Thursday, July 09, 2009

With A Capital I

I hate to turn into the resident weather girl, but I can't help reporting that the sun came out today. It is such a rare thing these days that I feel it needs broadcasting.

It is also rather ironic.

I spent yesterday slogging through the raindrops so I could visit the vegetables at the Farmer's Market, run responsible errands of a grown-up nature and ensure that there was an ample supply of carbonated beverages in the house. I did this because I said I would.

There are so very many tasks I put off. So very, very many. I can come up with a plethora of excuses for not doing them. In fact, I am a master at avoidance. Hence, when the summer schedule becomes effective, I really need to follow through on all that stuff I said I'd do when I had more time and less paying work. Since I'd already sworn to visit the vegetables on a weekly basis, it made sense to do all the errands on Wednesday and gather all the supplies one might need for a day in the house. Thursday was designated as the Stay Home And Do Stuff Day.

So while the rain pelted down and flood advisories rang throughout the land, I was out. When the sun beamed happily from the sky and warm breezes wafted about the citizenry, I was in. Ironic. That's what that is...

I suppose it wasn't all bad. The mild temperatures truly motivated me to deal with that stinky garbage I mentioned yesterday. I packaged it up and transported it right down to The Dumpster Where The Zombies Live. It turns out that the stinkiness was actually more of a dishwasher issue, but that is really another story for another day. Suffice it to say, I ran the dishwasher today. All is well now.

I even went to the mailbox and retrieved the Thursday bills. I am taking it as a good sign that I changed out of my dirty sweats to make this short journey. Apparently I still care...

It wasn't all hard work. The day devoted to all things "in" isn't just about getting the stink out of the kitchen appliances. There are, in fact, a few tasks of a more pleasant nature which require my attention during the summer schedule.

Singles on a bobbin awaiting a ply-mate and a Bripple sock nearing the finish line. I didn't work on the ribbed sock today. I just threw that in because I think it's cute.

That's all good stuff, right? seems a shame to have only seen the sun from behind the window screens. I certainly felt better for the daylight, but can only imagine how much better it would have been had I actually been outside with it. I'm hearing good things about tomorrow and the possibility of a little more sunshine. I suppose I should venture out there and see what it's all about.

Of course now that I've said that, I suppose that the sun will probably fall from the sky and land on my head or something along those lines. It's not like I don't have a little of the irony going on these days...



trek said...

Wow, you can decide when to run your dishwaser?! Ours will go into a major revolt if I don't feed it soap powder and hot water at least every 30 hours. Sometimes it gets whiny after a mere 24 or less.

I blame it on the vegetables: salad bowls take up much more space in the wash box than, say, sandwich plates would.

PS - I think it is really cute how the Bripple goes with both the new sock and the singles.

Melissa said...

have you ever considered knitting outside? there is this thing called THE BEACH not far from where you live. It is a wonderful place to plop ones butt down in a chair and crank out some knitting.

If I lived that close to the Atlantic Ocean? I would be knitting there on a daily basis, even if I had to sit in my car!!

Jeanne said...

Oh, crud. It's dark now, and I forgot to get the mail. Today and yesterday. (My personal rule: I can only get mail in daylight lest there be bad stuff in there that haunts me all night!)

I agree. Go to the beach. But the AGK may not like the sand in his toes. Or, he might see it as the World's Biggest Litter Box.

Donna Lee said...

The bripple socks look gorgeous. And the singles look like creamsicles. Yum. Too bad I'm at work and can't go out looking for ice cream.

Karen said...

You're getting tons of fibery stuff done!! Excellent. I won't mention that you should have gone out in the sunshine before the rain returns.