Thursday, July 02, 2009

Next Up In The Armegeddon Series...

I know, I know. I've done the whole "end of the world is nigh" thing before. Maybe I'm a little bit of a reactionary when it comes to signs of impending doom and whatnot. I could probably use a little more practice with restraint. But this time, I really do think there might be something a-brewin'! Seriously!

I'm not talking about the fact that my county has been alternating all day long between

Just Wanted To Let You Know That There Is A Flash Flood Watch


Oh My God, It's A Flood Warning So You'd Better Stand On A Chair For The Next Hour!!!!!

As one who is ever on the alert for something of an Armageddon-y nature, you can only imagine how exhausting this has been. Why, I barely had the strength to make up a batch of Survival Brownies! I powered through, but still...

No, I am talking about the fact that something else of note happened. It is the sort of thing that can only be a portent. Portents are big stuff. You don't just stumble across a portent every day. Well...I do. But that's me. You probably only average a portent or two a week.

This one was a biggie, though. It was the kind of portent that just smacks you right up between the eyes and screams "Go stand on a chair!!!" Or "Eat some brownies before it's too late!!!"


An actual, honest-to-goodness Finished Object on the Sheepish Annie blog.

Sure, you could say, "Um, Sheepie...that's just a pair of plain ol' socks. They're nice and all. But I doubt that they are the kind of thing that qualifies as a portent." And yet I ask you to stop and think for a minute. When was the last time you saw actual knitting on this blog? How long has it been since you saw actual finished knitting on this blog? You've seen cats. You've seen student projects. You've seen baking. But knitting? Think about it...

Yeah. I thought you'd come around. It's a portent. Or at least an occurrence of note. Who knows what's next? More socks? Dishcloths? Locusts? It could be anything, really. Best to take this seriously.

I'm going to make another batch of brownies...



Carrie K said...

We've seen the Not Sleeves too. Oh my! The end is nigh!

But it's good to know you're going into the Abyss well shod.

trek said...

You know, I read your post and all about the brownies just after I posted my bullets - including the one where I note that I haven't seen hide nor hair of a dietary treat in weeks.

Please, in the name of all that is holy (and woolly, too), post a picture of the brownies so that I can enjoy them vicariously.

Donna Lee said...

I'm off to bake some brownies. With all these portents, I need to be prepared.

Anonymous said...

I'm very impressed with that portent!!!!!


Karen said...

Lovely socks. I bet the brownies were good too.

Elaine said...

Mighty fine looking portent you've got there. And I'll bet the brownies aren't bad either.

=Tamar said...

Alas, my tendency to ignore the spur of psychic warnings cause me to refuse to buy the brownie mix I saw.
I may have to go out again.

The verification word is "twinspit."
I will try to remove that image from my imagination.

Anonymous said...

I made brownies the other night too. Mine were the "No Pudge" brownies and they were yummy. Are they still "No Pudge" when you eat 1/2 the pan in one night?

Nice socks!