Wednesday, September 30, 2009

WNBP: Live From The Fields

Sheepie is tired. Sheepie somehow managed to use up every last ounce of energy before noon today. My classroom was filled to the rafters with children who chose today to either lose their grip on what little control the middle school years have afforded them or to have personal crises rivaling that of Job. Acting as ego functioning for 6 other people is tiring. Especially when you must also bolster your staff who are doing their best to help contain the mass misery.

I'd given some thought to posting a picture tonight. I've been a bit weak with the snaps of late. Maybe a nice shot of the Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty in all his massive glory or pictorial proof that The Invisibility Shawl still lives and grows.

I don't have it in me. I'm too tired to take pictures. I also can't take any pictures until I vacuum the carpet. You'd be wondering why I don't plant flowers and vegetables in that barren field and not realize that this is my living room carpet. I also don't have the energy to do any landscaping tonight.

I'm just going to go with the regular Wednesday Night Bullet Post. You can use your imaginations. I think it is good for the brain to imagine stuff. It's like neural sit-ups.

*I've already mentioned The World's Neediest Classroom. That doesn't bear repeating.

*I figured out that two repeats on The Invisibility Shawl is the same as about 35 minutes on the little exercise bike. That is either a good thing to know or a bad thing.

*Sometimes it's better to not know how far you have left to go when you are pedaling a little exercise bike.

*Sometimes it's better to have a reality check.

*Little Exercise Bike Time can fool you. Five minutes can feel like five days...

*After my very long day, I came home to find that someone had been going through the kitchen cupboards.

*There was a time when I would have called the police and counted my valuables.

*Now I just shake my finger at the Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty and make disappointed sounds.

*He purrs happily throughout.

*Tomorrow we begin state mandated assessments with the 8th graders.

*Please feel free to think good thoughts for all those children with individual angst and control issues. They are going to need to act like kids without life challenges for a week.

*I can't see anything that could possibly go wrong with this plan.

*I do not even want to think about how my one 7th grader (aka The Kid Who Doesn't Have An Off Button) will deal with the need for quiet during testing.

*I'm very much in Oh, How Bad Could It Be? mode.

*At the end of the day, my staff told me that they'd been visited by a union rep and informed that layoffs and furlough days are possibly in the works.

*I am planning on chaining my teaching assistants to the radiators just in case.

*Strategic Emergency Planning.

* I spent ten minutes wrestling my pajamas away from the AGK.

*Mommy Sheep always said, "Pick up your clothes off the floor."

*She was trying to prepare me for life. I should have listened.

*A wise woman, my mom. However did she know that I would end up a middle aged woman with a cat who lives life large?

*I ended up distracting him with a pair of clean sweatpants then running away with my jammies before he realized he'd lost them.

*Once again, I am flabbergasted by the direction my life has taken...

There's the day in a nutshell. I think. I'm very tired so I might have missed some stuff. I don't smell smoke so I'm guessing that nothing caught fire in the immediate vicinity and my car looks to be in pretty good shape. I'm reasonably sure nothing big happened while I was daydreaming about retirement.

Goodbye Wednesday. Thank you for being so very interesting. I'm certain that Thursday will be boring by comparison. At least I hope this is the case. I might even find the energy to vacuum the field.



Cursing Mama said...

I do hope that you have time to stop at that nice convenience store in the morning (the one where they call you things like darling & dear)to purchase some bribery items for your charges - otherwise things could get interesting.
Interesting is rarely good.

Kath said...

I can fully understand why you might be tired.

As a Wednesday in October, my town was virtually empty but for locals and a few tourists except for an incredibly large herd of middle school children on a field trip to the Marine Institute at the other end of the island. What they are doing at MY end is a mystery to me. But they were many, so many that adults passing by remarked on how many children this town has and I kept telling customers, "those are NOT our children!" They were very loud, very messy, and reminded me of seagulls. Feh!

Anonymous said...

I hear ya girl.. and you "sound" tired :) Warm fuzzy pjs does a girl a world of good.. i climbed into mine early last night too... the problem now is gettin' em off - I"m waaaayyyyy too warm and cozy. Oy.

But never fear, Friday is on the horizon.


Karen said...

My mother told me to pick up my clothes too. I didn't learn that lesson until our poodle chewed the butt out of my new Sassoon jeans.
She also used to say that she hoped I had a child just like I was whenever she was frustrated with my behavior. My MIL used to tell my husband the same thing. They were right. We got one of each. Did your mother wish the same on you? Could AGK be that child?

Donna Lee said...

Isn't there a Chinese curse that says "may you live in interesting times"? I hope things are boringly normal tomorrow and the testing goes as smoothly as it can. I hate hate hate standardized tests. They only test if children are standard. Most kids aren't.

trek said...

I sure hope that the testing is moving along smoothly right about now!

Note to self: bring basket to class tomorrow for collecting cell phones during exams.

catsmum said...

thinking calming thoughts in the general direction of Maine ... some for you and the TAs and a whole load aimed at the anklebiters
I am so glad that I'm not a school teacher anymore

kaat said...

Hi, I found your blog via 5 Acres and A Dream and you rock! You made me laugh so hard, and that just on this first page.