Saturday, December 22, 2007

Do I Have A "Good Side?"

Yesterday's end to the school day and kick off to vacation had its challenges. We were able to bid, "adieu" to the 6th graders without incident. However, the 5th graders had something of an extended and highly unplanned stay. A small fuel truck managed to slip a bit on the Winter Wonderland we've got going on here. There was neither damage nor leakage, but righting the downed mini-tanker required that the street be blocked off. This posed a problem for certain vehicles like buses and parent driven mini vans, all of which are necessary for getting students out the door in a timely fashion. Thankfully, the delay wasn't too long and we were able to hustle the little darlings off for an extended stay with their mommies and daddies so we could get on to the business of missing them. 

That's OK. For every dark time there is a some light. And today, that light was focused squarely on a gaggle of local stitchers, all of whom decided that they wanted to be one of 1000 Knitters. That's right, The Panopticon himself made the trip up to deepest, darkest Maine and was shooting local knitters at Purl Diva. 
Let's face it.  Not much of the Knitting Glamour comes to Maine.  So, when the opportunity to be a part of this sort of project heads east, we make the effort.  Even those of us who lack social skills, photograph poorly and who tend to babble in the face of stressful situations such as being social or having a picture taken will put on matching shoes and make the trip.  You suck it up.  This is knitting history in the making, gosh darn it!

Thankfully, others in my area were of the same mind.  And so it was that The Sheep, Noolie and Patty met up with Brenda (whose ability to navigate and schedule an arrival are beyond amazing) and headed north.  We arrived in a timely fashion and even found a moment to stop for coffee along the way.  And we were also able to pencil in a few minutes to spot Dr. Mel walking The Cutest Dog Ever outside the shop and hoot 'n howl at him until we had his full attention.  

He is good about the hooting and howling, bless him.  

Oh, and yarn shopping...  We were also able to sneak in a little yarn shopping.  I didn't mean to buy yarn.  In fact, I clearly said to myself before I left, "Don't buy yarn."  I blame Patti.  She forced me and not a single soul made an effort to stop her.

Society has really broken down, I fear.

But, even with all these hi-jinks, we were numbers 3, 4, 5 and 6 in line to be photographed.  There was a little bit of a wait, but minor really.  And I like to think that I helped to fill the time nicely by telling everyone within earshot thirty or forty times that I am now on vacation and do not have to work.  People feigned exasperation.  But I think that, deep down, they appreciated the distraction.  I'm a giver, you see.  I like to do my part to keep morale up when in a "waiting" situation.

Besides, I was number 6 so I had more time to kill than the rest of our group.  A bored Sheep is a Sheep who will eventually get herself into trouble.

Franklin is a delight and gentle soul with a gift for putting less than "natural" subjects at ease.  That said, I lack a few of the necessary skills for a career in modeling.  It is my understanding that you sometimes have to actually look up at the camera.  I am not so good with this.  I have control issues and a fear of my soul being stolen.  I am also one who is easily distracted by my inner dialogue:

OK.  Look up.  Otherwise it'll just be a picture of your dark roots.  And even in black and white, this is not a good look.

Wait...If I look up then I might throw a glare off my shiny nose thanks to that three million watt bulb over my head!  This will kill the light balance, I'm sure of it!  Maybe if I just look down a little bit...

Crap.  That gives me a double chin.  I don't want a double chin. Why, oh why didn't I staple that into place before I left??????
I can't find the right head angle!  Now, I'm just a dark rooted, breaking-the-camera-shiny-girl with twenty five chins!  Ack!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe I could try a head tilt...

Great.  Now my sinuses are dripping.  Equalize the pressure in your head before you do something to really embarrass yourself!!!!!!!  Do you think he'd object to one of his knitters having a tissue wadded in her left nostril?

And so on and so on and so on...  

But, as we decided on the ride up, when you are one in one thousand it really doesn't matter in the long run.  You are one face among the many.  The only one who will be looking for my shiny, drippy visage is me.  But, I got to meet Franklin!!!  And hang out with my peeps!!  Best of all, though,  I was able to join 999 other knitters in telling our story as string wranglers.  

I probably should have had a color touch up and a hit of decongestant before I headed over, though...



trek said...

You were able to have that entire conversation with yourself while Franklin was taking your picture?! What, do you talk to yourself at 78rpm? Or in chipmunk voice? ;o)

Sounds like HM was enjoying a bit of the panic there. She does so love the crisis mode.

Kath said...

