Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bullets. No Vegetables. Cat In The Knitting Basket.

Well, the TV viewing schedule seems to indicate that it is Wednesday.  My computer calendar is saying the same thing, so I suppose it must be true.  I guess that means it's time for your Wednesday Night Bullet Post:

*I got up and did my workout this morning in spite of the fact that I have knit a sweater, am a world-renown Blog Sweater Curse Breaker and should be above this sort of thing.  

*I even almost sort of got up when the alarm went off.

*But I didn't like it.  It didn't seem right.  All the other superheroes get to do whatever they want...

*The other superheroes most likely don't hurt their shoulders taking out the trash so I guess I probably shouldn't be aligning myself with them in the first place.

*I didn't do the second half of the workout this afternoon because I was depressed about not being a superhero.  And my shoulder hurt.

*Remember yesterday when I mentioned my amazing ability to come up with an excuse for just about anything?  

*Maybe that's my super power...

*I did not go to the Farmer's Market today like I said I would every week.  I still haven't eaten last week's eggplant nor have I finished the potatoes and there is a good deal of garlic left to consume.  Plus, I don't get paid until later in the week.

*See what I mean about the excuses?

*I'm still crocheting that single row strip of something that will probably end up being really long and maybe could even be a stole of some sort if I don't get bored with it or set it down and forget where I put it any time soon.

*Prometheus The Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty is a very, very brave boy.  He makes a point of keeping the females of the house safe from dangers both real and imagined.  There is not a bug around that would dare attack this house!

*When we went to visit the vet (aka The Cat Whisperer) all were heard to marvel over the fact that his heart rate never once left off its slow and steady pace.

*All of this goes right out the window when the vacuum cleaner comes out.  There is hissing and running.  

*So you can imagine how the AGK felt about today's scheduled vacuuming.  Which I predicted to him three days in advance.  I further predicted that I was going to be shampooing the carpets.

*He still looked really, really shocked.  Even a little betrayed...

*If you look up "irony" in the dictionary, you will see a picture of a cat alongside a picture of a vacuum cleaner.  If you have one, you need the other.  But it is not a pretty combination.

*I need to vacuum because the AGK likes to play and play.  And play.  Playing means rolling around on the carpet.

*Big, Fluffy Kitties play sometimes, too.  Mostly, though, they just look on while AGKs romp around and mess up the carpet with all the shedding.

*The AGK has managed to break off another piece of the automated kitty toy that serves as my only hope of redirection and distraction when he wants to play and I wish to do other stuff.  

*He is now batting at a piece of mono filament line that no longer has a feather attached and which is held precariously in place with duct tape.  The whole contraption makes a very disturbing clicky sound and I don't know how much longer it will hang in there.

*For the record, he managed to tear this thing almost to pieces in just under two months.

*He is absurdly gi-normous.

*I told him that Uncle Dr. Mel said that he would calm down soon and that I just needed to be patient.  Uncle Dr. Mel knows about this stuff and I have absolutely no doubt that he is correct.  I told the AGK this as well.

*I further pointed out to the AGK that I got to visit with Tuck The Sweetest Doggie In The World last night because Mel brought him along to knit with us and that he was very, very well behaved.  Gentle.  Polite.  Kind to his fellow knitters.  An example to animals everywhere.

*He listened.  He smiled. That is quite disarming since the AGK has that sweet, jowly face and all.   Then he cleared all the magnets off the refrigerator.

*I am assuming that his next target is the vacuum cleaner.  

*I don't really like to vacuum anyway, I suppose.  That isn't one of my super powers and my shoulder is acting up and all...

*Oh great.  Now he's back in the knitting basket.  I gotta go...

I'll see you tomorrow.  I have to go rescue a strip of crochet that may or may not end up long enough to be a stole of some sort.  Or a snack for an absurdly gi-normous kitty...



Jeanne said...

How old is AGK? Calm down soon as in... when?

My eldest, Ophelia, is pushing 14 and she has yet to "calm down". Just sayin'.

Cute as ever, though.

Anonymous said...

When our senior cat, Tabby, was young she used to ride the canister vacuum cleaner, much to the amazement of my cleaning lady. (Cleaning lady; ah, those were the days...) Tabby was fearless about the vacuum, who knows why?

Mel said...

It's just a good thing that AGK and Cougar haven't met and joined forces. He doesn't take lessons from Tuck, either, and that's all I'm going to say about that.

mehitabel said...

I leave the vacuum cleaner out and the kitties think it is their plaything. Not the highest standard of housekeeping, but oh well. Tonight Hi-Hi got stranded in the garage. He came back in looking like a large dustmop and refuses to let me clean his fur!

Mia said...

I love reading about your super powers *grin*

Yeah, and about that calm down thing... good luck!

crzjane said...

Kitties calm down? Maybe for now you should cut back on the cat nip.
Maybe you better lock the vacuum cleaner in a closet or the trunk of your car, just in case. Maybe you should do the same with your knitting basket too. You know how kitties can be.

Anonymous said...

You actually leave a knitting basket out with a kitty in house????

trek said...

You live dangerously, Sheepie! What with the knitting laying out for all the kitties to see.

Hope the shoulder settles down some soon. Painful shoulders make for painful knitting (and crocheting).

organizer2003 said...


oh wow. You got to visit with that sweetie Tuck!?! I'm very jealous--I just want to love and smoosh all over that wrinkle-y face.

As for calming down--it's a cr@pshoot. Some of my cats did; some did not, tormenting the bassets forever.



Cursing Mama said...

I almost hate to tell you this....but just last night 5YO Benny was doing many things that are not proper behavior for a cat of his age. Things like running through the house like a galloping horse, messing up all of the throw rugs, sitting on the breakfast table, and nibbling on ThePrincess as a demand for attention.
He sheds horribly, refuses to groom properly and takes swipes at whoever tries to groom him. Its a good thing he's so darn CUTE!

Donna Lee said...

Yeah, I'm waiting for the boys to calm down too. AAANNNNNYYYYY day now. Yep. I have faith.