Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Mind Wandering Wednesday.

I have class on Wednesday...I get home late on Wednesday...My mind doesn't work on Wednesday...You only get bullet points on Wednesday...blah, blah, blah. We all know the drill by now, right? May 9th and the end of this graduate course are fast approaching, but not nearly fast enough for me and my desire to get my Wednesdays back. But it is what it is. So here's your mid-week update in all its meandering lack of cohesion:

*To the dude who was tailgating me on the way home: gosh, it was certainly interesting to have you as a passenger in my truck tonight. As a single gal who is something of a loner, it was a new experience to share my ride with someone for a change. Who knew you could fit your whole car in my backseat? And that maneuver you were doing? The one where you had to hastily jerk your little vehicle onto the shoulder in order to avoid ramming me each time I tapped the brake? Very well executed! I had hoped, however, that your time in the ditch might afford you a view of the traffic in front of me and helped you to understand that I was unable to go any faster than they were, but I guess your attention was devoted to counting the hair follicles on the back of my head at that point. I'm glad you have a hobby. I'm sure that it will come in handy after your horrific car crash when you are in traction for all those months.

*I have noticed that I always seem to have a "flat hair day" just in time for parent/teacher conferences. I don't know if this is coincidence or a clearly connected event. I'm applying for a grant to study the phenomenon. I think this information could be of great use to teachers everywhere as they struggle through a ten hour day.

*The Anti-Knitter in whose class I sit for two or three hours per day in order that I might monitor the behavior of a student, is expecting his second baby in June. I am wondering if it would offend him if I knit a baby sweater. He Who Made The Snide Comments About Knitting Circles in our Wednesday night class is not deserving of my handknit goodness, but I don't see any reason to punish the child. Besides, I think that the giving of the knitwear might counteract his effect on the wee one. I'm still thinking it through...I've got a couple of months to ponder. If nothing else, it will amuse me to think of her wearing a knitted sweater.

*To the commenter who asked if I have more than one wheel or if I am switching between the standard flyer and the WooLee Winder, you got it on the second guess. I have but one bobbin for the WW so I only use it for plying at this point. My love for this handy gadget is inspiring me to save my pennies and buy a billion or so more bobbins for it. 'Tis truly a miracle machine!

*Driving home in full sunlight tonight was weird!!! The effect was made almost surreal by the presence of the snowbanks which have no business coexisting with the summery sunshine at six o'clock in the p.m.

*It is difficult to ponder the wonder of snowbanks in sunlight when one's truck is continuing to have intermittent seizures. Things are slowly improving, but I still have to yell at it every ten miles or so just to make sure it behaves. I'm pretty sure that this is helpful. I feel better, if nothing else.

*I seem to have had some sort of a blackout during class tonight and volunteered to develop a survey of some sort for my group project. This is not like me. I am not one to volunteer for extra work. But when I came to, I was being congratulated for my willingness to step up to the plate and give of my time for the good of all. I may have had some sort of Good Samaritan Seizure, though it is more likely that I dozed off during yet another endless discussion that fails to result in any real progress. But I can't exactly go back on the commitment now...I will be busier this weekend than I had planned.

Those are the highlights, folks. You got your typical Wednesday night Sheep with the buzzing brain and the half-mast eyes who is questioning how she managed to get through another marathon day and looking forward to the weekend. Even a weekend that means the crafting of another paper...

And that is saying something!



Emma said...

I love your Wednesday nght bullet-point blogging. The tailgater sounds scary--bad driver!

Beth said...

The tailgater description was great. Just yesterday I had to move before the driver behind me drove up over me.

Mel said...

My response to tailgaters is to drive even slower. I figure that way I won't get hurt as badly when they plow into me. Or they'll actually go around me. Either way it works.

Anonymous said...

I too love Bullet Point Wednesday. You cover so much.
Good Luck with the extra work for the weekend. Do you think HM is trying to keep you busy?

Anne said...

Do be sure if you knit something for the wee one that you torture the father by asking daily for pictures of wee one in said knitted thing to hang on the bulletin board in the break room. Ask every day until he bends to your will. Go. Do it.

Lorraine said...

Hate tailgaters. There should be a tailgater prevention device installed on all new cars. When the proximity alarm goes off, they get an electric shock, sirens go off and an automatic moving violation citation gets spewed at them from their dashboard. Morons!

debsnm said...

My tailgater strategies:
1. turn on flashers - if they are "normal" human beings distracted by whatever, they'll get the message and drop back.
2. Turn off cruise control and ever so slowly let the car to slow down. I dropped as low as 45 in a 75 once before the jerk finally went around me - you'd think some people would get a freakin clue!
3. (And this is an absolute last resort) - tap the breaks ever so slightly. I've seen what cars do at 75 mph when their dumba$$ driver jerks the steering wheel, and it ain't pretty. I've actually called 911 from my cell phone on the highway to report a semi-driver trying to run me down. Scared the daylights out of me! I keep saying I'm going to get one of those scrolling message signs like they have at the movies - and pre-program BACK OFF!!!! Ah, some day.

Bobbi said...

I applaud your brake tapping and can only wish that it had served as a wake up call to all the tailgaters of the world!

Jeanne said...

I fully employ the slow-way-down-and-tap-my-brakes-for-no-reason maneuver. Then, I call 911. Gawd I hate tailgaters. Your description of the experience was spot-on and absolutely hysterical!

knitseashore said...

Could you knit the wee one a sweater that somehow ties into AntiKnitter's favorite color or team or hobby? It would be too fun to have him open the sweater and you say, "Oh, I just *had* to make this for you, because I know how much that team/hobby means to you!" Then look up expectantly into his eyes as he is forced to be gracious and acknowledge the sheep's generosity and skill...either that, or knit a sheep and crossbones motif!

nancy said...

I think bullet-point wednesdays are great! Maybe I'll be a copy-cat and start doing that on my blog :)

Ooh - and get yourself more of those WooLee winder bobbins!!! When anyone asks what you want for any sort of holiday/birthday/or occasion to buy you a gift, give out the website (with note for what type of wheel you need bobbins for). Set yourself up a paypal account to collect funds for them. I loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove my WooLee winder. It makes spinning/plying that extra bit so much nicer. Esp for plying. Esp esp for plying.