Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bullet Points, Veggies And Pressure...Oh My!

Welcome to The Wednesday Night Bullet Post, the night where Sheepie gets to toss out random tid-bits rather than follow a coherent train of thought. There are those who might suggest that this isn't exactly a departure from the norm...but they are just picky. Here we go!

*I didn't work out today.

*My back was still stiff from yesterday's overly enthusiastic crunches.

*Not the main issue, really.

*My right sinus cavity is pounding itself out of my head.

*Pressure. Lots of pressure.

*Can't seem to make things shift in there.

*I went to the Farmer's Market, though.

*Neither rain nor snot nor aching back will keep me from my regularly appointed Visit With The Vegetables.

*This isn't just about trying to eat more veggies. Although I really should...

*It's also about expanding my culinary options a bit.

*Sheepie is a picky eater.

*Here's today's haul:

Zucchini, onions, heirloom tomatoes, lettuce, basil "rainbow" carrots and an assortment of strange and exotic squashes.

*There are three stands I frequent at the market. These are the ones who always show up no matter what the weather.

*I really try to make a point of going to see The Produce Guy With The Stand At The End.

*He has a really tiny stand and lots of people skip it. But he's always there. I admire his chutzpah. He never misses a Market Day.

*I go as much for the "experience" as I do anything else.

*Today's Conversation With The Produce Guy:

Produce Guy: Good Mawnin', Dee-ah! Jus' them zucchini t'day?

Sheepish Annie: Yup. That'll do it

PG: You wanna bag fuh that?

SA: That's OK. I can put it in with the other stuff. It will be right at home in there. I seem to have purchased a lot of squash today.

PG: Good fuh you!

SA: I didn't think I liked squash. I was positive I didn't like squash. But I have a lot of it, so I guess I must like it...

PG: You just cut 'em, pop 'em in the fryin' pan and cook 'em up! Wicked good!

SA: You're right! Pretty much anything is good if you fry it!

PG: Ain't it true?

SA: And then you cover it all with cheese!!!

PG: Oh yeeeeeaaaaaahhhh!!

*I'm not sure, but I think it's entirely possible that I am dating the Produce Guy. I might even be engaged at this point.

*I suppose I could do worse. He wasn't wrong about frying the squash.

*Tonight's dinner: A variety of sliced summer squashes, and new onions stir fried with tofu marinated in a vidalia onion and fig sauce.

*No. I didn't make the fig sauce. Are you nuts? That came in a bottle.

*Sounds fancy though, doesn't it?

*Probably too fancy for the Produce Guy. We'll have to work through that one...

*The Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty has been clingy lately.

*Which is cute at first, but he is Absurdly Gi-normous so it wears think quickly.

*I've had to resort to The Plastic Nanny several times over the last couple of days.

Turn it on and enjoy your fifteen minutes of peace!

*Ten bucks well spent.

*He is sitting on my feet at the moment. The Plastic Nanny isn't a cure-all. It's more of a temporary fix.

*I decided that I was finished with the Rose Trellis Scarf today.

*It was kind of an arbitrary decision based on the fact that row five was finally working my last nerve.

*I just couldn't seem to remember that row. It is a lovely row, too. It makes the whole scarf.

*Vital to the overall flair of the piece.

*It's all blocky-blocky right now.

*High humidity and overcast skies make for sinus problems.

*And slows the drying of blocking scarves.

*Let's hope for the best.

*The AGK has been eyeing it and that can't bode well.

There's Wednesday in a nutshell. I have my produce for the next seven days and a scarf that may or may not be ready for blog presentation in the near future. If you don't count the sinus thing, I'd say we are doing well. Any day now, I'm sure that will resolve itself. I'll blow my nose and suddenly my head will deflate down to the size of a fava bean. All will be well.

And it counts as another "exotic" vegetable reference, too.



Anonymous said...

I have just one question - where are the radishes????????????

Kath said...

Hmmm...I like the rainbow carrots! Sliced up and cooked with a brown sugar glaze maybe? Or will that ruin the health benefits?

Mel said...

Okay, one of my favorite summer meals is summer squash surprise. I don't know what the surprise is, unless maybe you're not expecting it to taste good or thinking that it'll be hard to fix.

Cut up some zucchini and yellow summer squash, however much you want, and slice some onion (I like the Vidalias, 'cause they don't make me cry quite as much. I'm sensitive that way.) Sauté those up in a pan and salt and pepper to taste, then as those are getting nice and soft, add in some fresh basil leaves and chopped up fresh tomato and let those get all wilty and hot. Then serve that over rice and top it with lots and lots of sharp cheddar cheese. Super easy, super tasty, and super summery.

trek said...

I thought that I hated zucchini and all other assorted squashes (except pumpkin), too. That is until just after Neatnik was born and Number Guy and I decided to try it again. It's actually pretty good. Best is to oil the grill grates, slice the 'chini into strips, brush them with a wee bit of oil/vinegar dressing, and grill them until tender.

Note to Mel: doesn't drowning the vegetables in cheese sort of detract from the healthy-food quotient of the veggies? Just askin'

Karen said...

I hope your headache is gone today. I had the same one yesterday and mine is gone.
The veggies look yummy. I wish our farmer's market was as colorful as yours. We don't get rainbow carrots.

Anonymous said...

MIght I recommend a Neti pot for your sinuses? They are terribly weird at first, but they create a slight vacuum in your sinuses and deflate them pretty quick. CVS and Walgreens both carry them. I don't have allergies, but I had a bad cold last year (teacher, go figure) and that kept everything from getting clogged and turning into a sinus infection. My mom, who also gets sinus infections at the drop of a hat, has also had fabulous results with hers.

Feel better.

Anne said...

Farmer's market today had LOVELY fruit - peaches and apples and blackberries. Oh! And new potatoes. Which I think I'll fry, based on your recommendations.

Anonymous said...

Slice squash, fry lightly in good olive oil, salt, pepper and crushed garlic. Sprinkle a little cheese over if you want. Yum. Yum. Yum.. and i say that half convincing myself since it seems I might be having a bumper crock of the little yellow squashes quite soon :)


Donna Lee said...

I'm not a lover of the squash but I will eat it. Mostly I think it has no real flavor of it's own but picks up whatever is around it so I just make sure I flavor it with stuff I like. (cheese is always good!)

Jeanne said...

Cheese makes all vegetables and most meats edible when they're not otherwise.

So does grilling in mass amounts of butter and garlic seasoning.

Dang. Now I'm hungry again.