Monday, August 04, 2008

The Aftermath

We seem to have moved past yesterday's drama involving Hysterical Mind and her belief that we needed to perform ancient and mystical rites (somewhat loosely interpreted from "Curse Breaking For Dummies") in order that we might banish the dark forces at work against the current knitting project.  She goes into these things with all good intentions but, quite frankly, doesn't have the attention span to really finish what she starts.  More often than not, she will  find her focus drifting off to parts unknown.  Eventually she will begin thinking about how it would be cool to raise our own dairy cows or whether or not the bees are really dying off.  At that point, she will wander away from whatever she is doing, leaving behind any bits and pieces that might have been used in the process.

Since Rational Mind usually needs to be fully available to keep her less stable counterpart from attracting the attention of People In Authority, it is generally left to me to clean up the mess.  And this one was a doozy, lemme tellya!  HM's method of curse-busting involved the use of any number of yucky things and I hate, hate, hate having to scrape that kind of stuff out of the carpet or off the walls.  Bleh...

But you gotta do what you gotta do.  While I don't think that HM's thoughts around dealing with the raging Blog Sweater Curse and its impact on my current project were really all that helpful, I certainly appreciate the thought that went into it.  Frankly, though, it seemed better to maybe back off the knitting for today.  It's not that yesterday was a disaster for the thing we are still calling a "dishcloth" in deference to any lingering Curses.  Actually, things look pretty good in spite of the fact that the "dishcloth" is still really kind of huge and that a number of stitches tried to escape during a poorly executed attempt at trying it on to check the fit.  But, when you are living under the constant threat of a Blog Sweater (except we're calling it a dishcloth for now) Curse, you don't take chances when you see a few little things start to go awry.

In addition, you never know when Rational Mind will lose her grip on Hysterical Mind and then we've got chicken parts all over the living room again.  I don't need that today.

So, I decided to take a cue from my roommates.  They know how to deal with a rainy kind of day that may or may not be fraught with curses.

They nap.  They nap hard.  They nap 'til it hurts.

I couldn't quite doze off quite at their level, but I did the best I could considering that I am not a cat and designed to sleep for 3/4ths of my day.  I compensated by lolling around on the couch a lot.  That seemed to work quite nicely although I was rather disappointed in how the cable people seemed unwilling to help out with this endeavor.  There just wasn't much on the TV to stare at.  Otherwise, I did pretty well with my slothful self.

And the "dishcloth" napped in the knitting basket for the day.

We should all be rested up enough tomorrow to tackle this again.  This is key when doing battle against Evil Curses.  

And avoiding another round of "help" from Hysterical Mind.



Laureen said...

Naps are great. In my next life I am going to be a housecat.

Knitting Linguist said...

I have always wanted to come back as a well-loved housecat, and naps are the number one reason why. That and the self-satisfied look they get when they're kneading something and purring -- it's got to be good to engender a look like that.

Mia said...

naps are a wonderful thing. Wish I could take one right now instead of going to work :)

Lorraine said...

A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do! I napped for several hours yesterday myself - but under the cloud of the stupid migraine curse rather than anything as interesting as recovering from a bout of battling the a b**g sw****r curse.

I'm keeping my lips sealed about the you-know-what, just in case.

trek said...

Taking a day off from the dishcloth knitting was probably a very good plan. For solidarity, I didn't add stitches to the sweater here, either.

No, it didn't have anything to do with the weather or the level of exhaustion here, no not at all.

Karen said...

The dishcloth is coming along nicely. HM seems well if a bit overwrought. Napping is the best way to handle any sort of upheaval.

Kath said... of my biggest bummers is that I don't seem to be very good at napping. I've consulted with proficient nappers in my family, looked to the cats for inspiration, but still - unless I am sick and medicated - no nap joy for me. I am sad and quite sure I'm missing out on something marvelous.

Mr. Cheddar said...

Naps are the best! I need to keep my strength up so that I can continue to wake up 'the old folks' at an appropriate hour, say 4AM!!! You are looking good fella, glad I stopped in. Hope you and your new sis are getting along ok too.

Headbonks, Mr. C

Ronni said...

I think I'm going to take up napping. It might be a good stress reliever.