Monday, December 11, 2006


First there was the recovery. I had pneumonia and withered away into something resembling very pale beef jerky. I added more protein to my diet to compensate. And doughnuts. Mustn't forget the doughnuts. They were truly the best part of the recovery process.

Then there was the high heat of summer which required a cut-back in the thrice weekly workouts and vast quantities of ice cream. What else is a sweltering Sheep to do under such dire circumstances? It was life or death...maybe not for me, but certainly for anyone who had to deal with me for any length of time. I get a little grumpy when I'm hot.

School started and an attempt was made to get back into the routine. I almost did it. But then Halloween came and with it a dearth of trick or treaters. To not eat all the leftover candy would have been wasteful.

The crowning achievement, though, was Thanksgiving. I ate a lot of pie. A lot of pie. Most of it was consumed whilst swathed in flannel and reclining on the couch. It was shoveled directly from the pan into my gaping maw with a wooden spoon. I never really saw myself as a lover of pie. Seems that I am. Who knew?

After the holiday, it became apparent that things had gotten a little out of control. I'm expanding at a rate that is going to become the subject of a study or something very soon if I don't get a grip on this. Thus, the decision was made to go back to the strategy that took off the pounds in the first place. I like to call it Death By Fruit.

If I just bring fruit to work during the day, then that is what I get to eat. Breakfast is of my choosing in terms of menu. Dinner can be a bit more expansive if common sense is used. But, during the day, it's all fruit all the time. I have been keeping this up for two weeks now. Ask anyone who works with me during the day. They can vouch for me. It is, quite literally, all I speak of anymore.

"This pear isn't ripe!"

"God, I hate fruit!!"

"Why are there all these stupid flies around my desk?"

"God, I hate fruit!!"

"They can land a man on the moon, but they can't make a banana that tastes like chocolate?"
"Have I mentioned today how much I hate fruit?"

People have started to do abrupt about-faces or dive into supply closets when they see me coming. Honestly, I can barely stand myself at this point. Healthy eating is making me very grumpy. Not as grumpy as being overheated, but it is a close second.

And I poot a lot more than I used to. Really...I'm just a delight to be around.

To top it all off, I was still six pounds heavier than I was last spring when the doctor weighed me last week. And I got to look at the numbers twice since I had to be weighed again at the surgeon's office. Stupid fruit.

However, I suspect that it would have been worse numbers-wise had I not been doing the fruit thing for the past couple of weeks. That pie turns out to be something of a "clinger." Pie fat is hard to shed. It lingers. Pie fat knows the meaning of a long-term relationship.

Today's pie-punishment was an apple, an orange and some grapes. I really could not have been less enthused about the whole thing had it come with a tax audit and root canal. But, debts must be paid, after all. And I did really enjoy the pie...

With any luck, I'll shed the weight before too much longer and renew my acquaintance with my fitted trousers. Six pounds really isn't all that much in the grand scheme of things. But, as one who has had difficulties with weight control for much of her adult life, I know a slippery slope when I see one. They've gotta go...

Fortunately there are a few things with which to distract my mind from my rumbling tummy and thoughts of deep fried, chocolate dipped stuff. I've finished yet another of the felted ornaments and really quite like it.

My niddy noddy overfloweth...
There's a third awaiting trimming, but I'm getting low on pins. There is a lot of pinning in these things. More than I anticipated. Gonna have to go to the pin store. We will put that on the to-do list and hope that it is not next to a bakery or anything.
Scarf knitting continues and I'm still thinking that this one will be done in short order. I am working tomorrow night at job #2 (that's a whole other story...) so I won't be doing much in the way of knitting then. But, we're in the home stretch so all is looking bright.
Not as bright as it would had the scarf came with a side of fries...but bright all the same.


trek said...

I like fruit but not cold fruit when it is cold outside. Sorry Sheepie.

mrichme said...


Have you thought about the fresh green diet? Eating things that are fresh and are green. Money does not fall into that category.

Best of luck with the fruit thing. Hopefully you don't start justifying fruit in cookies or pie.

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. About 4 years ago I lost a huge amount of weight (80 pounds) and I've been seeing some weight creep back on since early fall. I've been slacking in the workout department (and I work at a gym - go figure) and eating more sweets than ever. Must stop it now! I like your fruit idea; I just might give it a try.

Beth said...

Good for you, SA! Pretty soon you'll be able to write your own book. :)

Anonymous said...

It is good to catch it early when it's just a little. Try mixing up the fruit with come carrot sticks or celery. I also find yogurt really keeps me from getting hungry for a couple of hours. I can't say the same for fruit.
Christmas is coming. Watch out for the pie!
Ornaments looks great!!

April said...

Is apple pie not a fruit?

Debby said...

How hard it is to work off weight, and how easy it is to put it on. I'm on my bike now for 1/2 hour every day, to train for longer rides in the spring summer. But it takes only seconds to pop a mini peppermint patty in one's mouth...

Your ornaments look beautiful! You're doing great, even if you aren't able to finish the thing we won't mention. Does the stylist have a winter birthday, by any chance?

Lee Anne said...

Ugh...I'll be with you very soon on trying to lose some weight. Not so sure I could do all fruit all the time either. But hey, I can use you as my inspiration in a few weeks. :)

Love the ornaments! Those are turning out beautifully!

Anonymous said...

I eat fruit all day by choice...and I still have 6 pounds I'd rather live without. I'm a fruit-aholic, always have been. I know, it's scary to most people.
Tomorrow is my son's 20th B-day party here at the house, and guess what he wants instead of cake? That's right...cherry pie! Wish me luck in resisiting.
(blogger has logged me out for some reason, and I don't remember my log-in info : (

Lazuli said...

Pie-pounds are hard, and December is even harder! There's so much eating that goes on between Thanskgiving and New Year's that even the most observant dieter must have difficulties!