Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Routine Bullets

We are trying desperately to adjust to the "back to school" routine.  For the record, we do not like it.  We have decided that we are much better at being on school vacation than we are at being on the school schedule. 

 We miss our naps.

But it does make things ever so much better for keeping track of the days.  For example, only three people had to remind me that today was Wednesday.  It is good that I caught onto that fact, although I continued to write the date as the 26th.  I told the kids that this was part of the district's new testing policy and that we would be doing random assessments to determine their ability to use calendar skills.  They all laughed at me.  

I do, however, know that it is time for the Wednesday Night Bullet Post.  The routine is really helpful when it comes to the blogging responsibilities.  Let's see where we are tonight:

*I also managed to stick to the workout routine today and hit the weights when I got home.

*I can't knit while I lift weights like I do when I ride the little exercise bike.

*I hate both cardio and strength training.  It's just that cardio is more bearable because of the knitting.

*But it takes longer.

*That sort of balances things out, I suppose.

*One of my students brought me a little present today:

Blurry photo.  I was all shaky from resisting the siren song of the chocolate.

*For those of you wondering, the answer is, "yes."  Your child's teacher can, in fact, be bribed.

*And it is cheaper than you think.

*This particular young man got away with murder today.  He had "chocolate points."

*Every time he did something that was less-than-well-thought-out, I informed him where he stood with his chocolate points.

*They carried him through the entire day and into the after-school Help Block Session.

*This is the good stuff, people...

*I'm not proud of myself.  But I feel it's best to be honest about my lack of character.  

*That way more kids will give me candy.

*I'm not proud of that either...

*Spa Knit and Spin is this weekend.  I am not going.  

*I have a paying gig.  It makes more sense to earn some dollars than to spend them in this economy.  

*Good thing I have free chocolate.  When I added that to the pile of half-priced candy I picked up after Valentine's Day, I was pleased with my stash.

*Not adding to the wool/yarn stash=needing a solid handle on the chocolate stash.

*That's just math, you guys.  Plain 'n simple.

*Anyone want to take bets on whether I'll remember that I have morning bus duty tomorrow? Or that I will remember before it is too late to get to school on time for that little bit of business?

*I've been on schedule all week so far.  That bodes well.

*Or means that it is time for me to utterly fall apart and sleep until 6:00 while the alarm bleats at me for an hour.

*It's hard to tell.  It'll be one or the other...

There you go!  That's today's highlights and bullet points.  Candy and weight training.  We've covered both ends of the spectrum, don't you think?  Hope that your Wednesday came with at least a little bit of the sweet stuff and only as much strength training as you could stand.  Let's all take a moment and appreciate the fact that we are now able to anticipate the weekend without seeming overeager.  

Is it too early to start breaking into the candy stash?



Yarnhog said...

It's never too early to start breaking into the candy stash. What if you were run over by a school bus on your way out to the parking lot and left uneaten candy behind? That would be horrible!

Beth said...

I'm impressed by your restraint. Did I read correctly that the gift chocolate made it home to your stash? I wouldn't have been so strong.

trek said...

Number Guy concurs with Yarnhog. Except that today is Ash Wednesday and there is no chocolate here.

Gotta love the WNBP.

Mel said...

I, too, shall be missing out on Spa, thanks to work.

I'm also thinking some chocolate is in order right now. It might help with my headache. Or at least that's what I'm going to tell anyone who asks.

Ronni said...

I was gonna say I wish I had a student to bribe me with chocolate and then I remembered that if I had a student it would mean I was a teacher. That is scary enough right there to send me out to buy my own chocolate.

Julie said...

My Wednesday came with no strength training and that WAS all I could stand. Why yes I am pretty lazy these days :-)

btw, your last question is just plain silly - it's never too early to break into the candy stash!

Donna Lee said...

I've been anticipating the weekend since Tuesday (I was off on Monday) but I guess it's more seemly to discuss it at work now that it's Thursday morning.

Knitting Linguist said...

I'm with Yarnhog -- it's never too early. My students, too, have found that bribing with chocolate is always good (they may have gotten the hint from the fact that almost all of my example sentences for English Grammar include some mention of chocolate cake; subtle I am not). Two more days 'til that lovely weekend.

Mia said...

never too early to break into the stash. But then again, don't listen to me. I ate my healthy sandwich and 9:35, now having strawberry Twizzlers while gulping down a starbucks mocha frappuccino.

yeah, I'm in a mood and I'm gonna glutton my way thru it.

Cursing Mama said...

I wonder if chocolate points work with my boss... I feel like taking a nap at work rather than working...