Sunday, July 12, 2009

Burning The Candle At Both Ends

I was sitting around this afternoon, twiddling my thumbs and thinking about a nap. I wasn't especially tired, but I was especially bored. Here it was, a beautiful day, and I was just sitting there. I'm normally not averse to sitting. In fact, I am a fan. I like to think I have helped to raise the act of sitting to something of an art form.

But today I was bored and kind of wishing that I had planned for something to do besides just making sitting look good.

The phone rang at 2:00. It was my sister-in-law informing me that it was 2:00. While it's always nice to have someone around to make sure you are aware of the exact time that you were considering moving from a sitting position to a supine position, I failed to see why she was suddenly seized with the need to do this.

Apparently, I did have plans today. I was scheduled to be at a home candle sales party. I had RSVP'd to this event no fewer than two times and reminded myself to put it on the calendar at least as many. Somehow, though, this appointment had not fully registered with me. I quickly pulled myself together and headed out the door.

The good news? Well, I had plans and that was sort of right along my train of thought just before the phone rang. I also happen to be a fan of the product being sold at today's event and who doesn't like shopping from a recliner? Plus there was surely going to be food there. I like food.

The bad news, however, is that it is becoming ever more clear to me that I should have my license to be a grown-up revoked. I need a keeper. Someone really should be looking out for me. I am apparently completely incapable of managing my own schedule. It is only a matter of time before I am found wandering around in my bedroom slippers and asking complete strangers on the street if they know where I belong.

Even if I wasn't exactly on time for the candle party, I did have a lovely time. It's always nice to hang with the SIL. My niece was also in attendance and she is a hoot so that was fun. Plus there were little doggies as far as the eye could see and this entertains me endlessly.

Note: There were really only two little doggies. One was my doggie nephew and the other was his girlfriend from next door. But they are really active and this sort of made it seem like there were lots and lots of doggies all over the place.

My incredibly busy (if not entirely intentional) social life certainly cut into my knitting time, though. However, I was still able to knit up a dishcloth with the time allotted me.

The real kind. Not the kind "with sleeves." We are not speaking to that one right now.

I love this pattern. If I feel the need for dishcloths, this is the one I always use. It's simple and reminds me of those old ones I used to see at my grandmother's house. This one is knit up in crochet cotton, although I'd be lying if I said it was of a pure pedigree. The yarn is actually a mix of the cotton and the rayon which is probably something of a no-no, but I am not one to be snooty about my dischloths. The rayon makes it kind of sparkly. I like that. It's like bling for the sink...

Yes, I've got a lot going on around here. Dishcloths, wild parties, trying to keep track of my own life and coming to terms with my inability to remember to write things down like a sensible person. It's a busy life. Now I've got to worry about hiring that keeper. First thing tomorrow, I'll get an ad in the paper and start scheduling interviews. The sooner the better, I think. Who knows what I'll forget next? Yes, I should take care of that first thing tomorrow.

I'd write myself a note, but I'm sure that won't be necessary. I'll remember...



Knitting Linguist said...

Heh. Remembering is overrated, I always say. Especially during summer, when it seems to me that not-remembering is exactly the point. I love the dishcloth, though (and the new socks!) :)

Anonymous said...

I love the dishcloth pattern. It's very pretty and I very much approve of sparkles for the sink :-)

Let me know how that keeper thing works out for you. I have been pondering the same thing . . .

Take care.

trek said...

If you own bedroom slippers, you are a certifiable adult and therefore not in need of a keeper.

A good calendar and personal information management software, perhaps, but a keeper? No, not really.

Anonymous said...

Bling for the sink -- who knew!!!

Auntie Sheep

Jeanne said...

Well, is there a pattern for the dishcloth? the one without sleeves, and has some sink bling going for it?

Thanks - long time lurker and I've enjoyed every lurk.

Kath said... much does that keeper job pay? I've got a few free hours. ;)

p.s. - very nice dishcloth, I'd be knittin' some of those this summer if we had any decent cotton yarn here.

Donna Lee said...

I've often said I need a Case Manager for my own life (since I provide case mgmt services for lots of others). It would be nice to have someone keep me up to speed on what I'm supposed to be doing.

Karen said...

It sounds to me like you are in full summer mode. Enjoy it while you can.
Very cute dishcloth, even if it doesn't have sleeves.

Cursing Mama said...

I think it's funny that your SIL knew you'd be at home and wasn't trying to reach you by cell.....