Saturday, September 05, 2009

Summer vs Weekend

Whoops! I lost you there for a couple of days. That wasn't really my intention. I honestly planned on dropping a line somewhere between Thursday and Friday but somehow both of those days slipped by without my remembering that the blog might need some attention.

What can I say? Maybe I was just so overwhelmed by the thought of a four day weekend that I lost all sense of how things should be. It was rather nice of my school district to decide that a two day week was enough of an orientation for the kids. Having yesterday off and knowing that this would be the state of affairs until Tuesday morning was nothing short of a delightful.

It's not like summer vacation, though. During the summer, I tend to think of the weekends as the time when everyone else is home instead of being at work. While it's nice to have a bit of company while I'm out and about, I usually consider it something of a waiting period. I just sit tight until everyone is out of my way so I can move about more freely. It takes a while for me to get past that, I guess. Soon I'll get used to being just a regular weekend person and grateful for the two days where I'm not expected to be at work. That's the way things are supposed to be anyway, right?

Meanwhile, I have not exactly used these weekend days to my advantage. I'm still kind of programmed to wait for everyone to move aside. I haven't knit much of anything since the summer began grinding to an end, nor have I returned to the spinning wheel for more than a minute or so. The carpets still need to be vacuumed and it occurred to me an hour ago that I somehow have to make bread happen before lunch at my parent's tomorrow. If I don't get my act together sometime soon, there will be no lunches for next week, no breakfasts for eating on the commute and I'll be going to work in my pajamas. I've been sitting on the couch in my usual weekend holding pattern and nothing seems to motivate me to land somewhere productive.

It's a long weekend, though. I have time to convince myself that I'm no longer one of the special weekday people and that my summer privileges have been suspended until next June. I'm sure I'll put it together eventually and get back into the swing of the schedule which defines me most of the year.

Meanwhile, the tasks keep piling up. None of them are crucial in the grand scheme of things, but I can't help noticing them. Even if I don't seem all that motivated to do anything about them. For example, someone within my current field of vision is in dire need of a belly brushing. Dire.

I'm not naming names, but it rhymes with Wig Wuffy Witty...

I'm certain that, given the state of her belly right now, she is probably grateful for my lack of motivation. But if she lolls there for much longer, I'm not going to be able to avoid it. Whether it's a summer vacation or simply a plain ol' weekend, some bellies just need to be brushed.



Anonymous said...

...and rubbed. Don't forget the tummy rubs.

trek said...

I'm guessing that belly brushing can't be sneaked by her whilst she naps...

My word verification is: messid.
It seems appropriate, somehow.

Anonymous said...

I think that belly needs rubbing more than brushing (at least that's what BFK told me).

Kath said...

Yeah that does look like a belly in serious need of a brushing! I'd put aside a serious block of time and let the fur fly. And vacuum the carpets afterwards! Hmmmm...too bad you can't just vacuum the kitties. Seems like it would save a step - right? ;)

Kidding of course! In my house the vacuum is BIG BAD SCARY EVIL MONSTER THAT EATS CATS. Run/hide!

Karen said...

As long as you rub while you brush and make it tolerable.
Enjoy the last days of the weekend.

Mia said...

Gotta agree with ya... 4 day weekends are most excellent :)