Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Oh, Look!

Why, it's Wednesday! Time for the bullet points version of this genre we call, "Blog."

*Best student comment of the day: "Um...Ms. Sheep? Shouldn't you have done your homework at home instead of trying to do it here?"

*Worst teacher response in the history of education: "Well, um...there was this...I meant to do it, but...I had this other thing to do....Oh, leave me alone!!!"

*Speaking of class, I have made a significant judgement error with regard to my choice of groups for the end of the semester project. I thought it might be fun to work with some different people. I ended up with all high school teachers. I've been a high school teacher. I know how to teach high school and I know how to talk to high school teachers. I just don't know how to function within a group of people who have a single mind with regard to how this project should go and the time to spend together to make it happen. I'm waaaaay outside the loop on this one. However, my lack of caring with regard to the overall course and my desire to just get the credits and be done with it are pretty much overruling my issues with the final outcome of this doomed project. I'm just going with the flow.

*Further on the subject of class: I really do love this professor. I forgot my knitting tonight. She was most sympathetic, even to the point of wondering how I could focus on the lecture without the sticks 'n string. She gets me. She really gets me. I want to hang out with her and talk yarn. I want to knit sweaters with her and compare our preferences in needle composition. I just don't want to be in her class.

*I am still giving Maine Educational Assessments. This has led to a great deal of self-reflection. I have learned that I am the type of person who believes that the 6th grade team who decides to change their schedule and administer tests today and give the hapless special ed. teacher who must now test to two grade levels at once less than a days notice to adjust should be lined up at dawn and pelted with rotten fruit. This seems perfectly reasonable to me.

*The 6th grade student who did not know she was testing today and, after two hours, caved under the pressure and called me a flippin' witch was right. I was not full of the sweetness and light at that point. It was a stressful day for all involved. And it should be noted that I am using a great deal of creative editing with regard to the actual wording of her commentary.

*March continues its relentless assault on my Sheepie good humor and is hitting me with wind chills that are beyond reasonable. The boogers freeze in the nose only to liquefy upon hitting warmer air so that I have to run directly to the tissue box before all dignity is lost. Any stray hair that is not perfectly dry upon leaving the house will harden instantly and lock itself into whatever position it happened to be in at the time. This may not necessarily be the look one was going for during the morning mirror time. But there is nothing that one can do. Frozen tresses do not thaw as quickly as boogers...something to do with viscosity or some other science-thing. This means that you have weird hair and a dripping nose for at least the first thirty minutes of the day. Such a pretty Sheepie!

Happy Wednesday, everybody! I'm off to enjoy a nice dietetic frozen pizza and see what the good people who produce quality prime time TV viewing have in store for me this evening. I probably should do my homework while I'm at it.

But I like to give my students something to think about during the day.



Sheila said...

I celebrated an anniversary this month, and I'm still not liking March. I'm feeling the "crunch of March" much to do and so little time.
It sounds like you'll need to end the month with a spa day or something likewise frivolous and pampering (skip the pedicure...I hear they make you jumpy).

Beth said...

What do you do when a student calls you a "flippin' witch?" Cheer up - March is about 25% over already. :)

kmkat said...

My husband and I are starting to plan our retirement, the economic soundness of which depends on those sixth graders having paying jobs in a few years in order to fund our eagerly anticipated monthly Social Security checks. Anything you can do to ensure their success in becoming good, i.e., tax-paying citizens is very much appreciated. I sincerely hope you are able to maintain your sanity in the process :-)

laurie in maine said...

Thought of you yesterday while reading the Bangor Daily News...Woman caught shoplifting 15 pairs of underpants. Last line was "what does someone need with that many pair?"

Was it you? More intervention needed than previously thought? :)

Anonymous said...

I hope you ate some chocolate. I think March should be "eat all the chocolate you dare" month. Sometimes it's the only thing to get us through.

trek said...

A sixth grader using such language?! I did not know that such scatalogical terms existed in sixth grade let alone uttering them! Okay, perhaps I exaggerate some, but still to speak so to a teacher.

Did you find quality programming? If so, please email me a detailed list of network and plot synopsis. :o)

Anonymous said...

Somehow, I kind of knew those weren't the exact words your student used :)

When the hair finally does thaw out, it is usually so full of static that it is flying all over the place the rest of the day (at least that's been my experience with this nasty weather).

Mia said...

love the freezing boogers part ::laughing:: sometimes an issue like that just needs to be discussed!

Mmm.. pizza.. THAT sounds good right about now.. I'm about overdosed on sugar and could use some REAL food.

Hang in there sheepie... maybe we ought to both go buy a lottery ticket today, or somethin. Can't hurt.