Dude With Fire Breathing Dragon Living In His Lower Intestine after the pre-February vacation farting incident. We are now able to look one another in the eye following his windy faux pas, but I still have an almost unbearable urge to recommend a good gastroenterologist. I swear I can see a burn mark on the wall behind his desk. I worry. Good substitute teachers are hard to find. Especially after a faculty member is lost to spontaneous human combustion.

Where was I? Oh, perky outlook. Having a quiet, if frigid, day at school is really quite helpful with the overall mood. And the prospect of fifty degree temperatures during the coming weekend has really turned me into quite the Chirpy Sheepie. I took a good, long look at some of the UFOs that are laying around on various surfaces around here that could be better used for the support of cats or chocolate. And I'm actually seeing some things that might be done in the nearest of futures. A sock here, a felting project there, a sweater that might actually work this time...all nearing the finish line. I'm closer than I thought to having something new!

With Friday and the weekend nigh upon me, I have made the decision to not make the appointment with Amy The World's Greatest Stylist that I'd been considering. Instead, I'm going to see if I can't bring one of these bad boys over to the Win Column. of those thingies is a single sock and is really only half the equation, but I'm in the grip of my March Moodiness. I get to call one sock an FO until April rolls around. My house, my rules.

I will win this war against my least favorite month. The first shot has been fired and it is made of merino.



Anonymous said...

Hey, the sock is an object and when it's finished it deserves to be considered a "finished object"! After all, it's an FO, not an FP (finished pair).

trek said...

Thanks for making me smile today, Sheepie One. I really needed it.

Cathy said...

Julie is so right. Now, I have just a few inches to go on a 2nd sock. M's socks. And what am I doing? Appreciating your wit.

Beth said...

Like Julie said: A finished object is a finished object - whether there's a matching one or not. :)

Do you think we could get away with not setting our clocks ahead this weekend?

Anonymous said...

I can't wait to see your FOs
Glad things went well at school. Maybe a bottle of Beano would help the gassy teacher. Wouldn't want him to explode in front of the kiddos.

Mia said...

hey, sounds like you could use a candy bar.. I have a few spares *grin*

Anne said...

I actually like March - yes, yes, I know.

Sheila said...

Yep, they're right...a finished object is a finished object, period. After all, they aren't called FP's(Finished Pairs), right?
Glad to see your feeling spunky.
Mr. Gassy may have a lactose intolerance, or other digestive enzyme short-coming. Perhaps a strategically and anonymously placed pamphlet on such matters would help? It could make him a happier, more tolerant, less clueless guy? He may be spending a lot of brain power trying to control the release of certian gases, you know.

knitseashore said...

I have just caught up on your posts from the last couple of days, and agree that March is at the bottom of the list for my favorite months. Even more so than January, the previous winner. You should definitely consider your sock an FO, because then you can dazzle us with two photos, the FO photo and the FP photo. Even better if the BFK is in them!

Have a good weekend, and stay warm. 50 is still too cold, and we'll be lucky if we get that!