Saturday, August 02, 2008

Carrying On

Progress on my handknit "dishcloth" continues unabated.  The So Totally Not Sleeves seem to be in the right places and even the improvised eyelet pattern I, in a moment of uncharacteristic whimsy, decided to use in the yoke is working out kind of nicely.  As I progress closer and closer to the neckline of said "dishcloth," I almost start to feel myself relax a bit.  Perhaps I can soon abandon all pretense and admit to the true nature of the project...

Yeah, right.  I'm not that whimsical.  The Blog Sweater Curse is lurking somewhere around here, just waiting for me to let my guard down.  Then it'll be Smackdown City and I'll be left clutching a few bedraggled strands of yarn whilst standing amidst a pile of hopelessly tangled circular needles.  No.  It is best that we all continue with the charade for a bit longer.  It's a "dishcloth."  A very large and somewhat uncomfortable to knit in humid weather "dishcloth."

So, I suppose this means I must continue to lie low.  This poses something of a problem since "dishcloth" knitting has consumed me for the last few days and I have little else upon which to rely as a topic.  I haven't really been anywhere or done anything.  There was the Dr. Who Season Finale last night...but I'm not sure I'm ready to talk about that just yet.  After what BBC America did to me during the Torchwood finale, I was despondent for weeks and feared that I would never recover.  I think it best if I just not dwell on the good Doctor for a few days.  

(But if anyone can tell me what the heck was going on with Rose Tyler's mouth and speaking voice, I'd love to know.  I can't be the only one to have noticed that she sounded like she was talking through a mouthful of unshucked clams...)

Oh...wait a minute!  I know!  I did go somewhere yesterday!  I did, I did!  I went to my most favoritest of places!  How could I forget?  I guess all the "dishcloth" knitting has done something weird to my brain.  

I went to The Dollar Store!!!!

I have always had a deep and abiding love of The Dollar Store.  So much stuff...all for a's like a little piece of heaven for a girl who has always believed in the healing ability of Retail Therapy.  And now, in these tough financial times when certain people (not naming names here...) find themselves with a car payment that includes not only the vehicle they're driving but also the truck that just couldn't make it to the finish line on the loan, the lure of The Dollar Store is even stronger.  The need for curious goo-gaws and doo-dads can be satisfied without breaking the budget!

(Seriously, people.  I wasn't just "upside down" on that loan...I was inverted and had my head underground.  If I hadn't been dealing with a fifty-something car salesman with a newly minted and rather ugly divorce to his credit, I'm not sure I could have pulled off anything remotely close to a working vehicle.  He still has my stupid spare set of keys, though.  I haven't quite worked out a strategy for getting those back without giving up my hand in marriage.  And, if my recent trip to the dealership for an oil change is any indication,  I don't even want to think about how retrieving the headsets for the DVD player might factor into my future...)

But The Dollar Store is there to ease all pains, my friends.  There is nothing that can't be put back into perspective through the purchasing of Things You Don't Really Need But Which Amuse You To No End.  Take, for example, this little item:

A petite black sheep handbag

Now, c'mon!  How cute is that???  Of course, anyone who knows me is fully aware of the fact that I do not so much carry a handbag as I do actual luggage.  I have, over the years, developed a deep and paralyzing fear that I might find myself unprepared for some unforeseen situation and now carry a great deal of stuff just in case.  Laugh if you will...but the day you need first aid, a mint and chemical handwarmers, you'll thank me.  I won't even charge you for the stuff.  Your gratitude and appreciation will be enough.  

I'm still working on the actual function of the petite black sheep handbag.  Maybe I can use it to carry pepper spray or dental floss...

Here's another fun purchase that could be yours for a mere dollar should you be so inclined to part with those four quarters:

Very funky and so totally not at all creepy looking kitty kat kandle holder!

They had all sorts of these in a variety of shapes and sizes, but I decided on this one.  It says, "Perfectly Pampered."  It's like it describes both my cats and my own life aspirations!  For a dollar!!!!

There were other purchases as well, but they were more of a mundane nature.  I may be desperate to misdirect the steely gaze of The Blog Sweater Curse, but no so much so that I am willing to risk boring the readers.  Just know that I am in good shape in the cheesecloth and plastic container departments.  At least for the foreseeable future.  

And now, I must be off.  There is, of course, not a neck decrease awaiting my attention nor anything remotely like that.  Just more dishcloth knitting and viewing of the first season of Blood Ties which I recently discovered and am now downloading at a feverish and breakneck sort of pace.  That should keep me busy for a while and maybe even distract a certain curse from noticing what I am actually doing here.

Carry on.  Nothing to see here...that's my new motto these days.



trek said...

That is a very cute petite lack sheep bag!

As soon as I read, "I went to my most favoritest of places!", I knew where you were going!!!!

Maybe we should visit our local dollar-tagged gee-gaw emporium.

Or maybe I should go knit on the sweater. Oh, wasn't I supposed to mention the sweater knitting of chez trek in the comments? Sorry. :o)

Anonymous said...

As one who carries scissors, lock deicer (year-round; you just never know when a rogue ice storm might hit), and a flashlight in her purse, I am not one to scoff at preparedness.

I know nothing of swea-, er, woolen dishcloths.

Teri S. said...

Cute bag! Perhaps you could use it as a sock knitting bag to put inside your larger bag.

I'm happy that the AGD is progressing, oddly shaped that it is. You have much more fortitude than I when it comes to knitting AGDs.

Anonymous said...

I really must get to the local dollar store; who would have guessed they'd have something so chic as a petite black sheep handbag!

Mia said...

and i really HAVE been knittin' dishcloths and can't even seem to get THAT right.

It's raining. I'm having beef jerky and beer. I must be a redneck ::laughing:

Jeanne said...

Uh-oh, you said "yoke". If this is truly a Dishcloth, that would be "yolk", as in egg, and that's not "eyelet", it's "eggwhite" pattern.

Just to be on the safe side. ;-)

That cat is just on this side of creepy.

Beth said...

Great bag! Maybe you can use it to carry your lunch to school.

Kath said...

I definitely understand carrying luggage. I have been teased, mocked, and generally treated as a nutcase by various friends for the sheer amount of stuff I carry around. But when they need something and I have it...oh they sing a different tune!

Mel said...

So, there weren't any panties to be had at the dollar store? Or are you just trying to pretend you didn't buy any?

Ronni said...

I love the black sheep handbag! Sounds to me like a sock knitting carrier. And posting that link to the Blood Ties page. NOT NICE. I need a new show to get overly enthused about like I need a new hobby (ie not at all) but the guy in the photo (I don't even know who he is yet and already I'm in trouble) looks so like a certain scottish actor who portrayed a sci fi icon recently that I may be doomed. Plus I love vampire stories. Doomed I tell ya. I don't have time for this!

crzjane said...

Wow! You have a really cool dollar store. I'm envious.
That sounds like one heck of a "dishcloth". I can't wait to see it.

Donna Lee said...

I love dollar stores. Love Love Love. I like to wander and see all the things I didn't know I needed. And I also carry everything I could possibly need (leatherman tool, spare bandaids, every over the counter medicine known to man) in my purse. I blame 11 years of Girl Scouts for my over preparedness.