Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Pasture Gate Was Open... I ventured out.

Not really sure just what was going on this morning. I'd been rather dreading the list of to-do's that were facing me after this Two Week Stretch Of Extreme Annoyingness. And yet I had a bit of a spring in my step.

Maybe it was the sunny skies that belied the frigid readings on the thermometer. It kind of looked "Springy" out there. Perhaps it was coming to the realization that my director, despite having come close to his own demise after undoing three weeks of my hard work in mere minutes, isn't really such a bad guy. In fact, he is a decent fellow who meant well and was only trying to help. And, in sending a group email that included amongst its recipients the superintendent of schools which praised the work I'd done on this hiring project, he proved that. Just because I am perfect and never, ever make mistakes doesn't mean that others won't. Taking stock and realizing that certainly lightens one's outlook.

Maybe it is just that it is the weekend and the end of Most Miserable March. Or the fact that I was wearing my spiffy new underpants. Whatever the reason, I was actually looking forward to getting out and about this morning. Those who know me in "real life" may need the smelling salts right about now. But it is true. I could scarcely wait to fire up the truck and get out into the wide world.

I started the day with a quick chat with Mommy and Daddy Sheep from their winter pasture in the sunny south. Everybody wish Mommy Sheep a Happy Birthday, 'kay? I happened to get lucky in the Mom department. In between her kid wrangling duties, she also happened to be an elementary school teacher and is largely responsible for The Sheep's ability to string a word or two together in a coherent fashion.

She also makes the best homemade ice cream...

Following the check-in with the 'rents, I headed out for a visit with Amy, The World's Greatest Stylist for a some time traveling back to the days when The Sheep was a little less gray. After two years, she has finally decided that I have earned the right to have a little input in the tresses and she is in agreement with my letting it grow out a bit. In return, I let her make the decisions with regard to color. There is a bit more of the blonde going on right now, but it fits with my general mood today and I am declaring it a success. There are now plans in the works for a shopping trip and a visit to her new house. These outings generally include a little lunch for Sheepie as Amy does not want me to risk getting too skinny.

She's good that way...

All blondified (and only a little bit scorched at the hairline) I bopped next door for a browse at the used bookstore. I found a few titles and had a nice chat with the owner just like I was a normal person who goes out and interacts with the public on a regular basis. You'd think I'd be all tuckered out at this point and ready for the comfort of my couch.

Not so!

From there, I wandered over to Baby Brother Sheep's house for a visit with Girlfriend Sheep Who We Like and my doggie nephew, Sarge The Scary Teacup Terrier. (he isn't scary at all, but seems to feel better about himself when we discuss him in "larger" terms) Baby Brother Sheep himself actually made an appearance so it was a big occasion. We live twenty minutes apart, but, for some reason, haven't really connected since Christmas. I'm glad I caught him when I did as he is going on the road soon for work and visits will be very far and few between for the foreseeable future.

Was The Sheep ready to call it a day? No she was not!

I decided that, since I was in the neighborhood and didn't know when I would be again, I'd head over to Lois' Natural Market for some "Superiority Shopping" amongst the finer and purer things. I picked up the fixings for some hummus, milk, apples and a little of the most yummy, decadent goat cheese that I probably shouldn't be investing in after getting the truck fixed, but what the heck! I'm out and about and living large today! then I was ready to go home. It was closing in on 1:00 and I was getting a bit hungry. Besides, all that activity and fresh air was going to result in the need for a nap and it is generally best to do that at home rather than from behind the wheel. And thus ended the most excellent and sociable morning for This Sheepie. But what a morning it was!

Meanwhile back in the knitting basket...

Something is afoot!
I had a staff meeting at job #2 last night and decided to stop off at Joann's Fabric just for a bit of a lark. (And to soothe my touchy nerves after the week that was.) I have absolutely no idea what possessed me to purchase four balls of crochet thread. Four balls isn't that much. You can't really do anything with it. Certainly not what I wanted to do, anyway. But it was so very pretty, all purply and shiny. And I've been wanting to keep the feather and fan stitch in the mental Rolodex for quick motor memory retrieval. I've been diligently spinning the fiber from Wooly Wonka and am determined that it will be a feather and fan scarf. I just know that this is what it wants to be when it grows up. And it's not like anything else is inspiring me right now...
So I'll knit away with the cotton until it runs out. It can't be a scarf. There isn't enough, given the width for which I've cast on. But it can be a fiddly little doily or dresser scarf thingie and that's OK. Or maybe I will find more of the cotton in this color and can make it longer. Maybe I will, maybe I won't...either way, it is keeping me out of trouble and entertaining me to no end so I'm happy.
And, after this week, I'm going with whatever makes me happy.
(your very blonde and disturbingly perky) SA


Teri S. said...

Wow...I'm impressed. And everything was done before 1:00! You even bought my favorite cheese...goat. Yum! I hope the remainder of the weekend is a good as today was!

trek said...

Can I have some of that that you are on today??

- A very cranky and not perky trek

Sheila said...

Sounds like a fine morning...and all before 1:00! You put me to shame.
I can never go straight home after my yearly haircut, for I look my best on those days, and it does add a spring to my step to know that I'm looking like someone who took the time to fuss with the hair.
Happy Birthday MS!!!!!

Jeanne said...

Blonde AND perky. You go, girl!

Mel said...

Meanwhile, I was napping at the Kennebunk service plaza so I could make the rest of my drive home. It was a lovely day, though, at least as much as I saw of it.

catsmum said...

Happy Birthday to ewe
Happy Birthday to ewe
Happy birth-day Mummy Shee-eep
Happy birthday tooooooooo ewe :]

best wooly hugz from some aussie goats and their owner

brenda said...

Happy end of March! Isn't April just so much nicer, warmer, tamer and all around friendlier?

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sheepish Mom!

It sounds like blonds do have more fun.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Mommy Sheep!

Sheesh, I think I need a nap after reading that! You had a busy day, indeed.

I'm thinking I may need to get my head to the hairdresser pretty soon. The color I thought was okay is getting kinda yucky; worse with each washing!

annie said...

Happy Birthday to the Sheep's Mom!