Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Blah-Blah Bullet Post

Some days, you just gotta be grateful for having decided to post in bullet format on Wednesdays.  I have little in the way of news or interesting stories.  My commitment to daily blogging flags on such days, I fear.  But midweek is for the random so maybe if I toss enough stuff out there, some of it will stick.  Let's see how it goes...

*It snowed again this morning.  I have little left to say on the subject of snow.  

*Nothing I can put in a mostly G-rated blog anyway...

*I suppose I could say how grateful I am for the fact that it turned into rain before it could turn into drifts.

*But that would be giving the snow too much credit.  It might start thinking I like it.  Or that it should try again to please me.

*It shouldn't.  It should go away for a while so I can learn to appreciate it again.

*Snow has poor social skills.  It doesn't know when to quit.

*I'm grateful for the fact that everyone understood my "Reverence" post yesterday.  When I thought about it, I realized it could come across a bit "braggy."  Maybe even a little snotty and ungrateful...

*I was aiming for none of those.  Don't get me wrong.  I was handed a job where kids were literally running amok and I managed to get it back under control.  The administrators no longer have to spend the bulk of their days dealing with a program that was poorly conceived and where the restructuring came too late to save it.

*Which is how they spent the last school year.

*It's not perfect, but I think I am justified in feeling proud of what I've done.  

*But I got a wee bit worried when my director used the word "revered" when describing my status in the school these days.  When expectations get set too high, no one can live up to them.

*Everyone has a bad day every now and again, right?

*Then there is bitter disappointment.  This is followed by resentment whether people want to feel that or not.  Resentment makes me feel tired.

*Then I eat too much chocolate.

*I meant to post a picture of the sock in progress.  There is much in the way of heel flappage at this point.

*I'm all a-glow with the joy of flapping.

*But, somehow, time got away from me.  Suddenly, it was close to dark-thirty.  

*I'm reading The New Policeman these days.  It's quite good.

*Kiddie lit.  Makes for fast reading.

*It has lots of cool stuff in it.  


*Irish culture all over the place

*Mysterious, magical, mystical stuff.

*And a possible theory regarding why I seem to keep running out of time these days.

*I finished that one last night.  Very fun reading if you happen to like Terry Pratchett and have an appreciation for his softer side.  

*This one is also a kiddie lit. book.  

*Death still makes an appearance, though.  It wouldn't be Disc World without Death wandering in at least once, right?

*I'm too tired to link any further.  You either know Disc World or you don't.  You can't be swayed to the Disc side of things by a mere link, anyway.

*Maybe someday I'll have the energy to do more of the linky-link...

*Snow sucked the link-love out of me, I fear.

*Or maybe it was the Maine Educational Assessment testing that I am still doing.  And which I will have been doing for two crazy weeks as of Friday.

*It could also have been sucked out of me when I needed to get the assistant principal to help me corral a student this afternoon.

*Which is sort of what I was worried about when I first got that "you are revered and now must live up to that title" email.  

*Not to worry.  I've still got a little bit of the reverence banked.  I just hate to dip into my reverence savings is all...

OK.  So maybe I had more to say than I thought.  Or maybe I just think I had something to say.  If nothing else, I do believe I filled up a whole lotta space even if I didn't have much to say.  Some people probably don't find that too surprising...

Happy Wednesday to all and to all a good night.  I'll be resting comfortably.  I'm starting to think that maybe another reason why I'm to tired to link might be due to my having taken my narcotic cough syrup tonight.  It's a strong possibility.

But I still think that the snow had more to do with it than it will ever admit...



trek said...

I read "will have been doing" and immediately thought "wioll haven be".

Beth said...

More snow?! How does this compare to last year?

Karen said...

You got snow again. Sorry.

Donna Lee said...

I have about had it with the winter. And we haven't had nearly the snow you all have. It seems like it was a tad excessive this year.

I'm starting a new sock (like I don't have enough projects going at the moment), a toe up with a heel flap. It's strange to me and I will have to pay attention and learn a new skill.

jeanne said...

1. I'm totally with you re: snow and/or winter in general. I've NEVER looked forward to spring as I'm doing right now.

2. I love your recommendations of kiddie lit. I never would have discovered the Bartimaeus trilogy otherwise, which would have been a crying shame. I try to explain him to people at work (I read during lunch), and "bad tempered, foul mouthed and has a bad attitude" don't really do him justice.

3. Sock flappage rocks - don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Knitting Linguist said...

More snow. Insanity. I'm glad to hear that you're feeling better though! And now I'm off to hunt up those books for me and/or the older daughter...

Cursing Mama said...

I will take snow over today's little surprise... 4 degrees BELOW zero.

I checked the calendar, it's nearly mid-March, and this is the wrong weather!