Saturday, March 24, 2007

When Sheep Sulk

A Quick Note To Mommy And Daddy Sheep:

I know you're busy and all and I hate to take time out of your days relaxing in the sunny south for the winter, but you may be getting a call from the school principal some time in the near future. I also suspect that the school custodian may be attempting to track you down right about now. They are both gentlemen of the "Old School" and true respecters of women. They are also the types to worry a bit about a gal on her own in the world despite her having survived to middle age with few scars to show for it.

Neither was particularly impressed with my ability to maintain my vehicle in a working manner this week or my judgement with regard to how far I could actually drive it with a blinking engine light. There was a great deal of head-shaking, finger pointing and voices that came close to being raised. When all was said and done and repairs were complete, there was a somewhat deserved bludgeoning with the "I Told You So's."

I got the distinct impression that they are of the belief that I need to be more closely monitored. I am fearful that they may attempt to get you to revoke my status as a functioning adult. As I do not want to move into the basement or my childhood bedroom any more than you want me to be there demanding PopTarts and laundry services, it may be to both our benefits if you just pretend to not be home when they call.

They are somewhat determined, however, so you may need to change the number a few times or outright lie and tell them that I am grounded. I trust you to come up with some sort of a solution, here. I swear to you on a stack of Girl Scout Cookies that the truck is fixed and that you can lie to them in all good conscience. The tires are at full pressure, all fluids are topped off and anything that should be rotating or pistoning is performing said actions. That which should be secure is held fast. The rear wiper still doesn't work, but that isn't really necessary for forward momentum so I think we can call this a working vehicle. I even promise to get that tire replaced during the April School Vacation. It's all good.

Thanks for your assistance in this matter and I'll chat with you sometime over the weekend!

Love, Your (literally) Sheepish And Fully Mobile Daughter

It has been a long week. There was the ongoing issue with the truck, parent/teacher conferences, interviews for new staff for my classroom, finishing the Maine Educational Assessments, the writing of papers, attending of class and the delayed start to school on Thursday that I somehow missed because the weather was really quite lovely that day and I didn't realize that the roads were so horrid in other areas.

And then there was the $578.03 that I forked over bright and early Friday morning to the Dreamy Mechanic. The fact that I someday hope to call him my first husband did not take the sting out of that bill. And this isn't going to be a marriage of long-standing, anyway. I give it a year. But the first six months should be good ones and I'm betting that I can get a discount at the garage.

I am pouting right now. I don't want to deal with the public on any real level. I want to decompress from the whole week that was. I need a full weekend of recovery from it all and that includes some serious sulking from the depths of the crater I've created to the exact shape of my Sheepie tushie in the couch cushion. And, when all is said and done, there is really no reason why I can't do that.

And so this has been the sum total of my activity for the day:

You'll have to imagine the nap. It is hard to take a picture of yourself taking a nap. ''re napping.
This is really a very therapeutic thing for a Sheep who has had the week from heck. It allows for the sulking. It also allows for the coming around to the fact that she knows many people who have had worse times of late and that she should probably be grateful that her problems could be solved with a good book, a good spin, good cookies and a generous line of credit. Tomorrow I may even be able to face the grocery store.


Jeanne said...

It's good to sulk once in awhile. ;-) A week from heck is a week from heck, regardless of how good or bad others are having it. Mine was just busy. It looks to stay that way until the first week in May, after which I'll likely be tearing out my hair from the boredom that arises when you no longer have five stressful classes, etc., to keep you occupied.

But that's then—this is now. Right now, I'm stressed. Let's celebrate the fact that our weeks from heck are over, have a drink, and relax... because it all starts over again on Monday! Ack!

Anonymous said...

You were very much missed today. But I can tell you that you would have had no rest here and you wouldn't have sulked for long. There was much laughter all day long. I hope you enjoyed your downtime - you certainly deserved a day to relax after the nasty week you had!

brenda said...

Ouch! That's a lot of yarn money down the drain. Hope your weekend is getting better. You should try chocolate, it usually helps.

trek said...

That's ice cream.
You have ice cream.
I can see your ice cream.

I don't have ice cream.
I have one more session of PT to do today.
And I do not have ice cream.

Have a good Sunday!

Anonymous said...

Teachers, including you, should ALWAYS listen to your principal and the custodian!

Beth said...

Aack! It was more than $500 - ouch! I hope next week is better for you.

Debbie said...

That sounds like it was quite a week, absolutely requiring quality downtime and pampering to recover from! Hope next week is better.

Anonymous said...

There is a sulky funk passing through blogland. May it pass quickly.

Teri S. said...

Poor Sheepie. I feel your pain. I shelled out megabucks for car maintenance this week, too. I hope you are fully recovered by the end of the weekend. And next week can only get better!

crzjane said...

Sounds like you have the right to do what ever you want after the week you had. Poor Sheepie.
That machanic should have included cookies and ice cream with that bill.
I just had my truck serviced. Just the usual oil change, check everything and to see why that check engine light has been on for a week. :)
Enjoy your weekend, and drive safely when you do have to go out.

kmkat said...

Aw, Sheepie, I'm so sorry about the icky-poo bill for your truck, but darn it, woman, you haven't been being a responsible vehicle owner. As you've been blogging about giving the truck stern looks and dressings-down, I've been thinking, Um, that's fine and all but you really need to take it to the mechanic and find out what's wrong and fix it before it gets worse. This attitude comes of being married to a car geek. I understand the workings of internal combustion engines (it's really not that hard if you have someone patient to explain it to you, slowly and carefully and with 87 8x10 glossy photographs with the pictures and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one), and I know the consequences of neglectful maintenance.

Of course, if I had been a really, really good blog reader I would have warned you sooner. So feel free to blow a raspberry in my general direction. I hope Mr. Sheepie Truck behaves himself in the future, but if not, hie thee to the mechanic sooner rather than later.