Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Just Another Rainy Day WNBP

I can't recall the last time I saw a summer so soggy, windy and puddle-laden.  Since I'm not much of a sun worshipper and don't really enjoy the heat, I suppose it doesn't bother me all that much.  I'm a little concerned about my vitamin D situation, though.  Being so low on the stuff (according to the last report from the doc anyway) I really should be seeking out one or two rays of the bright stuff soon.  I fear I may become the latest poster child for Rickets prevention.  

But we're not here to talk about that now are we?  Nope.  It's Wednesday and that means it's time for the Wednesday Night Bullet Post!  Here's the highlights...or low lights what with the lack of sun situation and all:

*Wednesday is Farmer's Market day here at Sheep Central.  It is the day that I venture out and diligently purchase produce because it is good for me and there is no getting around that fact no matter how much I try to deny it.

*With August upon me, the time has come to start setting the alarm a bit earlier.  I'd hate for the first day of school to arrive and for me to not be physically able to remove myself from the comfort of the bed.  I'm very responsible, you know.  I need to get ready for grown-up scheduling.

*Since initiating this responsible sort of behavior, I have successfully managed to oversleep every single day.  Haven't missed a one.  

*At least I'm consistent...

*I was horrifically behind schedule this morning, late finishing the morning workout and beyond all hope regarding the ingestion of coffee in a timely manner.  This left me even further behind schedule getting out the door to the Market Where The Vegetables Live.

*In my mind, I thought that this might actually work out for me as I'd miss the morning traffic.

*For the record, all it accomplished was me heading out in the now-driving rain and having to deal with the Oh-My-God-It-Is-Raining-We-Need-To-Leave-The-Beach-Or-Our-Vacation-Will-Fall-Into-Utter-Ruin traffic.

*I persevered.  Produce was purchased.  I stood in a lot of puddles, but the lines were pretty short.

Wet Produce And Soggy Butter

Cute Little Rosemary Plant Which I Will Probably Kill In Short Order

*When I stopped at The Convenience Store Where They Call You Honey And Sweetie And You Sort Of Like That, I noticed a Hummer with Quebec plates.

*You notice that kind of thing at the gas pumps.  You can't help it.  You think things like, "I wonder how many times they had to stop to fill up a Hummer between Quebec and here..."

*While I was purchasing my morning Mountain Dew, the driver came in to prepay for his gas.  The clerk helpfully asked him in French which pump he was using.

*Lots of people speak French around here.  It is useful.  It also helps that the clerk happens to be French/Canadian, but it's not required or anything.  You can speak French anytime you feel like it.

* I don't speak French.  When I was a kid, I learned some pretty cool swear words from my friends memeres...but I don't remember them anymore.  

*That's kind of sad in a way, but probably for the best when you consider my lack of impulse control and the need for a good tourist economy these days.

*When the clerk asked the guy which pump he was using, he looked very confused.  She had to repeat the question in English.

*He responded in French.  This is the sort of thing that just amuses the heck out of me for no real reason...

*Maybe I needed a hit of the Mountain Dew.

*I picked up a fresh supply of Greenies treats at the local pet store while I was out and about.  

*I have found that the Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty gets a little over-excited when being brushed.  He purrs and smiles all over the place.

*Then proceeds to attack me most viciously.  I do not enjoy this, but the vet says he is prone to matting and that I should brush him.

*I've tried lots of stuff, but I am running out of antibiotic cream.  Since I don't want to shave the cat, I picked up one of those "self-groomers" you mount on the wall.  It won't solve the whole problem, but I figured it might help.

*I put it together, loaded the catnip trays and told the AGK to "go love on it!"

*He did.  I tried to get pictures.  But this was the best I could do:

*I think he likes it.  

*I just finished the second neck decrease on the "dishcloth" that I am knitting because I can't knit a sweater lest the dreaded Blog Sweater Curse find out and rear its ugly head.  One more to go.  Then my dishcloth will need a collar of some sort.

