Friday, December 08, 2006

The Best Laid Plans...

There was little about this day that went "as planned." It wasn't a bad day. There was frozen pizza and I got to sleep late. I had the time for that extra cup of coffee and a little knitting in the morning. But, I had a plan. And circumstances just weren't going with the program.

Plan #1: Get up bright and early on this, my scheduled day off for mole-removal, and get in a bit 'o the Christmas shopping. Brilliant, really. Do it early while the soccer moms are still feeding the kidlets and no worries about the after work crowd. A good use of the down time before all the doctor's appointments.

What really happened: Snow. A rather disturbing amount of unexpected snow. Schools were delayed, cars were off the roads and we were all being urged to use care if we needed to drive. I stayed home and watched cartoons.

Plan #2: Scoot over to Dr. Judy's office to pick up a refill on my medication. I even called ahead a couple of weeks ago to make sure that I didn't need to make an appointment. Such a planful Sheep I be.

What really happened: I called yesterday to make sure that the doctor would be in to write the scrip. I was told that she would be unable to do so unless I had an office visit. It was time for me to see the doctor in person, according to the office calendar. No amount of negotiation or pointing out the fact that I was being penalized for picking up my last refill during my "other mole removal" would sway The Responsible Receptionist. She did, however, squeeze me in at 11:45 today as a consolation prize so I didn't have to take an extra day off from school.

Plan #3: Go to see the plastic surgeon to have the Mole Of Disturbing Dimensions removed. I did know that there was a chance that they could only use this visit as a consult, but all indications were that I would be MODD free by tonight.

What really happened: Apparently, this procedure is going to take just a bit longer than the surgeon thought and we are rescheduling. This will also give us a chance to test the insurance waters and see how they feel about reimbursing for his work. While I suspect that he knew going in that this was how it was going to play out, I will give him credit for being a decent fellow about it. To be fair, he did a very good job explaining the procedure and what to expect. And he needed to do this in the face of a Sheep who was a bit on edge and who's Hysterical Mind had pretty much taken over all operations at that point. And said Sheep had gone to a somewhat "silly" place in response to the stress. For the record, few doctors can handle such statements as, "Whassa matta? You not man enough for mah mole?" and still maintain their sense of humor.

We like him, though. Upon entering the examination room and seeing me knitting merrily away on a sock he said, "Christmas, huh?"

Here's a dude I could bring home to Mommy Sheep!

So, a gi-normous Thank You to all my well-wishers with regard to this simple procedure that I have somehow managed to make into a mini-drama of epic proportions. We all get to take a little break, then do it all over again in January. Mark your calendars! I'll bring Hysterical Mind and I'll look away so you can roll your eyes every now and again.

The good news was that I still had the time to do a little bit of the holiday shopping on the way home and am feeling like I might just make it in time. Up until today, the plan was to celebrate Christmas sometime around June 30th.

And, after packing up the sock for its field trips today, I found myself looking for a project upon which to knit while I was awaiting departure time. I asked myself, "what was the last thing you knit that you sorta got a kick out of? Perhaps this might be something that will lure you away from that selfish sock for your own little feet and give you the oomph to knit up one more holiday gift before the big day." I had to admit that it was The Harlot Scarf. It was quick, simple and looked pretty good once off the needles. It also didn't take up as much yarn as I'd anticipated so I figured a single skein would be enough to have a working neck swaddler. So I cast on and knocked out five inches of scarfy goodness before I headed out for the day's events. No promises, though. I'm still wanting to finish that sock in the worst possible way.

And I've learned not to think that a "plan" of any sort is ever going to save me.



Anonymous said...

Two days off for one mole sounds good to me though I'm sorry you and HM have to go through all the worrying again. Was the Dr wearing a wedding ring? Any guy who gets the knitting thing is worth checking out.

Julie said...

Well, at least you got a little shopping in AND started another Christmas knit (starting is all that matters).

Beth said...

Sorry you didn't get to have it taken care of today. But, a day off school is always good.

trek said...

No plan ever withstood the enemy and all of that.

So, maybe you could bring Dr Humor home to see Mommy Sheep after the procedure ;o)

Debby said...

The best laid plans...are better off changed! Maybe the doctor just wanted to see you a second time? :)

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy that knitting. It's supposed to be fun.

Debbie said...

Hey, successful Christmas shopping is nothing to scoff at. Of course being MODD-less would be even better, but we takes what we gets sometimes (and getting to see a surgeon again who 'gets' knitting is also not bad).

Amy Boogie said...

Plans? I can't make those anymore. I've learned. Mother Nature and all the forces that be are out to get me. Or at least I'd think that if I was paranoid :)

I hope you have a good snow free weekend.

Sheila said...

The physician sounds nice...I love that you went to a silly place with him and he didn't freak, plus he gets the knitting. You'll have to see him for the procedure AND for at least one post-op visit, so it should make for some interesting posts ; )
Glad you had some good knitting time.

Lorraine said...

Doesn't everyone knit at the doctor office? I'm regularly greeted with, "What are you making now?"

Socks for Self - sounds like a KAL to me. I'm so ready to get off the gift-making merry-go-round. Post a picture soon so I can live vicariously for a few weeks.

Teri S. said...

Despite your plans going awry, it still sounds like a good day. Too bad the MDD didn't go away but I'm sure RM will help keep HM under control. Have a good weekend and happy knitting!