Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Wubba Nub Bubbah Puh!!!


(Translation: Wednesday Night Bullet Post. Yeah!!!! This is the version you get when you are dealing with a tired Sheepie.)

*My school is sort of unique in that it isn't a "school." It is a "schoolz" For reasons that make little or no sense most of the time, the fifth and sixth grades are actually two different schools housed in the same building. If you really look at some of the reasons, they make some sense. If you squint really hard and suspend disbelief to a degree that might cause a little bit of brain freeze or blindness, that is.

*But it is what it is. And it is also why I had to dismiss my fifth graders at noon today for Parent/Teacher Conferences, still teach sixth grade and why I will be doing the same thing in reverse next week. And a shorter session again the next week since the sixth grade is district wide as opposed to the fifth grade which is comprised of students from one town and much smaller.

*Am I making your head hurt yet?

*My school district staggers the conferences so that parents with kids in multiple buildings will stand a fighting chance at making all their conference appointments rather than racing from one end of town to another in one night. Thoughtful...unless you are me and have to do three conference nights.

*I may be the world's worst knitter, but I have mastered the art of sock knitting. With last night's frost, I have never been more grateful for this particular skill.

*I had no conferences scheduled tonight. I have none scheduled for next week either. But, since my Thanksgiving holiday time is considered partially to be compensation for the extra time spent on conferences, I sit there patiently for the designated hours. By 5:30, my eyes have glazed over if I am on schedule and shortly thereafter, I start inventing songs that include lyrics like:

"I'm so bored, Oh my dear Lord!
This is so dumb, Look! I have a thumb!!!"

*I grabbed the wrong bag this morning and ended up bringing the Invisibility Shawl as my project for the evening. If you think I knit imitation lace badly while in my home, you can only imagine how creative I can be with the yarnovers when I am in hour ten of my work day.

*The night custodians made the mistake of asking me why I wasn't joining the rest of the staff for the dinner so thoughtfully provided by the Parent-Teacher Organization for our enjoyment this evening.

*These are the same custodians were were privileged to be in the audience for my premiere performance in The Squeaky Chair Freak-Out, in which I displayed my impressive range of skills in the areas of arm-flapping, complaining and shrieking. I can only imagine how impressed they must have been with my twenty minute dissertation on Weird Issues I Have With Food And Why It Is Best That I Just Go Home For Dinner Later. (especially if the food is not that which was made by my own hands or that of Mommy Sheep) To say they were amazed beyond words would be an understatement.

*I can only imagine that I am the subject of many dinner conversations in the custodians' respective homes.

*I was dismayed this morning when I put on my favorite-always-treat-me-right-cargo-pants this morning and discovered that they are a bit on the snug side. I haven't worn them since last spring and I guess the two and a half pound weight loss wasn't enough to bring them back to my way of thinking.

*Sadly, they were the only thing I had that was unwrinkled this morning. This meant the donning of the Dreaded Thong. For those who are keeping score, I was working an extra long day knowing that I have to do it again next week, my knitting was a disaster, I was hungry and wearing a thong.

*My mood? Well, you can imagine...

*Home is a nice place to be. Flannel pajamas are the greatest invention known to man or Sheep. My simple scarf from my own homespun yarn is the most beautiful thing ever knit. Those little packages of cheese crackers are really rather filling when you are desperate for sustenance. Tomorrow, I'm wearing jeans.

*It's all in how you look at it, right?

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Here's hoping that your stitch count is right and your underwear is to your liking. The simple things make all the difference!



trek said...

My underwear is very fine, thank you very much for the nice thoughts!

We get to do parent/teacher conferences next week.

crzjane said...

My sympathy is with you. I hate it when I grab the wrong knitting project.
I hope you make it through your Parent/Teacher conferences smoothly. Hey! It's Wednesday, only 2 more days left to the work week.

Donna Lee said...

Oh not the thong. Anything but the thong. I hate them, really hate them. I also hated teacher conferences from both sides of the table. The parents really didn't want my intelligent insights and as a parent I knew my kids weren't perfect. After 3 kids, I knew all the teachers and they all knew me.

Becka - The Knitting Wounded said...

See, that's why I decided early on that I don't care who knows I'm wearing chonies. Of course, I used to weigh a metric ton, so it was probably kinder not to make the pubic wonder if I was going commando...

Beth said...

Poor SA! I hate bad underwear days. And bad knitting days.

You have food issues, too, huh? I agree - it's sometimes just easier to eat at home.

Ronni said...

Poor Sheepie! The only thing worse than finding you have the wrong knitting with you is finding you have no knitting at all. I hope you got some of the shawl done anyway. And got fed before too awfully late.

brenda said...

Why is it that every school district around here does something weird with the school (especially middle school, or do we call it junior high). Since I work in Peds, I'm always asking kids what school they go to. I can't for the life of me remember what school is in what town, and which grades go there.

Knittymama said...

I feel for you. Conferences are my all time least favorite part of teaching. except for freaking out first graders and fourth graders who never stopp talking. They drive me nuts too.

Cursing Mama said...

My underwear is doing well and I am wearing jeans on a Thursday so - well things couldn't really be much better

Teri S. said...

I'm with you on the flannel jammies. The fall cold has migrated its way south and has taken up residence in my body. Even though it's in the low 70s here, I'm swathed in polar fleece and flannel and comfy (although still cold). But I ask you...why did you wear a thong? Are you avoiding the dreaded panty lines?

kmkat said...

The earth has shifted, the planets have wobbled in their orbits, and I'm not sure in which side the sun will rise tomorrow. My beloved Sheepie wears a... thong? And has *food issues* to the point where it is easier to eat at home?

Sorry, I have to go lie down now.

livnletlrn said...

Hey, when a sheep has indulged in the ultimate gourmet meal of Hot Pockets and Mountain Dew with a black and white cookie as the grand finale, we can understand how all other culinary delights might pale by comparison. :-)

Congrats on being in Yarnival.

- longtime lurker, Livnletlrn

debsnm said...

Sounds like you had a particularly bad day - I so sorry it suck-ed! Hope the jeans day is better and look! What's that??? A weekend, right over that little Friday!

Knitting Linguist said...

My most heartfelt condolences. A thong on a long day is not a good thing. Not at all. As for jeans, in my world, I'm at the "I'm done impressing students" phase and into the "I'm dressing for comfort" phase of the semester. All jeans, all the time. I hope the last day of conferences goes quickly and well!

G said...

Im knitting up a storm these days...stitch count is doing well, except when a certain cheese guy LOL...gets in on the act...Love those bullet posts Sheepie!!!

catsmum said...

Annie come back - try again - the photos are still there!