Wednesday, September 23, 2009


You guys are probably sick of me not knowing what day it is. I would imagine that it was cute at first but wore thin pretty darned fast. You think you've got it rough? Try to picture the view from my side.

I seriously thought it was Thursday for a while there. I even got a Friday vibe at one point. This was painful on a variety of levels because the realization that it was neither of those days hit me several times over the course of this Wednesday.

I'm just going to launch into my regularly scheduled Wednesday Night Bullet Post and then go lick my wounds. I'll probably eat a entire box of those little low-cal ice cream thingies I keep in the freezer, too. That's what they're there for. Emergencies.

Although eating the whole box will probably defeat their low-cal function in this life...

*I managed to stop for gas and still get to work on time this morning.

*That may not seem like much to you, but it is a victory worthy of its own holiday in my world.

*I'm just desperately seeking out any and all holidays.

*September, 23=National Sheepie Gets Gas Day.

*Banks will close and you won't get any mail that day.

*The exchanging of gifts will probably be optional because of the whole "gas" issue.

*People are going to misunderstand the meaning behind the day and who wants The Gift Of Gas?

*I was on time getting to school this morning, but was late getting home.

*That seems unfair...

*I didn't do the weight training portion of the workout today.

*I rode the little bike for 30 minutes and knit another shawl repeat.

*In our school, classes like art, music and PE are called "Globals."

*I spent an hour straightening out an issue with a kid's schedule today. The changes they wanted to make would mean he'd have to change his Global and he didn't want to do that.

*The Boy Who Has Been In My Class Since He Was Six Years Old was rather insistent on the matter.

*Ms. Sheep felt a disturbance in The Force and knew that measures needed to be taken.

*And hour later, I'd fixed everything and managed to keep his Global exactly the same.

*No differences.

*Just like he wanted.

*When it was time to leave for Globals, he refused to go.

*Somehow, over the course of the previous hour, he'd decided his Global was boring.

*I told one of my colleagues as I was leaving the building today, "It's really kind of a miracle that I don't throw myself out the window more often."

*She looked puzzled, but that has never stopped me from making a point.

*"In fact," I continued, "I should be throwing myself out every available window on a regular basis pretty much every day."

*She said, "You really do look kind of stressed out most of the time..."

*Understatement of the year.

*My Other Favorite Librarian opened the library early for me today.

*I wanted the next two Chris D'Lacey books.

*They have multiple copies in the library.

*But I was seized with panic over the thought of my not getting them.

*My Other Favorite Librarian understood perfectly and let me in to check out the books.

*Well...she wrote it down anyway. The computers weren't even on when I got there.

*Neither were the lights. I had to find the books in the dark.

*But I got 'em!

*Note to self: The back of the book contains spoilers. Do not read the back of book 4 unless you've already read book 3. You will be in possession of information that will upset you and make book 3 an angst-ridden experience.

*Good way to live one's life. I may make that my motto if I can shorten it up a bit. Make it a bit more snappy and easy to recall.

*Remembering stuff is hard when you are racing around a dark library while the librarian tries to helpfully shout out directions so you don't knock over half the biography section.

It is Wednesday. Not Thursday. Not Friday. OK. Deep down, I knew it wasn't really Friday. There was just a little moment where it kind of felt that way. But the publishing of the WNBP means that the day is over. The real Thursday is right around the corner and life will soon make sense again.

That's kind of comforting. But I still think I deserve a few window jumps. Maybe just from the first floor. Or at least my own holiday...



trek said...

Defenestrating yourself? Not a great idea, Sheepie.

We went to the library today and picked out some new books. The children's librarian even suggested a tome of nearly 500 pages. It may very well be the next book I read but I am so beat at the moment (and I still have blog posts to grade tonight) that although I can't remember the title, I am not going to get up to look at the cover.

Wait, I can log in to the library... it is The Mysterious Benedict Society.

Sure hope it is better than the last book I read (Olive Kitteridge).

Anonymous said...

I read Olive Kitteridge and liked it, fwiw.

Several times today I got a Thursday vibe, too. Must be a disturbance in the Force.

I just saw your Twitter reply to me in your sidebar. My Twidget still is not working, so I don't get to read other people's Tweets any more. Life is barely worth living.

punkin said...

Hmmm. I thought it was Thursday, too. Then I thought it was Tuesday. Sometimes I am doing good just to remember the month.

Anonymous said...

I think it's a miracle that you end your days with as many live students as you had in the morning!

Karen said...

It's so kind of you that you let the boy live. Maybe he would rather spend more time with you.

Cursing Mama said...

what do you mean it isn't Friday?

Teri S. said...

I feel your pain, Sheepie. For the last month or so, my sense of what day of the week it is has been off. On Tuesday, I think it's Wednesday. Or even worse, Thursday. I was talking to a co-worker earlier, asking what time she was flying out today. I became severely depressed when I learned she wasn't flying out today because today is not Friday. Sigh...

Knitting Linguist said...

What was it with yesterday? I kept thinking that I'd already made it through Thursday and every time I realized I hadn't, I almost cried. The books, though, the books should be at the library soonest! And they are mine, all mine, before Older Daughter can have them, heh.