Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Blog Post From The Edge.

I am very, very, very, very, very, very (you get the idea) tired. It may be all the fruit talking, but the world has taken on something of a shimmery glow and I'm finding all manner of things interesting and worth staring at. Things like chairs, lint, toenails...pretty much anything. The whole "let's diet our way back to where we were last spring by eating healthy" thing combined with an evening at job #2 have taken their toll. I shouldn't be posting. I shouldn't be allowed contact with the human race until I have eaten something of substance that did not grow on a tree or vine and slept for a day or two.

Job #2 has taken on a whole new role in dominating what is left of my free time. I keep finding myself saying, "Okey-dokey, artichokey" to things I have neither the interest nor the time to follow through on. Last week, I agreed to work on Tuesday nights with a parent in order that he could finish his Parenting Education requirements. As I had completed the new program our agency wanted developed, I figured I'd have the time to take this on. Anyone else out there work in the Not For Profit/Social Services realm? You'll know what I mean when I say, "Done is never really done."

I got an email from my boss saying that she had noted some holes in the program that needed some filling. The Sheep is nothing if not accommodating. I'm all over the "whatever makes you happy." It's just that I don't really have the time right now. There is the whole Christmas thing looming. And the teaching job that pays the bills. And the sleeping.

I'm doomed. I know that I say this frequently. I'm doomed a lot. Pretty much daily, I run into a doom-filled situation. I'm like a doom magnet. But this time, I'm actually doomed for reals. Thanks to some extra time tonight that we didn't really expect, I was able to get a little bit done. But I still have to develop a chapter on how to help challenged learners with their homework. And I have to have it done by tomorrow. See where the "doomed" part is coming into all this?

And I fully intend to let the doom bloom. I am not even going to attempt to do this tonight. Any evening where you are weary to the point of finding toenails highly interesting is not a night to be waxing intelligent on the subject of good study habits. I'm going to push the envelope on this little task and send it in tomorrow night.

In theory. In reality, I'll probably be struck by a falling safe. One doesn't hear much about falling safes these days, but I'm pretty sure that, when one is doomed, one can't afford to be lulled into false senses of security simply because the odds are in one's favor.

Someday, maybe I'll knit again. That'll be nice. Maybe after the safe hits me, I'll be excused from active duty for a while and will be able to knit from the convalescence home.

Did I mention the "very tired" part?



Beth said...

I really feel for you, Annie! It's no fun being doomed. And I agree that you need some sleep before you'll be able to complete the chapter. Best wishes for a successful project!

Brenda said...

Protein. You need some protein. And a good night's sleep. All that doom will just fade into a dull roar in the background.

mrichme said...

Sheepish, I feel your pain. I've been struggling with a similar balance but I've realized unless they extend the day to 30 hours you gotta prioritize.

Anonymous said...

Sheila here,
Brenda is right, you need protein and some sleep. Here is one of my favorite recipes:
half a banana
some berries
one serving (per carton description) of soft tofu
some Splenda
some vanilla flavored Almond milk(non sweetened)
crushed ice
Blend it all up until smooth.
I drank this 3 times a day when the teeth were first removed, and lost some serious weight. It isn't a long-term thing, but you'll feel slim and trim after a week of it, it has protein, and it tastes yummy!

Anonymous said...

Oh poor, poor Sheepie. You really must get some sleep and perhaps think about eating something more substantial than the fruit during the day. Maybe a lean cuisine meal for lunch. Low fat, low calories (probably fewer calories than all the fruit), tasty (and they even have pizza! And vitamins, Sheep need their vitamins.

Brandie said...

I hope that you get to sleep a lot. And then after you are rested - you get to knit!
Hang in there for now

Mia said...

I think the Sheep needs to eat a Christmas cookie... and FAST! ::laughing::

Anonymous said...

Is it worth feeling this badly just to get into your pants? I say you should concentrate on work and healthy eating (NOT ALL FRUIT) until after the holidays. Then, once the added stress is gone, you can resume your diet and get into your good butt jeans.

trek said...

I just looked at the calendar and realized that we are a week and a half from Christmas. How did that happen? I've not finished shopping, not started wrapping, not even thought about mailing.

I am going to blame it all on the Great Flu Bout of Aught-Six and let the Doom chips fall where they may.

I humbly submit that the Sheep follow my beleagured example - and also add some chicken salad or other protein to the lunch menu. Now if you will please excuse me, there is a couch whispering my name.

Debby said...

It is amazing the difference a nap can make, and a strong cup of tea or coffee (if you can do caffeine) after that. Of course, there's the staring at the wall in a trance, while petting the kitties and waiting for doom to hit exercise too...that's when you are so underfed and overtired that you catch yourself playing those "Why is the sky blue? Why did God not make it pink or lavender?" games. Been there! :)

dudleyspinner said...

sending a steamy hot bowl of chicken soup. It is food for the soul.