*I have little to no optimism regarding size at this point.  It is a large sweater.  Very large.

*Big Fluffy Kitties really like to be brushed and don't attack at all when you try it.  They just roll around and purr happily.  

Which is good since I think she might need it right about now...

Unless you want to hear about how the soothing sound of the rain led to a rather impressive nap this afternoon following the lunchtime Hot Pocket, I guess that should just about cover it.  Tomorrow, I head out to the dealership to deal with the tire situation on my new car that I've had for all of four months and which should not need new tires at this point.  Thanks for all the words of support as I go into this battle with Those Who Wish to Separate Me From My Money And My Sanity.  I shall sally forth with great courage as a result and free tires shall be mine!

Or I will make a horrible scene in the showroom, be dragged away by the local police department and some of you will be receiving calls asking for bail money.  It'll be one of those things...



Future Mrs. D said...

Actually, you only need $40.00 to get bailed out. Don't ask how I know.....I got your back if you need me.

Yarnhog said...

My husband wanted a Hummer for the longest time. Last year, when gas went over $3.00 a gallon, we saw one in a parking lot and he commented, "You know, those used to look so cool. Now they just look really stupid." I couldn't have said it better myself.

That morning wake-up thing? One of my kids started school last week. He has to be there at 7:55. I am half dead already. But I'm trying to enjoy the last of my vacation, since my other son will be starting in a week, and he has to be at the bus stop at 6:55. Did you know there's one of those in the morning, too? It came as quite a shock to me.

sophanne said...

Also being employed by the local public schools, I am terribly fearful of narcolepsy when I am deprived of my daily naps. Any advice?

trek said...

I read the first half of the bullet points in my "Eeyore voice". It was going very well, I thought. Then Number Guy begged me to stop using my "Eeyore voice".

The bullets seemed somewhat less dire in my normal voice...

Kath said...

Oh I've been through the post-brushing attack issue! When my tabby cat was younger she just loved being brushed but because she was so young and easily excited she'd get sort of over-stimulated after a few minutes and turn around and start attacking the brush and my hand. Not fun for me at all!

So my coping mechanisms were to 1) just give her a few swipes with the brush and walk away, stopping well before she got excited, 2) give a treat immediately after I stopped brushing, but only if there was no attack, and 3) gradually I'd lengthen the amount of time brushing before stopping.
All that, plus her getting older and mellowing out seems to have made a difference and we can now brush happily and peacefully. Best of luck to you!

catsmum said...

I'm afraid my own AGK hasn't grown out of brush attacking - in fact with advancing age he seems to be growing into it ... 17.5 pound cat vs human ... ya wanna guess who wins?

Mizzle said...

What's the purple piece of produce? Some kind of squash?

I didn't know veggies came in purple... (Well, except for aubergines, but they tend to be so dark they seem black...)

Julie said...

Both kitties look very happy :-)

Good luck with the tire situation; I can't wait to read tonight's post!

Donna Lee said...

Be strong at the car place. You are the wounded party here. And of course we'll bail you out unless they put us in jail next to you for raising a fuss.

Mia said...

Hey, that groomer thing looks pretty cool! Wouldn't work for my girl though.. apparently she's the only kitty in the world who has no use at all for catnip of any kind ::sigh::

Have you tried one of the zoom groom glove thingies? I was dubious but they work pretty well!

I really need a summer off.

Cursing Mama said...

You are a long way from MN - but if I get the call for bail money I know where the money gram store is.

Is is wrong that I'm hoping for a report about you making a scene.....

Alwen said...

Four months on new tires?

As our son would say, "That's just so wrong!"

My verification word is kntclo! They're watching us!

Knitting Linguist said...

Good luck with those nasty car folks! BTW, learning excellent French curse words from my memere has saved me on numerous odd occasions -- I wonder if she meant it as some sort of odd French-Canadian legacy?