Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Narcotic Bullet Points

Yeah,'ve heard it before.  I'm all confused about what day it is.  But there have been a whole lotta snow days where I didn't go to school, not to mention the sick day I took last week.  And I sort of worked on Saturday which can be confusing.  

Then there's the codeine...

I seriously almost forgot that it was Wednesday as I was composing tonight's post on the drive home from The Germ Factory (aka "school").  But we've got it all under control now.  I'm ready to do the Wednesday Night Bullet Post.  I've also only just taken my narcotic cough syrup so I'll probably be less rambly than last night.  

Which is ironic because Wednesday is the one night I can be all random and get away with it...

And now, the Bullet Points Du Jour:

*Today was not a great day.  I started off feeling quite fit.

*But I get tired pretty fast and then my fever sneaks up a bit.  Nothing huge, though.  And the school nurse lets me come in and check it whenever I want.

*I tend to spike high fevers when I have pneumonia.  

*I wasn't officially diagnosed with pneumonia.  I opted out of the chest x-ray.  There's no point since it's the same prescription and I've had it enough to know what it feels like.

*Feeling like you have pneumonia is free.  Chest x-rays are not.  

*Nor are the 45 follow-up x-rays you have to have.  

*Or the CT scan.

*So I don't know if I have pneumonia.  

*Except that I do.

*My antibiotic is running amok.  You don't want the details.  Trust me.  

*We had our monthly staff meeting today.

*Depressing.  The recent stimulus monies saved us this year (sort of) but aren't going to be enough to keep us afloat next year.

*We are losing Science and Social Studies positions.  But we are also getting a 0% increase in the budget so that's like a bonus.

*It's not a cut in the budget, right?  That is an outright gift, for heaven's sake!

*Don't try to tell the Science and Social Studies people that...

*Stimulus money comes with strings.  You can't just spend it on what you want.  You can only use it for specific stuff.

*If we could spend it however we want, I'd demand ice cream.  

*So, for the record, there will be fewer Science and Social Studies teachers.  And no ice cream.

*That about covers it.

*I got home late because of the meeting.  I was tired.  

*But I still did the weight training stuff that is scheduled for Wednesday afternoons.

*Let's face it, not doing the weight training stuff didn't make me feel any better back when I first got sick.

*Might as well just do it.

*Then I took my codeine, ate a hamburger and looked at the pandas.

Everything is looking pretty good on the Panda-Cam.  I wish I could go live with the pandas...

* that not the happiest looking panda you've ever seen?

*That panda is in California where it is warm.

*He didn't have to go out this morning into sub-zero degree conditions to drive to work and monitor Maine Educational Assessment testing.  

*He probably got to wear flip flops to work.

*Which might have taken the sting out of explaining to the children for the umpteenth time that the reason we practiced writing essays for so many months was because it is not OK to write, "I don't know" on every Constructed Response question.

*Lucky pandas...

*The MEAs are important.  They determine whether a school has made adequate progress with the students.

*Maybe if I brought a panda to school with me, the kids would listen to him.

*I think I'm back to sock knitting.  The "dishcloth" (with sleeves) needs to go rest for a while.

*I can't knit a "dishcloth" while on codeine.  Even an easy one.  

*Heck, at this point even the sock is a coin toss.  I may end up with mittens or something.


*Good stuff...

*I'm sorry.  What was I saying?  Something about mittens for pandas who take tests?

*I dunno...

I think we need to wrap this up.  I may have underestimated the length of time it takes a spoonful of yellow goop to be processed into my system.  I'm feeling very glow-y right now.  I love everyone and want to stare at my toenails for extended lengths of time.  Sometimes, I think I can see them!

Maybe I shouldn't knit at all tonight, now that I think of it.



Mouse said...

I had no idea that pandas even WORE flip-flops.. but then again, I've never been to California.

trek said...

Glow-y? I think you're right about the dishcloth knitting. Better to leave that for a codeine-free evening. Maybe you could spent tonight playing Fantastic Contraption? I bet there'd be all sorts of new and innovative contraptions on your computer. :o)

Sleep well, Sheepie. Oh wait. Codeine - yeah, you're definitely sleeping well tonight. Keep an eye on Mommy, AGK!

PS - Word verification: unitessa. That sounds like a word describing a section of the MEAs. You know, each student must complete each unitessa before proceeding to the next one.

Kath said...

Whoa, if you still did your weight training when you are already feeling that crappy...I bow down to you. I would have used illness as a clear excuse to wimp out.

Somehow, I have to wonder how cutting back on the sciences will impact these children who are our future? This could be bad....

But I think yes, if you brought a panda in to school you would definitely get their attention!

PICAdrienne said...

OK, blog bizareness, I can't see your post by navigating to your blog, however, I was able to use your link to get to Trek's blog, and then from her blog, link back to this specific post from her hyperlink. And, I think AGK spelled by verification word, coumfic...just sounds like something he would say.

Anonymous said...

You mean all your posts aren't written under the influence of codeine?

Karen said...

Good luck with the sock. Enjoy the Codeine.

Donna Lee said...

First it was art and music and now it's social studies and science. That's really sad. It'll be an interesting world when these kids are in charge.

sophanne said...

feel better soon- can you put up a link to the panda-cam- I've had trouble finding it.

Beebs said...

Do you think the MEAs are really valuable? Reliable? Worthwhile? Do they tell you what you really need to know? Or are there more accurate assessment tools that might be used?
Verification word: Creates This truly is a knitting blog!!

Yarnhog said...

The pandas at the San Diego Zoo do nothing but eat, sleep, and occasionally attempt to make little pandas. And for that people wait in line for hours to see them and take pictures and ooh and ahh. Damn good work, if you can get it.

debsnm said...

Get some acidopholis pills. Take a couple with every meal. Either that, or eat GALLONS of yogurt with live cultures. I spent almost 2 years on and off antibiotics. When I was off, I was fighting another kind of "infection" - the acidopholis helps.

Anonymous said...

Hope you enjoyed the codeine! (How could you NOT enjoy feeling glow-y?!) I have heard that eating yogurt can help with the digestive and intestinal side effects of antibiotics. No personal experience, though.