Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Signs Of The Times

After I finished last night's post on the joys of taking a day off for a doctor's appointment, I suddenly realized something.  I wondered if I might be mistaken and even went so far as to hoist myself off the couch to go check on things.  I was not mistaken.

There was no message on my answering machine confirming my doctor's appointment.

I knew I had one.  I even double checked that little card they gave me that said the exact time and date.  But they always call...

Of course, by then it was well after office hours and the appointment was early enough that I couldn't call in the morning to check and then still make it to school should there have been an error.  It was going to be a day off either way.  But I really needed to see the doc if I was going to get my prescription refilled so I hoped for the best.

My physician has always had a fairly small practice.  She recently increased her office hours and I don't think that everyone is really into the swing of things yet.  I've had a few mix-ups with appointments and sometimes things run a bit more slowly over there.  I like my doctor and I love the woman who covers the office more than is really socially acceptable in this day and age.  (She always asks after the cats and compliments my knitting...what's not to love?)  I think it's a fair trade off most of the time and I don't mind waiting if it means hanging out with happy medical people.

My suspicions regarding a potential snafu were confirmed when I presented myself at 8:15 this morning and plonked myself into a chair.  I was quickly called to The Secret Discussion area where I learned that I was not in the computer.  All was well, though.  The Amazingly Lovable Keeper Of The Main Office would never let me down.  I would get in to see the doctor.

But I had to wait a bit.  I'm not great with waiting, however I can usually find something to entertain myself.  The Distraction Du Jour came in the form of a woman and her two teen aged sons.  Their behavior led me to a question.  And that question was this:  

At what point did the rules stop applying to everyone?

It has always been my understanding that it is a no-no to talk on a cell phone at the doctor's office.  Or the pharmacy waiting area.  Or anywhere else that has a medicinal air about it.  I began to question this understanding when Lady Chatterly whipped out her cell upon hearing its dulcet tones.  (that was sarcasm...it was loud and not dulcet at all)  Apparently the call was related to her visit to the doctor since she proceeded to the desk where she could ask questions and continue talking on her cell phone.  

Right next to the sign that says, "Please turn off your cell phone.  Thank you."

She then returned to her seat and ended her call.  Clearly still needing to communicate with the outside world and perhaps feeling a bit lost without someone with whom to chat, she contented herself with a lengthy texting session.

Not to be outdone, one of her sons whipped out his cell phone and began tap-tap-tapping away just like Mommy.

I found this behavior irritating, completely without regard for the rest of the human race (particularly those of us who follow the rules) and an absolutely wonderful way to pass the time while waiting for my doctor to become available.  I wondered if anyone would say anything to her.  No one did.  I certainly didn't.  I'm not good with confrontation.

And how am I ever going to maintain my level of righteous indignation and sense of moral superiority if I make a point of telling people that they are in violation of the rules so they can change their behavior for the better?  Watch the evening news?  Please!  I hardly have time for that sort of nonsense!  

On the plus side, all that extra time and huffy indignation were rather good for knitting.  I knit like the wind.   Apparently, I am perfectly capable of muttering vile things under my breath and wrangling sock yarn at the same time.

It's like being ambidextrous only better...

The appointment took longer than I thought it would, but that's OK.  It simply further justified my decision to take the whole day off rather than just the morning.  I didn't get much knitting done once I was home, but I do believe that what I accomplished in the waiting room more than made up for that.  I celebrated with some blueberry waffles for lunch and took a nice nap.  

Poor cell phone manners and HIPPA violations aside, it was truly a lovely day off.  I'd do it again if tomorrow wasn't Parent/Teacher Conference Day and my presence at school wasn't required.  They need me to be the "teacher" part of the equation.  I also think I'd get a lot of phone calls demanding that I come back to work and that would defeat the restful nature of a day off.

Tomorrow will be a long day, I fear.  I may be late with the blogging.  I'll see what I can do about posting from school.  Maybe the filters will be kind and give me access to the blogging world.

Tomorrow is another day, though.  In the here and now, I would be remiss if I allowed my currently restful state to let me forget all about the Absurdly Gi-normous Kitty's message to you all.  He was really quite insistent about about wishing everyone a very happy St. Patrick's Day.  Or maybe he was resistant... I know it was one of those.  

I iz startin' to hates the holludayz...



Jeanne said...

And a Happy St. Patty's to you and yours as well! Just who are Faith and Begorrah, anyway?

Karen said...

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you all!!
I think you should take the day before parent/teacher conferences off all the time. It only seems fair. You have to rest up.
The sock looks great. You'll have it finished in not time.

Leslie said...

Happy St. Pat's! He really is a very handsome boy.

trek said...

While we note that you were careful to PhotoShop Guinness into the picture, the AGK has clearly not yet attained his majority and, therefore, is not of legal drinking age - either in this country or the Old Country.

Aside from the legalities, that picture is just SO wrong. ;o)

But at least you got your prescription.

Kath said...

I completely understand your feelings about Miss Cell Phone and her offspring! While I was on a tour of the Winchester Mystery House a member of our tour group not only ignored the tour guide's request to turn off his cell phone, he actually continued texting on it constantly throughout the entire tour! And the people he was with didn't even react. I find that sort of thing just mind-blowingly rude.

And I think AGK looks lovely in green - suits his coloring so well!

Anonymous said...

If someone were to ask me what would be AGK's brand, I would have said Guinness in a heartbeat. Looks like I was right!

Someone will have to clue me in as to the appropriate telephonic manners in a doctor's office -- I didn't know it was Bad Behavior any worse than cell phone talking in any other situation. Someone else texting would not bother me a bit. But I do not understand why people cannot READ THE SIGN AND OBEY when the sign clearly says to hang up the damned phone. Sheesh.

Mia said...

I know- don't ya just hate those rule breakin' people?

My word verif is "rester" so I'll say do't worry about bloggin' every single day while you're tryin' to get better -just go rest :)

Anonymous said...

Poor AGK; he suffers such humiliation for our amusement.

I'm guessing your gauge on that sock is probably a little bit tight - am I right?

Anne said...

AGK knows how to Part-AY! :)

D thrives on confrontation. He probably would have been the one to tell her to hang up and turn off the phone. And if she didn't, he has a few choice words he uses for such moments. Me? I cringe in my seat. I'm not into confrontation either.

Anonymous said...

I have one of those pay as you go cell phones. Which I never have on. I only like them when I need them. Emergency only.

I could go on about cell phone crap, but looks like you covered it quite nicely.

Your sock is really pretty what yarn is it?

beth (big geek)

Beth said...

Cute cat picture!

You've touched on one of my pet peeves. I don't even like it when people talk in person in a waiting room, unless they're whispering. That's why I only take knitting with me these days. It's impossible for me to read while people are chatting.

Knitting Linguist said...

Now there's a kitty who loves his beer! I'm with you on the cell phone thing; that's what outside is for. Although I must admit that what bothers me even more is when I'm in a meeting or having coffee or lunch or something with a person and they get a phone call and answer it. And talk. While I'm sitting there. Seriously? Who knew that was on the list of OK things to do...

mehitabel said...

Last time I had to wait around in the doctor's office, there were two ladies going through an "organ recital" of all their surgeries and sundry illnesses since they'd last seen each other. I'd have preferred a nice texting session.

AGK is such a darling boy! I do hope you're going to help him to sober up, though. (The Daughter brought home Guinness for St. Pat's. Good Daughter!)