Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thursday Can Be Wednesday If I Want

I have no idea what day it is and I don't expect anyone will feel the least bit sorry for me. This is the first full week I've worked since June and I know better than to whine about that. I'll just say that it is very confusing to me and that there is an adjustment process involved.

Last night was Open House at my school. For those of you unfamiliar with this concept, the theory is as follows: Parents will enjoy working a full day then going home to scarf down an early dinner so they can be at their kid's school by 6:00 to participate in a simulated student schedule pared down to an hour.

It's not a bad idea. Except for the school at night part. Everyone has a pretty good sense of humor about it, though. We all know that we're doing it for the kids and we paste on matching smiles so that the young folks feel like we are enjoying the whole thing. Every adult in the building, be they parents or teachers, is having a bonding-through-misery experience.

Meanwhile, I missed the Wednesday Night Bullet Post because I was too brain dead after a twelve hour school day to even speak, much less type. I also didn't have a single parent visitor to my classroom so I'd been sitting around playing first person zombie shooter games at taxpayer expense long enough that the very sight of a computer was painful to me.

How about I take advantage of my scheduling confusion and WNBP guilt? I'll just do yesterday's bullets today. That should work, right?

*I brought knitting with me last night.

*Forgot I had it.

*I complained about not having any knitting to several people.

*It was right there. The whole time.

*Today as I was searching the school building for the papers I set down somewhere and forgot about like I do sixty-five billion times a day, I passed through the office.

*The papers weren't there.

*I announced to several people, "I cannot believe that I am allowed out of the house without a helper monkey."

*There was staring.

*I never found my papers.

*Don't even remember what they were now...

*Last night, the Big, Fluffy Kitty was gnawing on something while I was trying to go to sleep.

*It was annoying.

*Tonight, she was gnawing and drooling.

*A lot.

*I wrestled her into submission and opened her mouth.

*Figured there was a crunchy something stuck in the toofs. Maybe a poorly chewed treat that didn't make it down the gullet.

*The BFK has a very fluffy goatee.

*Six inches of it were stuck in her teeth and down her throat.

*I removed it. Sort of.

*It was still attached to her chin. She did not see the need for a haircut of any sort.

*She ran away.

*With the Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty racing alongside her and trying to catch the chin dangles.

*My life is a little surreal sometimes.

*The matter has been dealt with and the BFK is no longer gnawing and dangling.

*The AGK looks despondent over the whole matter.

*Kitty drool...


*I remain obsessed with the panda cam. It's like a sickness.

*Here's one of baby panda from my ever-growing file of screen shots:

You are permitted to make cooing sounds if you so desire, but you might want to save your breath.

*Seriously. I'm giving you fair warning.

*You are about to collapse from the cuteness and I don't want anyone suing me over any resulting contusions.

*I'm not kidding.

*Brace yourselves.

*Take a deep breath.

*Call your insurance carrier if necessary.






Don't say I didn't warn you...

I'll just leave you with that. Hope that this Thursday edition of the Wednesday Night Bullet Post didn't overly tax your relationship to the time/space continuum. Frankly, I thought it was Wednesday all day so it is kind of nice to realize that tomorrow is Friday. And I've managed to solve a few problems before the weekend even starts! The kitty isn't drooling. The other kitty isn't chasing a sodden mass of chin fur that doesn't even belong to him.

And I've spread a little panda love before it completely overwhelmed me. Not bad...



trek said...

Today isn't Wednesday?! Aw, shoot, that means I really do have to teach tomorrow and my students' blog posts are due online by 8am.


PS - Word verification: clogig. How appropriate.

Kath said...

I am completely clear on the difference between Wednesday and Thursday. Wednesday is a working day. Thursday is a non-working day. (my ONLY non-working day.) See? Crystal clear!

I like bebeh panda's feets - 'specially when they are sticking up and waving around.

Anonymous said...

ya know that REALLY annoying chewing noise? That's what my kitty does ALL DaY LONG. Any tiny bit of plastic bag of any sort, any papers at all - envelopes, magazines, fresh library books.. and oh heaven forbid there be a box top within her reach - she actually growls she's purring so hard as she chews up everything in sight ::sigh::

And I thought it was just too cute when she was just a babe and bit my brand new ipod earphones in half. yeah. not so much *grin*

And just an FYI - It's FINALLY Friday :)


Karen said...

Right now I am celebrating that it's Friday. I love Friday.
The panda baby has grown so much. You must be proud:)

Donna Lee said...

The baby panda is coo worthy. Nice way to start a day when I'm going to spend the morning teaching basic self defense.

Cursing Mama said...

I too participated in the ritual of open house this week - have another to hit next week. They are not all that they are cracked up to be, but I did get to scarf a dinner that consisted of a McDouble, half a small fry and half of an artic organge shake without feeling guilty.

April said...

I am posting a comment to your post on a Wednesday which makes your post a Wednesday post. We shall not mention that it's the Wednesday following your Thursday masquerading as Wednesday post.

All that just to say that I am dying from cute overload.

My verification word is "snopw". That may or may not be a weather warning and I've had too much chocolate this afternoon.