Wednesday, September 09, 2009

WNBP: I Object!!

Hello, Wednesday! You certainly did come quickly this week, didn't you? That's the nice thing about a holiday weekend. Just when you start getting used to the week, it's almost over! Let's take a look at this Wednesday's bullet points.

*I had a 1:00 meeting this afternoon.

*One of my teaching assistants went home sick.

*Leaving the Cheerful Teaching Assistant to man the fort alone while I went to my meeting.

*I wasn't supposed to be there for long. It was a simple guest appearance. That was it.

*Promises were made.

*I arrived at the meeting to find an attorney in attendance.

*While I wasn't even close to being a participant in this meeting and only there for form's sake, you can't walk out when the lawyers are on the guest list.

*They don't call my teaching assistant "cheerful" for nuthin'. She's a trouper, that one.

*Lawyers are hired to do a job. I like lawyers. They help us.

*I have nothing whatsoever against lawyers.

*It's important to have people who help us interpret the law and to advocate for those who need it.

*This was not a pleasant meeting. I did not know this was going to be the situation.

*The words, "Let me rephrase the question" were used.

*None of us knew there was going to be a lawyer there. We didn't think to bring one of our own. You don't normally need to do that in the course of a normal day.

*I did not like this particular lawyer.

*I kept wanting to shout out, "I object!!"

*But I'm pretty sure that I can't do that.

*I think you need a license to object with any real authority.

*Or be in a courtroom...

*I did not knit today.

*I know that you probably didn't need to know that but I have a rule around this.

*Knitting Blog=Knitting Reference. At least one. Every post.

*It's a rule. So I do it. Even if it's only to say that I didn't knit.

*I don't want to be in contempt of my own blogging court.

*The CTA did not have a very pleasant time while I was in my meeting.

*Still cheerful. It's amazing.

*But it was a limp kind of cheerful. I rescheduled my Friday meeting so she wouldn't be stuck alone again. It was the least I could do.

*The other teaching assistant was sent home by the nurse. Possible flu.

*I bleached her desk.


*Gonna do it again tomorrow.

*I'm torn between hoping she is back tomorrow and praying that she keeps her germs home for one more day.

*Tough call.

*I pulled a neck muscle last night.

*Sleeping. That is just embarrassing.

*And now I can't look to the left.

*Fellow commuters, please take note. Approach from the right. It's for your own good.

*A stiff neck is bad.

*Only having to do cardio today and being able to skip the weights is good.

*I kind of hope that I hurt it again tonight while I'm snoozing.

*Except for the pain part.

*Another tough call...

*The lawyer in my meeting was sitting on my left.

*Eye contact was difficult.

*I don't know if that was a problem since I couldn't really see the reaction.

*My director was on my right and I could see her just fine.

*She looked a little bit sick to her stomach...


So that was Wednesday. I miss the days when I spent my mid-week at the farmer's market instead of in meetings and worrying about my teaching assistant or wondering what was going on to my left. But the meeting/worrying/wondering thing is a paying gig so I guess I'll just have to keep my chin up for the time being.

Or not. That kind of hurts my neck. Maybe I'll just keep my head down and file a motion for a continuance until everything settles down...



trek said...

Owie! I have done that and it really, really rots: you don't even have the memory of the fun that caused the pain. Hope it heals up soonest.

Unexpected lawyer in meeting - that is some wicked bad juju right there. Hope it all works out smoothly.

Anonymous said...

Poor baby! Would it help to put a hot water bottle or heating pad on your neck to ease the pain/relax the muscles? Hope it is better tomorrow.

I was in a meeting today where there was an attorney, although this was not unexpected. It was a county committee meeting, and we had to go into closed session to discuss licensing and personnel issues. A closed session is never a happy thing.

Based on your experience, can I look forward to a pulled neck muscle tomorrow?

sophanne said...

I'm SO GLAD CTA is back in your life

Kath said...

Lawyers are only good when they are on your side. Whether that is the left or right side doesn't matter, as long as it is YOUR side. But sheesh....seems like if the attendance of a lawyer was not expected at the meeting, that's a meeting that needs to be re-scheduled!

Karen said...

I hope your neck is better today. Neck pain isn't the first symptom of the flu right?

Donna Lee said...

My office mate was out sick last week and then came back to work on Tuesday and was still sick. He called out Wed with a fever (we are so paranoid about H1N1 here). I'm hoping he'll do the smart think and stay home the rest of the week but he's not always smart.....I need to get to the drug store and get some masks.

Cursing Mama said...

I am surprised that you haven't invested in a mask, glove & goggle supply for self protection from viruses. I have a little bottle of hand sanitizer on my desk and I'm thinking that it is not large enough to bathe in to protect myself adequately.

unexpected lawyers are only good if they show up with that guy from the publishers clearing house prize patrol

Knitting Linguist said...

Oh, now see, there's nothing good about finding an unexpected lawyer in one's meeting. Sort of like finding half a worm in one's apple. Disconcerting, even if it is a little extra protein...

I hope your neck feels better soon!