Sunday, August 24, 2008


The Bachelorette Party for Future SIL Sheep went on as scheduled last night.  However, it should be noted that it went on without me.  I was, shall we say, "otherwise occupied."

I was having one of my Noteworthy Headaches.  I don't get them very often so I generally miss what's going on in my noggin until it is too late to really do anything about it.  And I don't call them what I think they truly are because I am not a doctor nor has anyone with appropriate initials after his or her name done this either.  But they are Noteworthy.  They start with an entertaining sparkly lightening bolt running from the upper right corner of my right eyeball to the lower left.  

Watching TV is hard.  

Then I get a moderate, but really pretty tolerable headache.  There is still plenty of time to stop things if I am on top of my game.

But, chances are, I'm busy watching TV.

Then the nausea hits.  We are pretty much out of time now.  The "noteworthy" portion of the festivities will soon commence.

I usually just watch TV and hope for the best.

Next, I hurl a lot.  There is really no predicting how long this part will last, but I know it's over when I note fragments of my pedicure making an appearance.  

You can only imagine how challenging it is to keep watching TV during all this, but I do my best.

Finally, I get verrrrry sleeeeeepy.  The TV is still on but it is really confusing because I'll be watching something and then suddenly a whole other show is on.  I've lost two hours.  Not that it really matters because I'll just be asleep again in a few minutes.  

This all has a fairly migraine-y feel to it.  But, I'm no doctor.  I don't even play one on TV...

So, with all that noteworthy activity going on, I figured it was probably best to stick around the homestead last night.  I'm told I missed a good time.  But I honestly think that the limo driver responsible for transporting the revelers is happier knowing that I was not in the back of his vehicle.  This is the same company that's providing cars for the wedding and you just know it will be the same driver.  That's just how my life works...

But it isn't all bad news.  Sure, I had to stay home last night.  But not everyone was entirely unhappy with that turn of events.

Don' likes it when Mama goes 'way.  Makes me all sad-faced.  Mamas should stay home wif the babies.

I also come out of this sort of headache with renewed vigor and an appreciation for life in general.  The sun is brighter, the air is cleaner and the world is a beautiful place full of hope and possibilities.  Why there is no mountain I cannot climb, no sea I could not cross!  I'm like a superwoman!!  (Who watches a lot of TV...)

This, I suppose, is why I happened to start swatching today.  I do not care for swatching.  It is not the kind of thing I feel is really necessary in spite of reams of evidence to the contrary.  (And a drawer full of knitting projects gone awry, to boot)  But, swatch I did.  Who knows?

Maybe there will be another sweater of note in my future...

Or not.  We'll have to see if the post-noteworthy-headache-high is wreaking havoc with my overall ability to judge knitting possibilities.  If it doesn't work out, I'm certain I can find a use for a half-knit thingie.

Perhaps a security blanket for a certain Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty Of Note?  If he can't handle me going away for one night, I don't think he is going to do well when I go back to work the week after next.



Anonymous said...

It certainly sounds like a migraine to me (I'm no doctor, but I do get migraines). What a bummer that you had to miss the Bachelorette Party last night, but I'm glad to hear you're feeling better today!

Knitting Linguist said...

I'm sorry that Events of Note meant that you had to miss the party! I was looking forward to tales of revelry and jail time, alas. But I'm glad that you're feeling better, and that someone benefited from your presence at home.

trek said...

Noteworthy - that's certainly one way to phrase it.

Good to see you are up and at 'em again.

Anonymous said...

If that is not a migraine, I don't know what is. Lightning bolts, pain, and nausea = migraine, in my book. Have you tried Imitrex? It is a godsend; it also helped me when my doc started me on blood pressure meds.

But I am not a doc, nor do I play one on tv. If you want reliable medical advice, do not ask an accountant.

Another dishcloth in the works? Good!

Jeanne said...

Better that the Noteworthy Headache arrive the night of the Bachelorette Party rather than on the Wedding Day! When is the big day? I'm glad the NH has passed and that you're back in action. Poor AGK. He looks so sad!

Karen said...

I'm sorry you had to miss the party. I'm even more sorry that you were feeling so poorly.
If I had to see that sad/cute face I would never leave home.

Donna Lee said...

I get that same lightning bolt-like thing. That's when I know that I might as well give up doing anything that requires thought or presence of mind for a while. Sorry you missed the party. I was counting on you to share details as I have never been to one. Now I'll have to wait for someone else to go to one.

Ronni said...

Poor Sheepie! Silly "thing that I might call a migrane if I were a doctor but I'm not". I'm sorry you had to hurl without getting to have the fun of drinking and partying first. Not that you'd party to that point. After all you are a responsible Sheepie with dependents and everything.

Anne said...

Oh, yes. Been there. But I can't even have the tv on. Darkened room, no kiddos, tiptoeing cats. I'm glad you're through to the other side!

Mia said...

Aww Sheepie, too bad you had to miss the festivities.. hope you're better today! Wouldn't want to get behind on those back to school preparations, now would ya?

And that pic of AGK just kills me..... hehehehe.

Kath said...

Oh dear - that does sound awfully migraine-ish. I can't help thinking that most of the bachelorette parties I've seen seem to end with at least someone puking and having a headache the next day. So perhaps you were just getting ahead of things?

But I'm glad you feel better! And whatever that item knits up to - I like the color!

Anne said...

Eek! You know they DO make doctors who could tell you for sure. And those same doctors can give you call kinds of yummy drugs for the NWH (noteworthy headaches).

Either way, that boy of yours needs a security blankie for sure.

Alwen said...

There are a couple of recent double-blind studies (like 2006-ish) that found that OTC migraine meds like Excedrin migraine, the one with acetominophen, aspirin, and caffeine, gave more pain relief than some of the prescription migraine meds.

Two of those, if I take them before the nausea starts, do seem to help. Only two hours of feeling like my skin wants to hurl.

All I had to say to our family doctor to get diagnosed was "I get this big sparkly spot like when you rub your eyes too hard" and he said "migraine" just like that.

And no fair, I usually get the top-of-the-world feeling before the migraine. Afterwards I feel like I'm watching the world through plate glass for a couple of days.

knitseashore said...

Sounds like a migraine to me. I don't get those, but the occasional sinus headache that makes me feel like there are power tools working their way through my skull. So yours has to be in migraine territory.

Anyway, if you have to get sick, I be that AGK is one great nurse. Kitties do wonderful sick duty, even if they can't fetch any tea for you.