Wednesday, July 29, 2009

WNBP: With Significance And Import

"What he had seen had no significance. It was too monumental to carry any import."

Seriously. Is that not one of the greatest lines ever???? I read it today whilst perusing Book III in The Secret Books Of Paradys series and I thought that it perfectly embodied the spirit of The Wednesday Night Bullet Post.

That or it is the exact opposite. It's one of those. Here's some bullet points for your midweek enjoyment:

*We've had an unusually cool summer this year. With lots of rain.

*Today was sunny.

*And hot.

*And muggy.

*You could take a straw and suck up a nice sip of air should you be so inclined.

*Not that it would have helped much because it was hot and there was nothing for it, really.

*I'm not a fan of extremes. Cold. Hot. Neither one makes me very happy.

*But I've let nothing stand in the way of my going to the farmer's market every Wednesday for my weekly Visit With The Vegetables. I wasn't going to wimp out now!

*As is my custom, I made sure to go see The Produce Guy With The Little Stand At The End. He may not get as many shoppers as the big farms, but he still shows up every week and one has to admire that.

*I may not be a fan of vegetables, but I can't resist the opportunity to experience characters.

*I had to wait to buy my carrots today. I was in line behind a rather stately older lady who appeared to be visiting our fine state. She was inquiring as to the provenance of the lobsters and this required more explanation than you might think.

*Finally, it was my turn.

Produce Guy: Y'know, deah, 'bout the time that lady asked wheah them lobstahs come from, I came pretty dahn'd close t'sayin, "The ocean!"

Sheepish Annie: (chuckling) We grow them on a farm! Miles and miles of lobsters as far as the eye can see!!

PG: Heh!

SA: (now very much delighted by this turn of conversation) We keep them on big ranches! You can rope 'em, but it's wicked hard to brand 'em!

PG: She didn't strike me as th' type to uh-ppreciate that, though.

SA: I wasn't getting that vibe off her.

PG: Prob'ly fuh the best that I didn't say it.

SA: Yeah. Would've been funny, though.

PG: If I'da said it t'you, you woulda laughed.

SA: Oh, my gawd!! Wicked hah'd!!!!!

*Still can't get past that nagging suspicion that I'm dating The Produce Guy.

*For the record and in case anyone is interested in the tale of the lobster's travel itinerary, here is a summary of his explanation:

"Owah fahm is right out theah ovah t' Kettle Cove 'n that's wheah we fish. Some come offa othuh boats, but we buy 'em local. It's five minutes from the ocean t' owah tank."

*So now you know.

*In between witty banter at the expense of the tourists, I did manage to pick up a veggie or two. Some fruit also snuck in there.

Onions, cukes, carrots, raspberries and blueberries.

*None of this made it to the table tonight. I needed to dip into the squash stash since I didn't eat all that I bought last week.

*Who can eat that much squash?

*Tonight's dinner: Zucchini, breaded and pan fried. Which is not exceptionally healthy no matter how you look at it.

*Especially after you add the Parmesan cheese.

*But all I ate for dinner was zucchini and that entitles me to the use of various fats and oils.

*On the way home from my weekly Summer Of Compensatory Knitting Socialization (S.O.C.K.S) session, I stopped off and bought a Wii.

*Because that seemed like a perfectly logical thing to do at 9:45 pm and after spending an evening engrossed in wholesome knitting activities.

*Isn't this what everyone does?

*I've been saving up for one for a while now and figured that since the store was right there...

*Wii is fun.

*Wii makes your arms hurt.

*Wii interferes with all sorts of things like knitting and blogging.

*Still almost finished a sock today, though.

*Which is pretty good if you consider the heat, the humidity and my budding relationship with The Produce Guy. (who is also The Lobster Guy...)

*Not to mention the looming dinner of zucchini.

I can't think of anything else. I'm too full of zucchini to think straight. There are those who would try to blame my lethargy on the hot oil saturating that poor squash, but I won't hear such heresy. Blaming the oil...that's just wrong. Next you'll be telling me that the ketchup wasn't really an extra vegetable!

Talk about stuff of import...and significance!



PICAdrienne said...

Everyone knows ketchup is a fruit, not a vegetable! I hope the ketchup did not accompany the zucchini, that just seems wrong somehow.

Anonymous said...

Wii is fun. I have scored over three hundred in the soccer ball heading on the Wiifit. My WiiFit fusses at me when I stay away too long. Daddy Sheep beats me at bowling 8-((.

Auntie Sheep

Anonymous said...

So, if Daddy Sheep likes the Wii, maybe you could ask him for a WiiFit for Christmas - coolest thing ever for some of us two-left-feet types! You might even replace some of your "little exercise bike" time if you get one.


Anonymous said...

I have discovered a nice way to consume a bit of veg, Found the recipe for oven omelet over at Norma's. 2 eggs, a little bit of milk, 1/2c chopped veg (I have done only spinach so far, but you could use anything), 1/2 grated cheese (so far I have used Vermont white cheddar, cojack, and parmesan), salt & pepper. I have added a little red pepper, nutmeg (when it was just spinach and cheese), and Herbes de Provence (when there was some crisp bacon crumbled in there, too). Mix it all together, pour into an individual quiche pan sprayed with Pam or whatever, bake @ 375 degrees for 30 minutes. Mmmm.

Kath said...

Ooooo..that's the best "vistin' the veggies" haul yet! I do lurve fresh berries!

I'd actually like to learn how to catch lobsters by hoop-net (legally during season of course!) but even if I get someone to teach me, my big issue is what to do with the live critter!

trek said...

Number Guy has a brother who thinks chips and salsa qualify as vegetables. He thinks the same of french fries and ketchup.

Wii can't wait to see pictures...

Anonymous said...

I want a wii. I am envious, and wish to come visit you in Maine to play your wii. Play a game or two with me in mind.

If I got a wii, I wouldn't knit much either for a few days either.

Take care.

Cursing Mama said...

I'm very afraid of wii - it would suck up what is left of my free time & the bathrooms would never get clean.

Mouse said...

Them lobstahs come from thah ocean.. buht yah cahn't geht thah from heah.
I had a boyfriend who was from Maine and particularly enjoyed questions about moose. He had a whole monologue worked out about how they were raised in large hatcheries and then set free in sort of a "running of the bulls" type celebration.

Donna Lee said...

Fried squash is my favorite way to eat it so I don't do it often. I can justify the oils once in a while. My daughter is better. She cuts them up and eats them raw dipped in low fat salad dressing. Darn kid. Where did she learn all that healthy stuff? Must've been when I wasn't paying attention.

Anonymous said...

You just have to look at the fried zucchini from the correct perspective. Breading=grains, oil=fat for brain cells, cheese= calcium and protein. See it is health food. from Berta in Texas Please send rain. We have hot and humid already thank you.

Anonymous said...

oh my... who can concentrate on veggies when you're so close to a "farm" of seafood - yum... lobster, crabs, shrimp.... I REALLY have to come to Maine some day!

But the wii DOES rock :)


Carrie K said...

That is a fabulous line.

You are totally dating the Produce/Lobster guy.

Wait. Are you saying that lobsters aren't raised on ranches?

crzjane said...

Those blueberries and raspberries look really good.
Wow a Wii! some day I hope to have one. I have a lot of fun with the bowling. I want to get matching bowling shirts and make up a team. Yeah.
You mean that ketchup isn't considered a vegetable? I think it counts as a veggie. It is a tomato after all.