Sunday, March 01, 2009

Still Not So Much With The Knitting...

I am shamed by my lack of knitterly behavior lately.  It's not like I haven't been doing a lot of sitting around. least I've been sitting in between getting traffic tickets and whatnot.  Frankly, today I have no excuse for not knitting.  The only thing I have in my defense is that I swore to myself that I would rest up in anticipation of tomorrow's doctor's appointment and did so with great dedication.

I rested so hard that I am exhausted.  I sat with all the determination of Great Sitters Throughout History.  I resisted any and all urges to get up and dust things.  (That wasn't exactly as hard as I'm making it out to be, but I'm making a point here.)  When I wasn't sitting, I was lying down and that is probably where I lost most of the day.  There was maybe a little more of the napping than I meant to do.  But that's OK.  I'm sickly and napping is probably the best thing I can be doing at the moment.

I suppose I should try and do something of a fibery nature if I am going to continue calling this a knitting blog.  It's all well and good to rest after a busy day and while trying to recuperate enough to make it to the doctor.  But you can't not recognize the theme of your blog.  Do that long enough and people will be all surprised on the day that you whip out a cardigan.  You'll end up losing all the readers who subscribed because they thought this was a Complain About The Sniffles, Rant About Zombies And Show Kitty Pictures blog.  

I'm stretching a bit with this attempt at the genre, but it's the best I can do.  

Like the rest of the country these days, I am on a tight budget and expenses of a frivolous nature are frowned upon.  But when I saw these poor little critters in the clearance bins of two separate stores, I felt they needed rescuing.  If I can't put my loose change towards saving a couple of my wooly friends, then I have lost all hope of ever calling myself a knit-blogger even if I do someday manage to stitch something.  

Meet my two new friends:

Or is it three?  One of them seems to have brought along a stowaway...

Silly little purchases, I grant you.  But they made me smile and they were but a pittance.  I think that middle aged women who are flirting with The Pox deserve a stuffie or two.  In fact, I think it is a rule.  Especially if you go by the handle of "Sheepie" every now and again.  

The comments of late have fallen into two categories:  Weather and Why Are You Going To School????  The former is in reference to a rather nasty storm bearing down upon the northeast.  The latter is more rooted in the level of frustration people feel when I am either unwilling or unable to behave myself as a sickly person should.  I think I will be able to satisfy everyone with this latest screen capture:

I think they have lowered the snow totals since this was posted earlier in the day, but you get the idea.  There is a whole lotta snow in the forecast.

Once again, I find myself all fraught with ambivalence.  The reality is that I wouldn't be going to school tomorrow anyway.  At least not for the whole day.  I need to see about filling a prescription or two and maybe practice lying down a little bit more.  It is painful to think about how the school year is getting longer and longer with each storm.  However, when I do the math, the whole equation really comes down in my favor if school is cancelled.  I won't have to worry about the kids running amok, my staff will have one more day to forget about how horrible the day went while I was out on Friday and I can be medicated without guilt.  

Let us not discuss how I will need to go out to collect said meds.  That won't be pleasant.  But it's not far to the pharmacy and my car has demonstrated its amazing powers in the snow satisfactorily to date.  Besides, if I don't get the antibiotics I'll probably end up in the hospital anyway.  Sliding into a snowbank or a tree will merely expedite this process, right?

I'm kidding.  I've no intention of sliding into a tree.  I'm just saying is all...

Aside from my shame over the lack of knitting, I'm feeling much, much better today.  The pain that defined Friday night and most of Saturday has abated and I'm able to breathe again without wondering who the heck is stabbing me in the shoulder or, for that matter, why they feel the need to do so.  I am, however, not fooled by this pleasant turn of events.  I fell for the little tricks played by The Pox before.  Fool me once, shame on you.  Fool me twice, shame on me.  Fool me three times and I deserve whatever I get.  Now that we are on round four of the fooling, I'm immune to the false sense of wellness.  Heck, I don't even know what "wellness" feels like anymore.  I'm taking care of it.  Pinky swear.  

I do appreciate the concern, though.  It's nice to know that people will stick with me even when I do one or two stupid things.  Like thinking I have a cold when I have The Pox and not going to the doctor when I had a whole stupid week off to do it.  If it makes you feel any better, I have beaten myself up over that choice, no matter how well-thought-out, for days.

I must go rest now.  All that not-knitting isn't going to not do itself, you know.  Unless you hear differently, assume I have a snow day tomorrow and that I am enjoying waffles with a side of The Good Drugs.  

And maybe not knitting...



Beth said...

What do the kitties think of your new purchases? I thought of you the other day when we saw the largest stuff sheep in the world. I don't know if that was its official title, but it was definitely a contender for the position.

Guess what? It even snowed here today!

Jeanne said...

You know, cat hair DOES qualify as "fiber". So if there was, say, a three-week run of photos of the AGK's adorable belly fuzz and nothing of the knitted kind, you'd still be good calling it a fibers blog.

OMG. My verification word is:

I ain't no clam ho...

Anonymous said...

As I recall from my map study after I sent you a contest prize last spring, you reside firmly in the zone of the 10-15" snowfall. Enjoy your snow day! Take naps! Pick up your meds! Snatch a package of black and white cookies and some caffeine-free Mountain Dew! (Is there such an animal?) And, of course, snorgle the kittehs, purely for therapeutic purposes, of course.

Teri S. said...

Stupid monkey pox. It should leave our Sheepie alone. It's snowing for the second time today. And it looks ike we might get 7 inches. A girl can only hope!

Feel better soon!

Knitting Linguist said...

Sometimes even knitting is too much. But maybe if you make the point to the doctor that you are too sick to knit, the doctor will break out the good drugs. Because it sounds like you could use them. Feel better soon, 'k?

Mel said...

It figures that the snow would come as I'm getting ready for my last night at work before The Big Trip. I suppose that's my comeuppance for taking more than three weeks off. So I can go do spays and neuters and give vaccines, of course, but apparently that doesn't count.

catsmum said...

specially like the solo sheepie to the right [ my right ] of the picture ... cuuuuute
do you know how hard it is to find cute stuffie goats ?
I do have one I haven't blogged about - I'm saving him for a dry week
anyhoo I thought that the dreaded Monkey Pox was not allowed to happen this year
... and you're getting snow while we brace for a repeat of Black Saturday that's forecast for tomorrow

trek said...

We scored a three-way Monday of closed places here. Everything out the window is coated in white stuff and more is expected during the course of the day.

I shall try to make with the knitting but probably not until after I make with the clearing of the driveway.

Has you neighbor once this winter deigned to move his car?

Enjoy The Good Drugs - and the waff-ooz!

Karen said...

The stuffies are adorable. It was your duty to rescue them.
We've got no school here in MA. I hope the same for you and waffles too.

Donna Lee said...

We actually got snow of considerable accumulation. I slogged into work and am now rescheduling all of the people who can't make it in. I'm glad you got a day to practice sitting around. A good sitter is hard to find!

=Tamar said...

I've been getting stuffies lately too. The thrift shops are full of them (Catsmum: including TY goats).
Good for you, getting your rest.

knitseashore said...

10" here last night, so I hope that you were able to stay home today and just rest. I had the stomach flu last week, and I know how frustrating it is when you think you should be knitting, but even reading is an effort! Naps are very underrated.

My cats were really great, except when I went to the kitchen for tea, and they wanted their wet sardine canned food, which I had to dole out to them on a sick, empty stomach. Good times. :)