Wednesday, July 15, 2009

WNBP: With A Side Of Veggies And Grumpies

Another Wednesday is upon us and, for once, it actually shone brightly. Yes, the sun came out for the first Wednesday since I started vacation. It is an event of such magnitude that I wonder how I will be able to collect myself enough to string together a coherent sentence...

Hey! I don't have to! It's Wednesday and that is the day we do it with bullet points. Let the Wednesday Night Bullet Post commence!

*Last summer, The Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty fell in love with a battery operated cat toy that waved a feather around for him.

*Whenever his need for attention got to be too much, I just turned it on and let the plastic nanny take over.

*He loved it. A lot.

*He broke it.

*He is Absurdly Gi-normous.

*With summer vacation upon me, it became clear that I would need another plastic nanny lest I end up stepping on the poor boy.

*He loves me. A lot.

*And he is Absurdly Gi-normous.

*But that doesn't mean I always see him while I am walking about the manse.

*I wasn't going to spend a lot of money, though. What if he broke it?

*I went through three different versions of the toy before I got one that he liked.

*I've probably spent three times more on prototypes than what I spent on the original...

*You can't put a price on happiness.

Or on getting your cat to actually go to sleep while he plays with his toy.

*The toy is on. He caught the whirling ball, crawled into his dollar store cat cave and napped happily while it struggled to free itself.

*We go through a lot of AA batteries these days.

But what else is a mother to do?

*The scarf is now up to 32 inches and counting.

*I figure I'll probably have the pattern memorized by the time I get to the last row.

*I don't know when the last row will occur. I'm knitting until it's done.

*"Done" being a relative term.

*I'm knitting until I'm done.

*That's probably a more truthful way to put it.

*I'm not done yet, though. The yarn is wicked soft and makes me smile.

*I went to the Farmer's Market today and performed the weekly Visit With The Vegetables.

*It was nice and sunny!

*Hence, others were also at the Market today.

*I had to wait in line.

*I haven't had to do this once since the weekly VWTV started.

*I'm not complaining. I'm just saying is all...

*There is still not much there. The wet weather along with the chill has not been good for the veggies this year.

*I did my best:

Carrots, tomatoes, cucumber and eggs. Not shown: new garlic and lettuce.

*Tonight's dinner: oven "fried" potatoes from an earlier Market trip and baked eggs with tomato, garlic and mixed cheeses. While it baked, I noshed on carrot sticks and bitter cucumber.

*The cucumber did not make it. I could have added stuff to it to make the bitter better, but I knew I wasn't going to be able to forget about it.

*However, I ate some of it so it counts.

*I try to go "veg" for dinner on Market days.

*I don't eat much meat so it's not all that difficult really.

*The weather has also kept the allergies at bay this year. For weeks and weeks.

*It was enough to fool me.

*I have a sore throat. And sneezes.

*And the grumpiness. That's the thing that really tips me off to the allergies. The grumpiness.

*Yup. I know them grumpies. And I haz them.

*Fortunately, the day after Visiting With The Vegetables Day is Stay In And Get Stuff Done Because We Ran All The Errands Yesterday And Now You Have No Excuse Day.

*I have enough supplies to stay in.

*Probably won't get any stuff done, though. It's the grumpies. You can't get stuff done when the grumpies are visiting.

*Maybe I'll knit. The soft, happy yarn is more than a match for the grumpies.

*Plus I ate my veggies today so I'm bound to plow through anything the allergies can throw at me. I'm like a Super Knitter armored in magical, soft yarn.

*And if that doesn't work, I can always turn on the plastic nanny.

*What grumpy can survive the sight of the AGK frolicking with his toy collection?

There. I think that catches everyone up with all the comings and goings here in Sheepie Land. I've got a bellyful of veggies in me and a scarf that is growing by the minute, not to mention a very happy AGK. I think that the grumpies will be handily kept at bay tonight and, if not, I'll just break out the plastic nanny.

Of course, I forgot to buy batteries today...



Anonymous said...

AGK cracks me up!

Kath said...

I gotta get me one of those cat toys!

Your visits to the vegetables are inspiring. We have a leetle farmer's market on Wednesday's and I walked by this morning on my way to work. Perhaps next week I will actually stop and shop!

trek said...

I didn't mention this yesterday, but Mickey D's has a reading promotion for the kidlets. Read 5 books, get a happy meal. We don't normally go with the fast food but it is summer and it was a treat.

I picked up her happy meal and we brought it home - four chicken nuggets and a small baggie of fries.

I made myself a salad.

There was something very wrong about this meal...

Knitting Linguist said...

OK, love that picture. The veggies look yummy, too, and your dinner sounds very nice. I hope that the yarn armor works beautifully and kept the allergies at bay :)

=Tamar said...

Maybe you should get a supply of rechargeable batteries and a (re)charger.

Anonymous said...

Love that picture of AGK sleeping :) And your dinner sounds yummy!!


Carrie K said...

Who doesn't like a nice nap while your prey struggles to escape?

Jeanne said...

He broke his battery-operated toy? Heh. Good thing it only takes AAs.

I have a mini-garden full of corn, tomatoes and peppers. Your market trips make me want to go outside and tell them to hurry up already.