Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Gooey Bullet Points

School vacation week?  Yes.  Vast amounts of The Goo still coursing merrily through my sinus cavities?  Yes.  Going all rogue on the blog posting and forgetting my sworn Wednesday duty?


I shall post your Wednesday Night Bullet Points just like it was a regular Wednesday and not one that is all vacation-y and gooey.  Here's what I have for you tonight:

*I think we have heard enough about my cold symptoms.  Let's just say they continue to kick my butt and leave it at that.

*Gooey...very, very gooey.

*I slept in a bit later this morning but was determined to actually dress myself instead of simply lolling about in my pj's.  

*Did that yesterday.

*And most of the day before that...

*I figured it would do me good to try being showered and clad for a change so I got up.  The kitties were happy to see this.

*I guess I also forgot to scoop out the litter box yesterday while I was doing all that lolling.  My bad.

*I had ample time to enjoy my coffee and some cartoons before attempting that shower.  I even knit a few rows on "the dishcloth" (with sleeves).

*Then I had to get my act together because I was meeting my parents at a local eatery for the monthly Family Lunch.

*The retired members of the family get to do this every month.  Those of us who still aspire to retirement only get to go during vacation week.

*Ironically, it is a free lunch for those of us not of retirement age.  It is probably very wrong of me to accept free lunches from my retired parents as they enjoy their Golden Years.

*But, as I pointed out today, they are really just spending my Wedding Money.  If you do the math, I've actually saved them quite a bit by remaining single.

*Stop laughing.  It's an actual Economic Theory.  I just haven't published it yet is all...

*Since there is a storm coming in tonight and with the whole Goo Gone Wild In My Sinuses thing going on, I figured I should run a few errands while weather and circumstances permitted.

*Valentine's Day candy remains at half price for those of you who are interested.  The pickings are getting slim, but it's still out there if you look.  

*And are willing to fight to the death with senior citizens who don't understand my whole Single People Cost Less So We Should Get More Free/Cheap Food theory.  

*I scored a couple of bags of Hershey's Kisses in rather odd flavors.  But, as I said, this stuff is half price right now!

Itty-bitty fondue pots with melting chocolate are 75% off which is even better that 50% off and don't even ask me about the fate of that lady who was standing in my way and wouldn't move.  She asked for it and that's all I'll say on the matter...

*This is just the sort of thing I might like to have in my End Of The World Is Nigh supply cupboard.

*Laugh all you want.  The next time I have to deal with a power outage, I'll be eating warm fondue while everyone else is crying because they didn't see the possibilities at the clearance table.

*I need therapy...

*I met the family for lunch right on time.

*Which is good since I had all those other shoppers who wanted my discount candy to deal with.  That took some time and maneuvering.

*Lunch was yummy.  And, because my ears are all blocked up, I fit right in with some of the retired folk.  

*There was a great deal of repeating of stuff.  And lots of nodding while we all pretended that we could hear what people were saying after we'd already asked them to repeat it and didn't dare to ask again.

*Actually, that was mostly me.  Whatever...

*It was nice to catch up with family members I haven't seen since Baby Brother Sheep's wedding.  

*Before we left, Mommy Sheep surprised me with a take-out order of sliders so I wouldn't have to cook tonight.  Just reheat and eat!

Sliders are min-burgers for those of you whose palates are not as sophisti-ma-cated as mine.

*The trick is to reheat the patties separately from the buns.  

*Any free dinner is a good one.

*Sliders from Mommy Sheep are even better.  And no.  You cannot be adopted by her.  Many have asked.  None have succeeded.  

I think I did well today.  I got out of bed and got dressed.  That's better than I've done in several days.  Plus I ran errands and got an emergency fondue pot which was very, very responsible.  If you factor in the free lunch and dinner, I'd call it a Win-Win Wednesday!

I think even The Goo had a nice time getting out of the house for a change...



GiM said...

"And, because my ears are all blocked up, I fit right in with some of the retired folk."


trek said...

Don't I know it: I think I was the very first to ask and I still haven't seen the adoption papers...and I even come with a GRANDCHILD FOR FREE!

Mel said...

I'm thinking that gooey as a descriptive for nasal secretions just isn't quite right, since that's the descriptive I also apply to my brownies of last night.

Beth said...

I'm hungry and those sliders look good! Mommy Sheep is very sweet!

Karen said...

Oh leave it to Mommy Sheep to pick out the perfect take out meal. Sliders are a most excellent food.
Another great candy find. I can't wait to hear about your fondue adventures. Hopefully it will be a short power outage:)

Kath said...

I think you should seriously consider publishing that Economic Theory. I mean, it's not just the singletons like me that'll get behind you, but just imagine the swell of support from all the divorced folks!

Anonymous said...

In the Midwest we reserve the moniker "Sliders" for the delectable little square burgers from White Castle. Yours do not appear to be square, hence, they are not sliders in my neighborhood. But they do look good. Better than Castleburgers, actually, not that that is saying much.

mehitabel said...

Handy dandy candy hint for chocolate fondue, since chocolate itself is kind of temperamental and tends to do yukky things when a drop of water (or juice from a strawberry or slice of orange) gets into it: hot fudge sundae topping is an excellent substitute. Stays creamy. Caramel is another wonderful dipper. For true decadence, dip chunks of Mel's brownies into hot hot fudge. Mmmm... the good kind of gooey.

My sinuses are waving at yours. Or they would, if they weren't so busy producing vast quantities of ick.

Anonymous said...

I can't get past the image of you fighting an old lady for the mini fondue pot (I know you didn't say she was old, but I like that image).

Donna Lee said...

I haven't even looked at the sale racks for chocolate. It's just as well. I got some good chocolate for Singles Awareness Day and I'm rationing it.

Knitting Linguist said...

I must say, I love the idea of a chocolate fondue pot as emergency preparation. I'm going to write that one down so I can justify getting one for my ownself.

Cathy said...

Should I even inquire how you'll be eating hot fondue while the rest of us are sitting in the dark?

My word ver: whied. I guess the "n" was redundant.

Cursing Mama said...

In my neck of the woods - sliders do not come from Mommies, they must come from a very fancy building called a CASTLE a WHITE one-