Okay - if I were the jealous type I suppose I could go down that road but instead I think I'll go with HOW COOL! (Yes, all caps is appropriate I think.) That is just fabulous, what fun! I'd love to do that but I may have to settle for some of the swag in Franklin's shop.

I don't think we go any details on how much yarn was purchased though, did we???? Hmmmmm????

Mouse said...

How exciting!!! I can't wait to see the photo! Also hooray for Winter Break! My son's started early as he was too sick to go in on Thurs and I decided not to "share" his germs with his teacher and fellow students.. lol.

Brenda said...

I had a great time. Can't wait to see photos of our modeling debut. Enjoy your vacation (she says jealously).

catsmum said...

Kath is obviously a better person than I am:
jealous jealous JEALOUS
okay I'm back now
As there is no hope of Franklin coming to OZ I"ll just settle for having him as a Ravelry friend and living vicariously through you :]

Anonymous said...

As soon as I saw the title of your post I sort of knew what was coming (although I was unaware of your deep inner dialog until I read it) and I scrolled alllllllll the way down, hoping to see a photo. Oh, well, I suppose I will see it someday.

Did I mention how jealous I am?

Donna Lee said...

Oh so jealous. It sounds like wonderful fun. I would like to be one of the thousand knitters and knit some on the scarf but I have a feeling that South Jersey is not on Franklin's agenda. I, too, have the entire week off and I am revelling in it. It feel so gooood.

Beth said...

It sounds like you had a fun time! And you're on vacation!!! Enjoy!

Mel said...

It was good to see you, as always, and I can't think that you could possibly have been less photogenic than me, especially given I've spent the last few nights sleeping on the couch.

Oh, and Tuck says it was very nice to have met you and that we should do it again sometime.

livnletlrn said...

My daughter and I were seriously considering making the trek up there for the fun of it. Yes, it's about 4 hours from home, but we still considered it. In the end, finishing xmas gifties needed to take priority, since today and tomorrow are going to be full. Would've been a blast, I'm sure. I really need to work on making an I Dream of Jeannie cross-armed blinky instant transporter a reality!

Anonymous said...

You lucky lucky Sheep!! First you are on vacation and now you meet Franklin and buy yarn. You are living the life!

Kris said...

Doesn't he sound just as funny and sweet as you would image from his blog and the pieces he does for Cast On?

I ran into him at Stitches Midwest and was photographed. This was before I was aware of the project. I can't wait to see what the finished pieces will look like. Besides, how often does one get their photo taken professionally?

Alwen said...

Wow. Guess he avoided the latest storm in Chicago. Lucky you!

crzjane said...

Sounds like you had a great time!
The worst thing you can say to yourself before going to and/or entering a Yarn Store is "I'm only going to look. I am Not going to buy any yarn." You are doomed, you will buy yarn. (Even if you don't say it!)

Lilith Parker said...

I can't believe I missed you! I'm terrible with faces, so I always rely on other people to recognize me... I gotta work on that. I ended up sitting over in the corner by the entrance... right next to some Trekking XXL that came home with me.

I know what you mean about the inner monologue. I was having a little anxiety attack (happens every time I do something new), so I was kind of unfocused. There had been a bunch of things I was telling myself I was going to do, like having my hair in front of my shoulders instead of pulled back, that I completely forgot about when I was on the stool. Still, it was a lot of fun, and I wish I could do it again.

Next time we're in the same building, we shall not miss each other. So there. ;)

Knitting Linguist said...

It's nice to know that someone was representing for all of us normal folk who don't photograph well. Thanks for throwing yourself on that grenade ;) So, do we get to hear about the yarn that you got?

mehitabel said...

Ohhh, I am so jealous! I'm sorry, just can't take the high road here. YOU GOT TO MEET FRANKLIN AND BE ONE OF THE 1000 KNITTERS! Squee! And, you get snow, and real Christmas, too.
Oh well. I have too many wrinkles and crinkles and chins to ever be photographed. My children have no idea what I looked like when they were young, cause no one ever took pictures except me!

April said...

I can't even BEGIN to tell you how jealous I am that you got to meet Franklin. The only knitting celebirty I've ever met was Stacey Charles who owns the Takhi Stacey Charles yarn company. Oh and the nice lady who owns Habu.

You are one lucky (and deserving) Sheepie.

Anonymous said...

Saturday was fun; not only did I get to meet Franklin, but I got to spend some time with my favorite Sheep :)

p.s. I do NOT knit tight!

Helen said...

Isn't Franklin delightful!
I only wish I could sit again -- just for the time spent chatting one on one.
(and he's so cute too!).