Monday, August 18, 2008

Professional Planner

I am one who plans.  I plan all the time.  I plan pretty much non-stop all the live-long day.  Got something that needs doing?  Give me a ring.  I'll plan it allllll out for ya!  I'm so good with plans that I don't even really have to try anymore.  Plans just come to me...right out of the blue.  And they're good ones, too!

The plan for today was to get myself out of bed, do an abbreviated workout and then head into school.  I need to get that classroom ready and I don't want the task hanging over my head for the last two weeks of summer break.  I am very much aware of my patterns regarding this less than pleasant job.  I go in.  I do stuff.  I get bored.  I come home and take a nap.  Hence, I need a little more time to get it all done.  Today was the day.  

I planned it all out.

Then the alarm went off.  I did, in fact, get up.  And I even got everything all set up for the morning's abbreviated workout.  I started the workout.  All was well with the plan at that point.

Now, here's the other thing about me:  As amazing as I am about the whole planning thing, I'm really not so good with the follow through.  I'm actually pretty bad at that part.  My problem seems to stem from my other talent:  excuses.

Here's how the train of thought went:

I am so good.  Look at me doing my workout.  I'm amazing!  

But, you know...I really should be doing a full workout.  I did, after all, eat a whole cake yesterday.  (no.  you did not misread that.  i ate a cake.  it was a small cake...but a cake nevertheless.)

OK.  I'll do the whole workout.  But that's going to put me a bit off schedule for getting to school if I factor in the part where I get bored and leave early.  That's a problem.'s a tad warm out today.  I'm really sweating up a storm, here!  Gosh, that's going to be a issue once I get to school and start unpacking stuff.  In fact, it might even be a little dangerous to exert myself in this only-slightly-warmer-than-usual weather...

I need a shower.  A really long shower since it's so warm out today.  

Whoops.  That took longer than I thought.  Heavens to Betsy, I am certainly off the schedule now, that's for sure.  Why, if I weren't so committed to this plan, I'd probably start thinking that it isn't even worth it to go into school today!

Hey!  Why is my computer asking me if I really want to change all those settings?  I never told it I wanted to...oh.  It seems that someone of an Absurdly Gi-normous nature has been resting his hindquarters on the keyboard again.  That's going to take some time to sort out, darn it!  And I'm guessing that he maybe needs more supervision than I'm giving him these days.

Hmmm?  Whazzat?  Oh.  Yeah.  I was just tryin' sumpthin.  Then I realized I couldn't read the manual so I figured I should just leave it.  

(Side Note:  Don't look directly into his eyes.  Trust me.  He does that "rest my jowly face on the arm of the chair and look right at Mommy thing a lot.  And I come completely undone.  Save yourselves...I beg you.)

(More With The Side Notes:  Seriously.  He really did try to change the settings.  I know it sounds like the kind of thing I would make up.  But I'm not.  He simply cannot stay away from the stupid laptop!)

(All Done With The Side Notes.  Let Us Continue...)

From that point, it was really just a matter of time before I began thinking about all the things I failed to do this summer and how I really should be tending to the home fires before heading out to do stuff off-site.  It wouldn't do, after all, to be so distracted while setting up the classroom.  I might put the dictionaries next to the biographies or mix and match the dry erase markers.  Before I knew it, I had managed to justify putting the whole thing off until the end of the week.  I really sold it to me when I told myself that I should probably do the regular workouts this week and those go through Wednesday.  I'll probably not be too motivated next week so this is really the time to get those last few sessions in.  Yup.  I used the dreaded exercise as an excuse to not go into work.  Shameful...

I'm a master.  I even used the spinning as part of my sad little excuse-fest.  I haven't done as much of the spinning as I'd planned this summer so I thought I'd maybe do a bit of that in these last few days.  Spinning the fiber that is cluttering up the house is surely a good reason to stay at home today rather than go into school.  It's actually the responsible thing to do.

For the record, I did not spin.  I crocheted a little...but I did not spin.

See what I mean?  Master of planning.  More masterful with the avoiding.



Mia said...

heee, heee, haa haaa, ho, ho,


Sheepie, I LOVE your humor.. you can make a girl smile no matter what. Thanks and God bless your little heart just for being you :)

Jeanne said...

Follow-through. Now, what does that word/phrase mean? Never heard it before.

I made the mistake. I embiggened the photo. I looked directly into the eyes.

I am lost.

trek said...

I knew it! I was going to do some of the prep for school work this afternoon whilst the Neatnik took a much-needed nap and I got pretty much to the point where I actually unwrapped the plastic shrinky wrap off the instructor's manual - then I screwed up the make a fake student login so I could take screen shots to show my students to help them login.

Maybe tomorrow. Or Wednesday. Or perhaps next week sometime...

Ronni said...

I'm great at the planning and terrible at the follow through too.

I think maybe you need to keep the laptop closed when unattended. If he's already searching for teen actresses, you are doomed.

Mel said...

My god, if we were to team up, we'd be deadly. Or at least superficially flesh-wounding. After all, there's that follow through thing.

catsmum said...

SA my love, there is no doubt about it ... when it comes to making plans, you are the Arnold J Rimmer of Sheepiedom - and I can provide you with the appropriate pop culture reference if you are not as yet a Red Dwarf convert

Anne said...

Wow! You ARE dedicated, aren't you? Maybe not to the planned items, but definitely to the avoidance thereof! Go you!!

Cursing Mama said...

The AGK has hypnotized me & I NEEEEEDDD to pet him - NOW!

Karen said...

It will all get done eventually, maybe. Do the best you can.

Knitting Linguist said...

Best laid plans of Sheepies and all... But really, excuse-making is a life talent that you should be proud of!

Anne said...

I am feeling compelled to start making LISTS!!! Ack. And I have actually wondered about the opening-of-school mailing with all the info about meetings and new colleagues. That's it, summer's over.

Donna Lee said...

I'm impressed that you kept up with the workouts during the hot summer! And the AGK is absolutely adorable lying there like that. What a ham.

Kath said...

Damn you are good. I'm impressed.

And think about this way - can you imagine what AGK was like as a kitten???